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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWN

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Externalisation, 45:the doors of life and dispel the fear of the known and of that which disappears." From the angle ofExternalisation, 55:wisdom of God, and the other to the Bodhisattva (known to Christians as the Christ) Who embodiedExternalisation, 71:the planetary center where the Will of God is known. Only twice in our planetary [72] history hasExternalisation, 107:the Lords of Material Expression." This little known divine energy now streams out from Shamballa.Externalisation, 112:The Cause of the Present Crisis It is well known to you that the great Law of Rebirth is theExternalisation, 115:conservative attitudes which adhere to the well-known and the familiar, and which hate the new, theExternalisation, 122:under the name of scientific discovery were known in old Atlantis, but they were not developed byExternalisation, 138:to the development of the present war are well known. All who are conscious of and observers of theExternalisation, 142:in the nature of a recovery of an old and well-known form of words: "The sons of men are one and IExternalisation, 158:three Agents of the Divine Triplicity Who are known, esoterically and in the East as the threeExternalisation, 158:the limits of the Hierarchy must be accepted and known to be correspondingly functioningExternalisation, 166:to proceed onward towards a goal which is known to Deity alone, and thus eventually reach highExternalisation, 184:of Hitler - diplomatic and military - are known throughout the world. The totalitarian powers haveExternalisation, 202:of the divine nature and quality. God is now known as Intelligence and Love. That the past hasExternalisation, 202:and Love. That the past has given us. He must be known as Will and Purpose, and that the futureExternalisation, 210:touch with those whose names are already known to you, and set them to work and let them - in theirExternalisation, 225:processes of evolution, historically proven and known through Their spiritual activity down theExternalisation, 229:of you. The exoteric outer history of events is known to all of you, and with its detail I need notExternalisation, 229:implications of such activity can only be truly known and appreciated by those people who todayExternalisation, 239:the masses in Germany today, is too well known to require emphasizing by me. But I bring theseExternalisation, 258:Hess, Himmler and Streicher - names well-known to you all. These men embody and personify theExternalisation, 272:Who can say? But the sound of His coming will be known and, speaking symbolically, the thunder ofExternalisation, 272:That He will come in "the air" is a well-known prophecy from the New Testament, thus enablingExternalisation, 275:energy from the center where God's Will is known and furthered. The Rider will receive this energyExternalisation, 287:both in the East and in the West. They are known to believers of every faith and all nationalities.Externalisation, 287:the nature of divinity. They are greater than is known or realized; human intelligence andExternalisation, 292:time the Avatars most easily recognized and known are the Buddha and the Christ, because TheirExternalisation, 292:to us than any other Divine Emergence. They are known, loved and followed by countless millions. IExternalisation, 293:when the Angel of the Presence is sensed, known, seen and recognized as the revealer of divinity,Externalisation, 293:aspirant. Revelation confronts humanity. God is known within the human heart. God is known byExternalisation, 293:God is known within the human heart. God is known by mankind. This recognition of divinity in itsExternalisation, 300:to be grasped by humanity. It had always been known by disciples and initiates. Externalisation, 300:appeared as the Avatar of Love, then God became known as Love supernal, love as the goal andExternalisation, 304:refers to the time prior to the phrase so well-known in the Christian fields: "The Lamb slain fromExternalisation, 316:instruction of the Hierarchy. Some of them are known to you. Many of them are not known to any ofExternalisation, 316:of them are known to you. Many of them are not known to any of you. But they represent the workingExternalisation, 318:being met together, deem it right to make known certain common principles in the national policiesExternalisation, 341:for ever after - be free in a sense not hitherto known. This conflict falls into three stages: TheExternalisation, 350:the Lords of Liberation will work can only be known to the Hierarchy. Their aid will be focusedExternalisation, 355:eternally exists, but can only be seen and known and correctly approached by God Immanent -Externalisation, 363:from on High was only recognized by and known to a mere handful of men, and it took decades andExternalisation, 372:shell-shocked and machine-gunned. They have known no security and look forward today to no sureExternalisation, 372:forward today to no sure future. Millions have known no parental control; they have been separatedExternalisation, 379:and with sufficient plausible force, is well known. The well-turned phrases of the trainedExternalisation, 427:peace. They see the end of business as they have known it; they see the familiar landmarks of theirExternalisation, 447:and actuates that place where the Will of God is known and the purposes of divinity are defined andExternalisation, 466:this can be made possible in a manner never known before. The success of the effort now beingExternalisation, 472:of resurrection. All states of consciousness are known to Them and They have mastered all of them;Externalisation, 473:and to salvage. The state of humanity today is