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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWS

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Statement:by still another name and office. Alice Bailey knows who I am and recognizes me by two of my names.Astrology, 21:as a world Victor and a world Savior. He then knows the significance of the triumph over deathAstrology, 59:and on a transparent material of which humanity knows nothing. Upon these charts are noted theAstrology, 61:in giddy fashion upon an axis of desire. He knows not where to go or what to do. The sky turnsAstrology, 92:and purpose. It becomes his plan and purpose. He knows no other in a sense which is unknown even toAstrology, 170:humility. India is ruled by Capricorn and India knows this truth. Though India has permitted theAstrology, 180:ahead of him the mountain in Capricorn which he knows he must eventually climb. He walks no longerAstrology, 248:of Intelligence - God the Holy Spirit. He who knows. Mind. Human Consciousness. Instinct toAstrology, 284:is the truly esoteric one. When the disciple knows Saturn as the God who offers opportunity andAstrology, 296:that of which the highest initiate as yet knows but little. These three aspects of the Sun are theAstrology, 310:by his personal freedom from outside control. He knows innately that he is king of himself, theAstrology, 334:their right understanding that the astrologer knows whether the subject is relatively unevolved,Astrology, 337:of desire and at the moment of consummation knows his prison. [338] Gemini-Sagittarius FluidAstrology, 371:attributes and fundamental causes (man scarcely knows which) of manifestation, of the evolutionaryAstrology, 389:ever more acute and more discriminating until he knows finally which is an expression of forceAstrology, 392:where the light of revelation breaks forth and knows at [393] that moment what it is He has to do.Astrology, 433:again into the place of earth and iron. Again he knows His mother. And thus the little one upon theAstrology, 453:factor is properly understood and the student knows to what specific cycle the information shouldAstrology, 467:the pairs of opposites possible. He now [467] knows, through transcended feeling and fromAstrology, 469:of esoterically as "the Producers of that which knows, the Informers of that which is awakened andAstrology, 547:resultant activity is - as the occultist well knows - dependent upon the quality of the vehicleAstrology, 574:mediating between Shamballa and Humanity. He knows that he must carry forward the dual task ofAstrology, 591:Of the will and purpose of God, humanity knows nothing, for the individual will or the collectiveAstrology, 598:is as yet able to conceive of that idea. No one knows what is the will of God or what is the natureAstrology, 616:Itself the following stages in consciousness: It knows Itself as the transcending will, the willAstrology, 617:unaware, blind and unseeing and unreasoning. It knows Itself as the transmitting will, working fromAstrology, 617:is higher and greater than Shamballa itself. It knows Itself as the transforming will or thatAstrology, 618:This may serve to make my meaning clear. It knows Itself as the transfiguring will. ThisAstrology, 625:ray as it is the channel for the will of God. It knows itself as the transcending will becauseAstrology, 625:presented to Him for initiation. The second ray knows itself as the transmitting will becauseAstrology, 626:symbol is the love between the sexes. [626] It knows itself likewise as the transforming willAstrology, 626:medium for the revelation of divinity. It knows itself finally as the will which transfigures. ItAstrology, 631:and Holy Spirit. This Trinity in manifestation knows Itself as the Transcending Reality and uttersAstrology, 631:Myself, I remain." This Trinity in manifestation knows Itself as the Transmitting One and saysAstrology, 631:One transmits. This Trinity in manifestation knows Itself to be the Transforming Agent and throughAstrology, 631:One. Finally, at the end of the age, it knows Itself as the Transfigured One and realizes that theAstrology, 661:Mars and four other planets of which astronomy knows nothing. The inference is that these planets,Astrology, 680:became present upon earth from that date. He knows that this was brought about by the coming, inAtom, 13:He should be satisfied with facts as he knows them, or as science tells him they are. This is aAtom, 13:even though he may be unable to explain why he knows it to be true. Men everywhere are recognizingAtom, 20:constantly being used, and the average man well knows that the word "evolution" suggests anAtom, 88:all his own. Anyone who has brought up children knows that stage well. It can be seen in thatAtom, 120:is very relative. The more a man grasps and knows, the greater is the horizon which opens up beforeAtom, 143:a subject which neither I nor any other mortal knows anything about, and consequently we areAtom, 155:its consciousness, and that which a man now knows to be his, we have for ourselves the promise andAutobiography, 6:domestic and loves to cook and wash (and God knows has done her full share of it) and who hatesAutobiography, 192:His responsibility. As a Master of the Wisdom He knows what I do not know and has access to recordsAutobiography, 215:They had a difficult enough time but God knows I had worse. I had to stand by and see them chasedAutobiography, 215:keep their mouths shut, and the average mother knows nothing about her son's affairs. The nextAutobiography, 248:a fundamental and most necessary science. A.A.B. knows nothing about astrology; she cannot even setAutobiography, 