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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWN

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Psychology2, 692:The active instruction and mobilizing of the known aspirants and disciples of the world, no matterPsychology2, 696:realm which are only just in process of becoming known. There is a law called the Law of MagneticPsychology2, 701:and bodies. This is an occult platitude and well known to you, but the re-emphasis of the wellPsychology2, 701:known to you, but the re-emphasis of the well known truth may eventually bring home to you itsPsychology2, 701:has been sure of its goal temporarily and it has known that the soul is the directing factor; somePsychology2, 730:of living had not been generally recognized and known for what they are by a sufficient number ofPsychology2, 732:of a responsibility about which we have known for several years, but which we have not shouldered.Psychology2, 736:are partisans of certain basic and well-known ideologies which we can roughly divide into thePsychology2, 743:has its members in every land. A vast number are known. They are practical intelligent people, notPsychology2, 745:To approach nearer to humanity and become a known and forceful fact in the consciousness of TheirPsychology2, 745:to be present in everything that can be known. This realization and this approach to life throughRays, 21:Life that floods the fourth when the fifth is known. The fifth feeds on the fourth. Let then theRays, 22:and their unity appear. Only when the group is known and sensed can energy be wisely emanated. ForRays, 22:The rules for work within the veils of maya are known and have been used. Let the group widen allRays, 38:conformity to that which has been tried, known and demonstrated by all previous initiates. TheRays, 53:we live and move and have our being, and Who is known to the Great White Lodge through this name.Rays, 61:has ever been. The divine Son of God has ever known himself for what he is. An initiate is not theRays, 74:the symbolism of light is not used; divinity is known as life, where the Monad and its expression,Rays, 86:Mankind has looked upon evil in every land and known it to be wrought by men. Men have seen, andRays, 87:of a life of vice will breed disease, as is well known. The disciple can also destroy his formRays, 95:come again on earth, but a peace unlike aught known before. Then will the will-to-good flower forthRays, 104:caused them to be, the central will which is known by the effects of its radiation or breath. ThisRays, 106:is, however, a soul concept, and is only truly known to the soul. Therefore, after the fourthRays, 113:the beauty to be sought, of the loved one to be known, of liberation to be achieved, of spiritualRays, 124:life that floods the fourth when the fifth is known. The fifth feeds on the fourth. Let then theRays, 128:life that floods the fourth when the fifth is known are of prime importance to those who would andRays, 131:of illumined and organized [131] Minds" which is known under the name of the Hierarchy. It isRays, 131:and the revelatory power of the intuition is known by all disciples; it constitutes at times (fromRays, 132:the opportunity to enlarge upon a subject little known or understood by any esotericist in theRays, 133:the Hierarchy may be reached are already well known to the aspirants of the world; they must becomeRays, 133:of the world; they must become equally well known to the average person; the objectives of theRays, 137:eliminations and adjustments are now so well known (theoretically, at least) that they should haveRays, 159:the spine in man) about which nothing is as yet known nor will be known for ages to come. [160] TheRays, 159:about which nothing is as yet known nor will be known for ages to come. [160] The importance,Rays, 168:and their unity appear. Only when the group is known and sensed can energy be wisely emanated.Rays, 180:planes and upon the levels of the etheric planes known to humanity in the three worlds. The Law ofRays, 181:The rules for work within the veils of maya are known and have been used. Let the group widen allRays, 185:The rules for work within the veils of maya are known and have been used. Students should rememberRays, 188:of the time. These distinctions had always been known to the Hierarchy, but now human beings wereRays, 193:the esoteric records corroborate. This is a well-known correspondence to the three days in the tombRays, 202:"wings of Sound" that he travels, to use a well-known though little understood metaphor. Rays, 217:is the life aspect. To this let me add the well-known fact that "Our God is a consuming fire," andRays, 241:Kumara. It is the secret of life itself and is known only to Him alone. In its initial phase ofRays, 242:in order to carry forward His fixed designs (known to Him as a cosmic Soul on cosmic mentalRays, 250:by a type of life activity which is as yet only known in Shamballa. Rays, 251:been given on this subject. Only the name was known. This teaching includes: Information as to theRays, 252:Seven Rays. The fact of the seven rays was well known to the heads of the Theosophical Society, wasRays, 258:the antahkarana, and in cooperation with the one known God - walks the ways of Earth as a channelRays, 262:being magnetized by the highest of the present known divine aspects - Life. This