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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWLEDGES

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Astrology, 504:The Logos of a sacred planet transcends the knowledges, reactions and responses which are purelyDiscipleship1, 34:to your fellow-disciples in these groups. The knowledges of initiation cannot be passed on by wordDiscipleship1, 211:the group of Masters and the Hierarchy, plus the knowledges you share with those who walk shoulderDiscipleship1, 360:the information which I give you as with other knowledges you acquire. Your inner sense ofDiscipleship1, 427:pride which you were so fast overcoming? Certain knowledges that have come to you from me mightDiscipleship2, 105:activity, the sensory perceptions and the knowledges gained in the three worlds; reflection thenDiscipleship2, 485:I want you to arrive at your own conclusions and knowledges. What I am really doing, my brother, isDiscipleship2, 607:to bring through, for the use of the many, the knowledges stored up by your soul through many livesDiscipleship2, 755:year by year, he arrives at certain definite knowledges anent them which are very different toEducation, 27:to recognize and register those inner conscious knowledges of that which is not phenomenal, hasEducation, 117:him that nothing can arrest his progress into knowledges which would be dangerously misused andExternalisationactivity. We are on the verge of new knowledges and the atoms of the body are being tuned up forExternalisation, 5:of latent powers and the manifestation of new knowledges. All this must be most carefully borne inGlamour, 174:by the intuition and have nothing to do with the knowledges, impressions and impacts which areHealing, 39:symbol of mind with its inter-communication of knowledges; and gas, the symbol of the ethericHealing, 368:there is to be found a center where the newer knowledges anent man's body are to be found. I knowHealing, 375:and do inherit the wonder of the past acquired knowledges and the use of much of it will persist;Healing, 481:I am concerned with the application of the knowledges, hitherto regarded as peculiar and esoteric,Healing, 632:that people should realize that the ascertained knowledges of medicine and surgery are just as muchMagic, 5:manifestation. I shall take for granted certain knowledges and assume the students can follow andMagic, 27:impress upon the soul-consciousness those laws, knowledges, forces and inspirations which will makeMagic, 102:before any one can be trusted with certain knowledges and Words of Power and the manipulation ofMagic, 249:the brain consciousness (the land aspect) of the knowledges of the astral plane. One of the firstMagic, 403:available to every man all past achievements and knowledges, it will reveal to man the trueMagic, 535:to be made, of desires to be achieved, of knowledges to be mastered, there you will have aMagic, 621:its new responsibilities, and deal with its new knowledges without undue suffering and thosePsychology1, 118:through which ancient racial sins and knowledges, suppressed complexes and latent desires, as wellPsychology1, 120:color and condition the form. When these two knowledges are brought intelligently together, wePsychology1, 232:of that which follows them. The beliefs and knowledges of the esotericists today (of the realPsychology1, 360:the emergence in men's minds of the following knowledges: Knowledge of physical plane light andPsychology2, 439:self, the soul, carrying inspiration, higher knowledges and intuitions. These words - subconscious,Psychology2, 440:characteristics, powers, tendencies and knowledges of all kinds which constitute a man's stock inPsychology2, 440:the superconscious, I mean those potencies and knowledges which are available but which are as yetPsychology2, 509:the world of soul life and soul experience. Soul knowledges and purposes are involved; work in aRays, 131:which he can recognize, of the existence of knowledges, wisdom and significances of which theRays, 346:secrecy and silence which guard the secrets and knowledges of one grade from another and from theRays, 592:the divine ideas into human ideals, relating the knowledges, and sciences of humanity to theseRays, 720:is now instinctual, and the powers, knowledges, attributes involved are instantaneously His withoutTelepathy, 127:are endowed with all the faculties and all the knowledges wrought out into human expression in
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