248:publicly, to be an initiate, nor will she. She knows it is against the occult law and has seen tooAutobiography, 253:been the target for criticism and attack. She knows however that time adjusts all things and thatAutobiography, 257:on the basis of "The Master ordered this." She knows that the work of the Master is to put aAutobiography, 272:The disciple, however, sees a vast vision and knows how much has to be done before the visionAutobiography, 279:the correct rung of the ladder of evolution; he knows then what is, for him, the next immediateAutobiography, 279:step and his next goal for unfoldment; he knows also what he has to give in the service of humanityAutobiography, 289:men into a great spiritual brotherhood which knows no distinction of race, nation or religion. TheAutobiography, 296:evoked universal recognition; man instinctively knows them, either as working hypotheses which heBethlehem, 44:II, 21.), that master being his own soul. He knows that he walks in a world of illusion, but isBethlehem, 51:the myths and symbols of the world; he reads and knows the story of the world Saviors; at the sameBethlehem, 53:played by the initiate are shown to him, and he knows what he has to do. This Vision is spoken ofBethlehem, 81:the next step, the immediate duty of the man who knows that, in himself, the new birth has not yetBethlehem, 91:Initiation - The Baptism in Jordan That paganism knows no goal or purpose is today for many of us aBethlehem, 102:possibility and his heart's desire. He knows himself to be a son of God, therefore recognition isBethlehem, 105:is that moment in which a man feels and knows through every part of his being that life is realityBethlehem, 105:vision and hears the word of recognition, but knows that the vision is of himself, and that theBethlehem, 149:ears, Free from all form, I know. But me None knows. For I am Spirit, am Being." - Kaivalya, II, 9.Bethlehem, 179:the fact is surely established. The one who knows cannot doubt. Bethlehem, 204:really doing is breaking the Law of Love, which knows no separation, but sees only unity andBethlehem, 243:has become knowledge, and faith, certainty. Man knows incontrovertibly that there is a goal greaterBethlehem, 248:for immortality when he said that "no-one knows what death is, and whether it is not the greatestBethlehem, 265:clear and simple. Obedience to the highest one knows, in small things as well as in great, is tooBethlehem, 274:love he feels and shows for those around him. He knows no barriers and recognizes no divisions; heDestiny, 55:lies in the hands of the people and no one knows exactly what the people will do - once aroused andDestiny, 123:in the apparatus of contact. The white magician knows that when the proper and correct rayDestiny, 141:divine principle of which the race of men as yet knows nothing and for which there is, as yet, noDiscipleship1, X:to individuals of which the average human being knows nothing. A second reason for publishing thisDiscipleship1, XII:background as essential to salvation; he knows that the only essential is belief in the spiritualDiscipleship1, 12:or in the contemplative life (wherein the soul knows itself to be one with all souls) must work outDiscipleship1, 94:Master's problem? I am assuming that the Master knows his disciple well, is convinced of hisDiscipleship1, 155:which is the same as the soul of Judäa. The soul knows no distinctions or differences and on soulDiscipleship1, 158:of power to flourish. When B. S. W. knows the true significance of beauty and you of joy, releaseDiscipleship1, 184:and seeks for the companionship of the Way but knows not how to bring it into functioning process.Discipleship1, 301:the environing illusion. What matters it if each knows the weaknesses of his brother on the Path,Discipleship1, 309:following monthly themes what the soul sees and knows. 1st month - The nature of contemplation. 2ndDiscipleship1, 313:all at the same moment or hour of the day. Each knows his hour. Your hour is now. So, brother,Discipleship1, 315:who sees not the picture whole, and who only knows the quality of the present life and its naturalDiscipleship1, 375:on the hills. These difficulties your Master knows, for he, too, has found the way hard, when heDiscipleship1, 380:I have no self but am the Self - the Self which knows itself to be the Self in all. And thus I doDiscipleship1, 389:seer. He sees the Presence. He sees, and seeing knows that he exists and likewise that which isDiscipleship1, 396:to engulf him. They cannot do so. This he also knows and is coming through. A member of your groupDiscipleship1, 434:an understanding comrade, and, withal, one who knows. In the heat and pressure of the fight and theDiscipleship1, 451:I, a member of the Hierarchy who necessarily knows more than you do, tell you today that humanityDiscipleship1, 451:or group of persons or nation at this time knows the meaning of motive (for that is only reallyDiscipleship1, 520:will carry the triumphant note of the soul who knows. Break through, my brother, from the trammelsDiscipleship1, 563:in order to regain equilibrium? Ask A. A. B. She knows the meaning of those lost hours and can helpDiscipleship1, 584:Road the hidden stands revealed. Each sees and knows the villainy of each. And yet there is, withDiscipleship1, 584:foot, and the open eye which sees the light. He knows he travels not alone. Discipleship1, 622:of mine, of your being an ancient comrade, who knows right well what I would say and, therefore,Discipleship1, 663:power of control by the soul - the One who knows no attachment and who stands at-one with all souls
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