expresses itselfRays, 273:is only the first letter of that name which is known only to the Masters, whilst the second letterRays, 273:only to the Masters, whilst the second letter is known only to the Chohans. The first syllable ofRays, 273:the Chohans. The first syllable of His name is known in the Council Chamber at Shamballa, but theRays, 279:these three spiritualizing processes are well known, in theory at least, to all spiritualRays, 284:ray energy Demonstrating a faculty which is known only to initiates who have passed beyond theRays, 289:planetary Logos and the creative center, were known to Him and fully understood. At the highestRays, 291:was a familiar area of consciousness and well-known to the Masters and to the Master of Them all,Rays, 292:emerges and union with the One. Identity is known - not on this plane but on that higher sphereRays, 295:the expression of soul as that soul should be known in the culture and the civilization [296]Rays, 298:wherein the nature of revelation can be made known to him. Men are apt to confuse vision andRays, 299:this is something which, once recorded and known, cannot be lost or disproved. Once seen andRays, 305:a familiar case history and one which is well known to every sincere aspirant, or one which isRays, 313:Wisdom, the spiritual man (in incarnation) has known that he is essentially the indwelling Christ,Rays, 318:on death will assume its rightful place and be known as the disciplining urge to relinquishment andRays, 334:upon the mental plane and warrants the well-known phrase "the five worlds of superhuman evolution."Rays, 338:this constitutes a most interesting and little known phase of our study of initiation. InitiationRays, 358:in mind a fact oft forgotten, but which has been known and taught ever since modern occultism beganRays, 377:[377] In the "center where the will of God is known" the intelligent loving Master, now responsiveRays, 378:is fed from the "center where the will of God is known," and the directing agent of this energy,Rays, 378:fires, the God of Fire seeks to make Himself known. Rays, 382:(or the center where the love of God is known and the purpose of Sanat Kumara is formulated intoRays, 395:that focal point of attractive dynamic energy, known to us as the Sun and its planets. Thus withinRays, 396:take Him away from all that He has hitherto known. The majority of the Masters then enter intoRays, 401:and poisonous deceiving phenomena. These well-known aspects of the astral plane are all theRays, 413:closely related to our planetary Life; much is known in the Hierarchy anent this connection, andRays, 417:phrase. It is responsible for His being known as the "Great Sacrifice," for (under the control ofRays, 429:horror. The area of difficulty - as is well known - is the Near East and Palestine. The Jews, byRays, 451:the heart. It uses the blood stream, as is well known, as its distributing agency, and through theRays, 458:remember as this new science becomes more widely known. The aspirant eventually arrives at theRays, 462:into physical appearance is becoming well known to hundreds of thousands of people today. ItsRays, 470:antahkarana of humanity as a whole), will be known as the Science of Invocation and Evocation. ItRays, 473:as yet but definitely an extension of the known and previously grasped. Such is the mode ofRays, 476:has been completed. The unity of all things is known to be a fact in consciousness, and a humanRays, 482:process of building the antahkarana. It has been known and followed by those who were training forRays, 493:from the higher. Then, when the Word of Power is known and rightly used, the bridge is rapidlyRays, 526:ranks; His work brought about the process known as individualization. Down through the ages, theseRays, 527:Buddha, a still greater Figure, the One Who is known as the "Enlightened One," also came andRays, 543:found in the animal kingdom also. With this well-known and well-studied unfoldment I shall notRays, 556:all there is, O Chela in the Light, but is not known. It is the cause of knowledge and itsRays, 556:a light which grows from cycle unto cycle and is known as supernal Energy Itself." I shall not beRays, 581:in the sea of emotions." Aquarius is also known by the symbol of water, for Aquarius is theRays, 594:by all. Then the Kingdom of God will be known for what it is, another kingdom in nature.Rays, 603:bear evidence. In that era, in which the then known world of men was extensively involved, theRays, 617:medium used by Him to implement that purpose - known only to Him and to the senior members of theRays, 619:between: The center where the will of God is known. This is Shamballa where the will-to-goodRays, 620:through the medium of some focal point in our known modern world, it will be apparent to you that aRays, 623:which express the conflict are today well known to all men, that a "point of tension" has now beenRays, 643:Arcane School. The esoteric side is of course known to me, but an analysis of it would be of noRays, 645:of Will or Power is distinguished by the highest known divine quality (there are others stillRays, 654:When this happens, our planet will no longer be known as the planet of sorrow and of pain, but willRays, 657:do, for it would require research into all the known and the unknown historical periods and cycles,
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