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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWN

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Patanjali, 101:will all be lost sight of and only spirit be known. Both feeling and mind will then be transcendedPatanjali, 101:color will no longer be seen; only light will be known; vision will be lost sight of, and the soundPatanjali, 102:stuff is utterly still. The Father in Heaven is known, as revealed by the Son to the Mother. SattvaPatanjali, 103:of matter) is the highest or spiritual aspect known. Only as rajas controls is the second aspectPatanjali, 103:Only as rajas controls is the second aspect known; only as tamas holds sway is the lowest aspectPatanjali, 103:only as tamas holds sway is the lowest aspect known. There is an interesting analogy between thePatanjali, 104:illusion, or the world of form must be "exactly known!' This means, literally, that the relation ofPatanjali, 105:the man has succeeded in entering. The truth is known and the cause of every form in all thePatanjali, 107:five senses. Objectivity or tangibility becomes known to him and he hears, sees, touches, tastesPatanjali, 110:of our solar system are contacted, seen and known. The field of knowledge of the three worlds, thePatanjali, 112:in every form, is self-perpetuating, and known even to the very wise. 10. These five hindrances,Patanjali, 112:wise. 10. These five hindrances, when subtly known, can be overcome by an opposing mental attitude.Patanjali, 121:and emotions, to the one beloved, seen and known in the heart. It is the sublimation of all thePatanjali, 121:the third or Lemurian root race and its two best known expressions are: Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga. ThePatanjali, 124:to the beloved object once that beloved is known. This has been called in some translationsPatanjali, 130:"In the Hall of Ignorance the triple sheaths are known. The solar life at its densest point isPatanjali, 132:or avenues of approach to the not-self are well known and any standard physiological text book canPatanjali, 133:or knowledge, a fourfold path. When the soul is known as it is and the not-self is relegated to itsPatanjali, 134:the realm of the soul itself is contacted and known. The final three means of yoga bring thisPatanjali, 137:in every form, is self-perpetuating, and known even to the very wise. This form of attachment isPatanjali, 139:to Union 10. These five hindrances, when subtly known, can be overcome by an opposing mentalPatanjali, 139:an opposing mental attitude. The words "subtly known" could be paraphrased as "when realized by thePatanjali, 140:of the thinking principle. When they are subtly known as the seeds which produce thePatanjali, 145:responsible for manifested existence. It is well known that the tree of life is depicted with thePatanjali, 152:this stage) he is the highest factor in the well-known triplicities: The Perceiver Perception ThatPatanjali, 152:The Spectacle, and many others equally well known. The great objective of Raja Yoga is to free thePatanjali, 153:mind, and that these six must be transcended and known for what they are. The means of perceptionPatanjali, 159:and believed to exist may be recognized and known for what it is. 4. The untouchable. Finally wePatanjali, 173:This has to be regained before peace can be known. Desire to do one's duty. The first threePatanjali, 176:in the three worlds and can say "I have known all that was to be known. Nothing further remains toPatanjali, 176:and can say "I have known all that was to be known. Nothing further remains to know!' His place onPatanjali, 176:The stage wherein he frees himself from every known limitation, and can say "I have freed myselfPatanjali, 177:rest." Then and only then, when complete rest is known can the true contemplation and samadhi ofPatanjali, 177:contemplation and samadhi of the highest kind be known. Sorrow, the fifth modification, isPatanjali, 189:remains still the truth. So little is as yet known about force emanations from the human being, orPatanjali, 202:of sanitation and of hygiene are well known and largely practised. In the orient, the rules [203]Patanjali, 203:rules [203] of magnetic purification are better known and when the two systems are synthesized andPatanjali, 208:one becomes the great receiver and the One is known." In these words the purification by fire andPatanjali, 213:mind that which is visioned, seen, contacted and known; and in this way, the knowledge becomes partPatanjali, 216:and the nature of the mystery is still only known to advanced initiates. The astral light is thrownPatanjali, 228:around the head, thus forming the halo so well known in pictures of the saints. The halo is a factPatanjali, 234:this process the aspects of every object are known, their characteristics (or form), their symbolicPatanjali, 234:in time-conditions (stage of development) are known and realized. 14. The characteristics of everyPatanjali, 234:in one-pointed meditation. 33. All things can be known in the vivid light of the intuition. 