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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWS

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Externalisation, 499:expressed its disfavor, because that Church knows - as do all the vested and monied interests -Externalisation, 506:the culmination of His work for the West. No one knows or understands so fully and wisely as He theExternalisation, 560:- for what reason this is so, no one knows, but so is the divine Will. In synthesis and in theExternalisation, 593:the most [593] aspiring and hopeful disciple knows, and can draw closer still if what I hereExternalisation, 614:of complete frustration; he longs to help, but knows not what [615] to do; his grasp of theExternalisation, 620:these desirable objectives is little indeed. He knows that his spiritual life is a side issue; itExternalisation, 620:of the Christ, provided he cares enough and knows the meaning of sacrifice and silence.Externalisation, 657:peculiar, magnetic energy of which mankind today knows little; nevertheless, upon this energy muchFire, 88:[88] comes is the interpretative one; he who knows himself (in objective manifestation, essentialFire, 88:quality, and comprehensive development) knows likewise the Lord of his Ray, and the Logos of hisFire, 193:the senses by full active consciousness. He knows, and needs not the senses to guide him any longerFire, 195:enlarged. He can hear and feel, but as yet knows not enough to correlate nor name. When he succeedsFire, 218:sound of Vishnu reverberates within himself, he knows himself as perfected wisdom, andFire, 219:Body he finds place) from the group notes, and knows himself as omniscient. As the note of theFire, 295:in its true connotation as the "One who knows") is but a cell, a minute atom within a group. AFire, 333:body, emotional nature, and mentality, yet knows himself as more than these three, and recognizesFire, 351:electrifies them by His Own nature, but likewise knows itself to be one with all yet apart fromFire, 386:became present upon earth from that date. He knows that this was brought about by the coming, inFire, 419:and whereto it will lead mankind. Man now knows himself as a separated unit of consciousness; heFire, 436:solved not only the secret of his own Being, but knows his place within his greater sphere, aFire, 465:he contacts, devas, men, and animals. That he knows it not, and that he may be totally unaware ofFire, 482:It can only be safely done when the magician knows five things. The nature of the atom. The keynoteFire, 482:is only realized in an elementary way when a man knows the keynote of his own planetary Logos. AllFire, 608:will only come about as he studies himself, and knows himself to be a triple fire, manifesting inFire, 615:of these forces of nature until such time as he "knows" himself, and his own powers, and until heFire, 663:Man. Great is the mystery, and until man knows his place within the conscious whole, he shouldFire, 671:of life is fulfiled. When the one who sees and knows stands midway between his parents, then can beFire, 704:the fifth Hierarchy. As the student of occultism knows, the Lord of the fifth Ray holds that placeFire, 820:when the solar Lord acclaims himself and knows himself the ruler. The Lord of Life then turnsFire, 874:Man stands revealed, yet remains hidden, for who knows the secret of a man as it exists in his ownFire, 876:Only when the Son has reached maturity and knows Himself as essentially the same as the Father canFire, 876:realizes himself as creator. Man at this stage knows somewhat of the electricity of substance, andFire, 876:as yet he calls it magnetism) but as yet he knows nought of the electrical reality of life itself.Fire, 882:One recognizes one's own immortal Principle. One knows oneself - S. D., III, 435, 436. All theFire, 893:this idea with the "eye of Shiva" which sees and knows all, and records all, as [894] does theFire, 913:seen in magnetization, of which the human race knows nothing as yet. Through this power they act asFire, 930:his own latent powers are awakened. He sees and knows the deva forces and can consequently workFire, 968:is wise always refrains from assertion until he knows. Fire, 1021:can be harmlessly accomplished by the man who knows how, but results, nevertheless, in a waste ofFire, 1023:in evolution where he is a channel for force and knows how to draw it within himself, transmute it,Fire, 1024:them in the occult sense; that is, he knows their note and key, and is aware of the particular typeFire, 1085:associated with the solar system but as yet He knows not their function nor the nature of the otherFire, 1102:Self. Through the veil of mental matter he first knows separation, and undergoes his firstFire, 1126:of the force of the egoic lotus is his and he knows well how to utilize it to the best advantage.Fire, 1136:Himself is other than those forms, just as man knows himself to be other than his bodies. He knowsFire, 1136:knows himself to be other than his bodies. He knows himself to be a will, and a purpose, and as heFire, 1158:from the Monad begins to be responded to and he knows himself to be neither the man nor the angel,Fire, 1226:love and sacrifice is opened up as the disciple knows himself to be in tiny measure also a Lord ofFire, 1226:it is only as a man transcends knowledge, and knows himself to be something non-separative, andFire, 1232:Man himself - a great idea and a specific one - knows not the nature of that