known to all truly thinking people. Devastation,Externalisation, 476:the side of the United Nations and let it be known that it had done so. In doing this, definiteExternalisation, 487:of His Presence upon earth in physical form is known today by many hundreds of thousands, and willExternalisation, 488:Earth. From the center where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men -Externalisation, 489:understood in its usual connotation and its well-known mystical, Christian sense. Christ has neverExternalisation, 491:to the true nature of this happening is as yet known, and still less is understood. Certain ideasExternalisation, 509:possess no physical bodies can be contacted and known. They will train human beings in theExternalisation, 520:and functions of the Hierarchy are well known to many of you theoretically, and to some at firstExternalisation, 532:are here possible, some of which are already known to you because they are so broad that theirExternalisation, 532:concerns the "center where the Will of God is known". Here at Shamballa work Those Who have unifiedExternalisation, 533:in part, but then shall we know even as we are known." He there points towards the future progressExternalisation, 542:desires - and then only for a period of years, known to Him and the Lord of the World. He couldExternalisation, 544:came to them in their own country and let it be known that He came to the whole world and not toExternalisation, 549:Shamballa, the center where the Will of God is known. Therefore, intelligent relationship,Externalisation, 552:would be greater far than anything hitherto known. Because Shamballa would be involved, and thisExternalisation, 553:Buddha will appear as usual, He has let it be known that His main duty is to bring the initialExternalisation, 554:Shamballa, "the Center where the Will of God is known," directly to the new group of world servers,Externalisation, 556:servers is a far larger group than just the few known to you. Today its numbers are severalExternalisation, 557:as Shri Krishna and as one other who was little known [558] but who did a great work in stillExternalisation, 570:members of the kingdom of God or of souls, known to us as the Hierarchy; they will appear in officeExternalisation, 572:This direction will be in virtue of their known and approved capacity and will not involve theExternalisation, 590:A Christ Who is present and living, Who is known to those who follow Him, Who is a strong and ableExternalisation, 592:in [592] expression all that has hitherto been known, because it has ever been based on theExternalisation, 594:House," in the "center where the Will of God is known," are also mobilized and organized to assistExternalisation, 597:on foot, but I set no date or hour. The time is known only to the two or three, but "in such anExternalisation, 599:has been held, down the centuries, in the well-known valley in the Himalayas (if the faithful wouldExternalisation, 602:the clue to His future work. Some of it is well known to you, for it has been emphasized by theExternalisation, 604:is already here. Christ and His disciples are known by many to be physically present on Earth andExternalisation, 606:to carry it out. Hitherto, that Will had been known in the Father's House; it had been recognizedExternalisation, 622:be felt in the "center where the will of God is known," that will-to-good which has carried allExternalisation, 641:of the May Full Moon) a universal festival and known to be of value to all men of all faiths. It isExternalisation, 642:of the spirit of man everywhere which is better known to us than to you, whose values and reactionsExternalisation, 655:rhythm is established and its effects are well known and proven. The direction of this energy willExternalisation, 662:had a group or brotherhood objective, it is well known in hierarchical circles that first rayExternalisation, 698:recognition; the groups there working will be known, and they will also be in close touch with eachFire, xiii:out of their own substance all that is seen and known, and who are themselves Fire and the cause ofFire, xiv:as men do at present from the basis of the known and the demonstrated and leaving untouched andFire, xiv:must be presumed to be producing the seen and known, all solutions as yet fail and will continue toFire, 5:that they form corporate Entities. They are known as The seven planetary Logoi. The seven SpiritsFire, 5:differentiated force, and in this Treatise are known under the names of Lords of the Rays. TheFire, 25:living motion. The mystery, lost in the Now but known to the Lord of Cosmic Will. [26] Fire, 32:The inner core of Fire hides itself and is known only through radiation and that which radiates.Fire, 32:and the heat is no longer felt can the fire be known. [33] Fire, 42/43:the primordial substance which they animate) is known as the 'sea of fire,' of which akasha is theFire, 42/43:Energy, and Fohat on the different planes is known as aether, air, fire, water, electricity, ether,Fire, 57:of active or radiatory fire, and, as is well known, the vehicle of prana. Its function is to storeFire, 65:its threefold manifestation. Certain facts are known in connection with the fire spirits (if soFire, 66:enumerate somewhat briefly some of the better known groups, as contacted in the three worlds. 1.Fire, 116:Some of the facts stated are already well known, others are inferential, while some are theFire, 122:In the case of the two earliest of these, known as the "Adamic" and the "Hyperborean," the formsFire, 151:mother) the Son is produced by Whom He is [151] known. "I and my Father are One" (John, 10:30) isFire, 160:goal aimed at, and which is even now becoming known in matter during this [161] fourth round, and
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