34.Patanjali, 250:worlds of sense perception, so that only is known and contacted which is free from form, fromPatanjali, 250:which that object is hiding. That light is then known to be one in essence with his ownPatanjali, 253:of the soul-light upon that which is to be known or investigated, The subsequent pouring down ofPatanjali, 257:the object of all yoga practices, where unity is known and even duality is seen to be a limitation.Patanjali, 264:this process the aspects of every object are known, their characteristics (or form), their symbolicPatanjali, 264:in time-conditions (stage of development) are known and realized. It should here be borne in mindPatanjali, 266:will be found hidden. It will make its presence known through the quality of consciousness in onePatanjali, 268:Emanations, The seven Prajapatis, and other less known terms, and much light will be forthcoming.Patanjali, 272:the soul, the middle or mediating principle is known, the nature of the form is also known, and thePatanjali, 272:is known, the nature of the form is also known, and the essential nature of spirit can be inferred.Patanjali, 279:but a definitely [279] scientific process, known only to the trained occultist. Patanjali, 296:is subtle, or of those things which can only be known through a conscious use of our subtle bodies.Patanjali, 315:the class of beings called siddhas - popularly known in theosophical circles as Mahatmas or highPatanjali, 315:achieved and its Results 33. All things can be known in the vivid light of the intuition. There arePatanjali, 316:pairs of opposites become apparent, duality is known, and the question of choice comes in. ThePatanjali, 328:called plexi, or lotuses. The nerve ganglia known [329] to orthodox medicine, are the reflectionsPatanjali, 336:of the Christ within, then the word or sound is known and the second aspect of divinity isPatanjali, 339:reason for this will be apparent if certain well-known translations are given. They are correctPatanjali, 349:The emotional or astral body is, as is well known, distinguished by its colorfulness, and accordingPatanjali, 364:there is naught else in manifestation) is to be known as: 1. Life. The life of God emanates fromPatanjali, 369:eternal, these mind-created forms are without known beginning. 11. These forms being created andPatanjali, 390:where this type of karma is no longer known. Where dense materiality produces what we call wrongPatanjali, 395:eternal, these mind-created forms are without known beginning. Another term which might be used inPatanjali, 396:and of thought action are therefore without known beginning. They surround him on all sides, thePatanjali, 399:nor anything secret which shall not be made known. The sowing of fresh seeds, and the originatingPatanjali, 412:be cognized in two directions: first, it can be known, recognized and seen by the thinker, the soulPatanjali, 412:its own plane, and secondly, it can be seen and known as a vehicle of the man on the physicalPatanjali, 412:exclusion of the true spiritual man, who can be known, contacted and obeyed once the mind isPatanjali, 415:from the fact that this thinker cannot be known until the mind is developed; he can be sensed andPatanjali, 416:man, the Son of God, eternal in the Heavens, is known by many and varied names, according to thePatanjali, 417:perceives. The field of knowledge is seen and known. The knower is also perceived, and thePatanjali, 417:and convey to the soul that which is known to the man in physical incarnation. Thus the knower, thePatanjali, 419:The One is seen. The Voice is heard. The Real is known, the Vision glimpsed. The fire of God leapsPatanjali, 423:when success seems far away. This was well known to the great initiate, Paul, and was the cause ofPatanjali, 428:the science of Raja Yoga, the mind will be known as the instrument of the soul and the meansPatanjali, xii:worlds. When the state of conscious being, as known by the spiritual man, becomes also theProblems, 28:because its nationals have come from all the known races. Isolationism was [29] defeated evenProblems, 36:World The Present Problem of Youth The world, as known to people over forty years of age, hasProblems, 44:United States is composed of people from every known country; over fifty different races or nationsProblems, 49:much but the children we are considering have known little discipline. The work of sheer survivalProblems, 64:far better civilization than the world has ever known and towards conditions which will ensure aProblems, 76:labor and of its international strength is well known and a primary modern interest. PowerfulProblems, 79:This last question can be answered in the well known words: "The love of money is the root of allProblems, 96:Problem This problem is so old and so well known that it is difficult to say anything about itProblems, 134:processes of war. Broadly speaking, everyone has known terror, fear and hopelessness as they faceProblems, 135:of peace, because peace has never truly been known and is obviously still far away. AboveProblems, 146:that place on earth where He has always been, known and reached by thousands but held at a distanceProblems, 146:right human relations and as they become known as the directing Agents of [147] God's will; He willProblems, 161:spiritual recognitions. Worship has ever been known to produce a group stimulation whenProblems, 163:through the place where the will of God is known, through the spiritual Hierarchy where the love ofProblems, 163:between the center where the will of God is known and the spiritual Hierarchy. The Buddha is theProblems, 165:and through that center where the will of God is known, would bring humanity to the point ofProblems, 166:Earth. From the center where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men -Problems, 179:To restore world confidence by letting it be known how much goodwill - organized and unorganized -Psychology1, xxii:for students, but about these rays little is known. We know, from The Secret Doctrine, that theyPsychology1, 5:if we compare what we know today with what was known a hundred and fifty years ago. But it has been
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