which he is seeking toFire, 1235:He is no longer taken in by the appearance but knows it as the illusory form which veils andFire, 1237:Self" comes next and when that is achieved, man knows not only himself but all selves; the soul ofFire, 1241:forms altogether into the realm of energy. He knows the life of the two aspects, the soul and theFire, 1241:both the manas (intellect) and wisdom (buddhi) knows not what shall be revealed to him as he treadsFire, 1269:opens... He treads the first great path, yet knows it not. The note that sounds forth from thatGlamour, 44:and of forces in which he dwells; and that he knows better the means he must employ and theGlamour, 50:Road the hidden stands revealed. Each sees and knows the villainy of each. (I can find no otherGlamour, 51:foot, and the open eye which sees the light. He knows he travels not alone. Glamour, 52:the directed inflow of spiritual energy. He knows. He loves. He seeks to serve, and does all threeGlamour, 158:than ever before in the history of the race. Man knows the difference between right and wrong andGlamour, 188:works freely in the world of divine Ideas. He knows His mission clearly; He chooses His sphere ofGlamour, 191:of psychic meaning becomes real to him and he knows what should be done to dispel glamor. It mightGlamour, 196:of the occult science. The esotericist knows that in every atom of his body is to be found a pointGlamour, 196:of his body is to be found a point of light. He knows that the nature of the soul is light. ForGlamour, 208:technique is of use only to the man who knows something of the light of the mind, of the light inGlamour, 247:manifest that Reality. In the last analysis, he knows that if that intermediate aspect of himself,Glamour, 249:worker in the field of hidden forces. He knows then what he is doing, with what energies he mustGlamour, 255:appreciation of purpose, unless the disciple knows just what he is doing as he practices esotericGlamour, 268:is a burning-ground; this he faces, and this he knows he has to cross if he seeks to pass throughHealing, 41:little further progress. The esoteric healer knows much about the inner forces and energies and hasHealing, 71:planetary life are not well. This, the Hierarchy knows, and is working for the amelioration of theHealing, 126:grades and stages, becomes clear to him; he knows what he is doing. Constantly and systematically,Healing, 131:that "He who lives under the sound of the AUM knows himself. He who lives sounding the OM knows hisHealing, 131:AUM knows himself. He who lives sounding the OM knows his brother. He who knows the Sound knowsHealing, 131:lives sounding the OM knows his brother. He who knows the Sound knows all." Then, in the crypticHealing, 131:the OM knows his brother. He who knows the Sound knows all." Then, in the cryptic and symbolicHealing, 131:to the whole. "He who breathes forth the OM knows not himself alone. He knows the breath is prana,Healing, 131:forth the OM knows not himself alone. He knows the breath is prana, life, the fluid of connection.Healing, 131:is not. "He who is the Sound and sounding forth knows not disease, knows not the hand of death." InHealing, 131:the Sound and sounding forth knows not disease, knows not the hand of death." In these few wordsHealing, 185:time when these terms mean little to him and he knows more. These three paths of life are theHealing, 222:of mankind is considered. Sexual intercourse knows no impenetrable barriers, and people today haveHealing, 279:astrological findings become possible, when man knows the hour of his departure from this outerHealing, 285:which can ascertain the patient's rays and which knows at least the nature of his disposition orHealing, 288:with ameliorative results in mind. No neophyte knows enough of karma to work with confidence eitherHealing, 356:intelligent aspirant as yet cannot. The initiate knows the source from which any type of healingHealing, 357:and from these attitudes, nevertheless knows (and rightly rejoices) that he participates, as aHealing, 392:on the other side of the veil those whom he knows and who have been connected with him in physicalHealing, 395:the form in the three worlds, still remains. He knows himself to be a part of the whole. TheseHealing, 408:(in which is death, as the average person knows it) is the three worlds of human evolution - theHealing, 446:on White Magic: I speak about Death as one who knows the matter from the outer world experience andHealing, 450:- he is now focused in the highest aspect and knows himself to be the Will, the Life, the Father,Healing, 493:related find their true existence. When soul knows soul and in the meeting-place within theHealing, 494:off, and the man enters into the stage where he knows - because the mind is now more incisive andHealing, 496:consciously faced by the discarnate man and he knows what he is doing within the limits set by hisHealing, 514:about death through an act of the soul-will and knows exactly what he is doing. [515] Healing, 540:head center in the vital body, then the healer knows that death may supervene and his way is thisHealing, 573:also seen, is a fundamental law and one which he knows he must accept and with which he mustHealing, 577:West has emphasized external physical purity but knows nothing about magnetic purity; this latterHealing, 599:is "initiated into the realm of perfection and knows no further aches or pains, and his mind is
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