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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWS

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Magic, 369:comes the deepest joy of all, - the joy a Master knows when He is instrumental in lifting a brotherMagic, 375:in the Self, in the One. Then the initiate [375] knows himself to be the unlocking Unity, watchingMagic, 385:and at-one that duality disappears, and the soul knows [386] itself to be all that is, all that hasMagic, 451:a recognized Reality. Let me illustrate: Man knows himself to be a living being and calls deathMagic, 467:the way of real desire." The life, that only knows itself as form, enshrouds itself in vivid red,Magic, 488:possesses more than he needs and is satiated and knows not what to do with all that he has gained.Magic, 498:plane and that of the after death state. The man knows himself to be as he was before, thoughMagic, 532:such, and from them every son of God revolts. He knows that in himself, as once he was before heMagic, 545:them, in the occult sense; that is, he knows their note [546] and key and is aware of theMagic, 586:to learn to do the right thing as he sees and knows it, irrespective of the opinion of earth'sMagic, 587:time in self pity or self justification for he knows the law has placed him where he is, and whereMagic, 606:detachment which characterizes the soul which knows itself. Steadily they take the knowledge andMagic, 612:sense is not based on fact. Any true aspirant knows that his spiritual progress can be gauged inMagic, 613:to fall before the eyes of the animal but it knows it not. The human being has wandered for ages inMagic, 616:he maketh progress. All is distortion still. He knows he stands, but where to go and how to go heMagic, 616:he stands, but where to go and how to go he knows not, nor understands. He sounds the words ofMagic, 617:the result of tireless effort and endeavor. He knows that these formulas are the prerogative of allMagic, 623:this carries with it real danger, for he hardly knows as yet how to handle himself, and is scarcelyMagic, 623:walks bemused in a cloud of thought-forms, and knows it not. Thus he loses his way and wanders fromMagic, 623:wanders from his original intent, and again he knows it not. His latent weaknesses must emergeMeditation, 21:be clear to you on careful perusal, that as one knows more, one judges less. A person may beMeditation, 40:consciousness and contact. When the teacher knows the note, the rate of vibration and the color,Meditation, 84:must be carried on under the guidance of one who knows. Still, I will indicate certain thingsMeditation, 103:the physical plane; but on the inner planes he knows and has but failed to bring the knowledgeMeditation, 142:of something without itself, - something which knows itself to be differentiated from the vehicleMeditation, 142:in the human Hierarchy on its own plane. He knows himself in fact as a part of one of the greatMeditation, 158:subray forms until he is adept, and knows the secret of synthesis. These forms are taught by theMeditation, 178:practiced. Secondly, the average man, even if he knows the mantram, will probably fail in calling aMeditation, 179:in all ranks of life, and only he who knows the secret of being naught but a channel, and whoMeditation, 200:holds all within the circumference of His Aura knows the hour of opportunity, and knows too how toMeditation, 200:of His Aura knows the hour of opportunity, and knows too how to utilize that which can protect. Meditation, 211:system. We recognize it as color. The adept knows it as differentiated force, and the initiate ofMeditation, 211:force, and the initiate of the higher degrees knows it as ultimate light, undifferentiated andMeditation, 223:capacity to work out that which the inner man knows. If these three things are attended to, the lawMeditation, 229:terms of form, and in terms of intelligence. He knows it, - if I may so express it, - in terms ofMeditation, 259:is admitted into the Secret Place, and knows the mystery that underlies consciousness itself. Meditation, 261:more ensnare. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who knows the meaning of consciousness, of life, and ofMeditation, 263:formed of the lives of many sons of men) and He knows His place in the body systemic. He realizesMeditation, 266:the final three initiations are taken, and he knows himself as one with the Master. He ranks thenMeditation, 347:to the next duty is the line of his endeavor. He knows that perfection in the foreground of hisMeditation, 348:and cares not for the result of his action. He knows that wiser eyes than his see the end from theMeditation, 355:enables man to know that he exists, feels, and knows. It is divided in some schools into two parts,Patanjali3. When this has been accomplished, the Yogi knows himself as he is in reality. 4. Up till now thePatanjali, 11:3. When this has been accomplished, the Yogi knows himself as he is in reality. This might bePatanjali, 11:be described in the following way: The man who knows the conditions and has fulfiled them asPatanjali, 36:of a new field of knowledge, though as yet he knows not what it is. He ascertains that there is aPatanjali, 39:the self (in its true nature) perceives and knows. He enters into the world of causes. The firstPatanjali, 41:of the brain content of the Adept or Master. He knows the plan as it is to be found on the highestPatanjali, 49:has for him no appeal. He has experienced, He knows, He has suffered, and He has been forced intoPatanjali, 66:the ideal and is aware of the obstacles; he knows theoretically just what steps he has to take butPatanjali, 70:pondering upon what the soul has contacted and knows. These two will later be dealt with and willPatanjali, 77:lower man through inhalation and exhalation. Man knows himself occultly to be a "living soul," andPatanjali, 77:He becomes a brother as well as an adept and knows [78] that brotherhood is a fact in nature andPatanjali, 89:groups. Consequently he finds his place and knows his work. Finally he arrives at a knowledge [90]Patanjali, 90:himself with the atom of substance and he knows what is as yet unknown to modern scientists. HePatanjali, 92:his plans, aspirations, hopes and purposes. He knows his brother, and the better he knows himselfPatanjali, 92:He knows his brother, and the better he knows himself and his own soul, the deeper will be hisPatanjali, 92:he is, knowing and feeling as his brother's soul knows and feels. This is the meaning behind thePatanjali, 104:of pure spirit; he himself is light and knows himself as part of the "Light of the World," and "inPatanjali, 104:and "in that light shall he see light." He knows things as they are and realizes that all which hePatanjali, 106:the Father, he hath revealed him." Until a man knows himself as a Son of God, until the Christ inPatanjali, 107:that God is, and that he himself is God. Then he knows the truth, and that truth makes him free.Patanjali, 107:atom, or expand his realization until he knows himself as the life of the solar system. Patanjali, 131:the Christ Himself, the great World Teacher, knows not all that is the content of the awareness ofPatanjali, 131:light fully shines upon the adept's ways. He knows and sees the seventh part and visions all thePatanjali, 163:of the true man) that which the soul sees and knows. This triangle is then formed and comes intoPatanjali, 172:environment becomes familiar to him so that he knows not only the form but the subjective RealityPatanjali, 176:His place on the ladder is revealed to him. He knows what he has to do. This relates to the firstPatanjali, 177:conscious knowledge, "I am that I am" and he knows himself as one with the All-Self. Doubt noPatanjali, 184:three sheaths to the brain, that which the soul knows, sees and understands. This produces fullPatanjali, 201:application of the law each day, and he knows well what he has to do for the future. Thus he freesPatanjali, 211:this objective symbolic form. When a man knows that, he ceases to identify himself with the symbolPatanjali, 213:of things as they are, contacts reality and "knows God." Following upon this comes the stage inPatanjali, 234:concentrated meditation on these, the yogi knows the term of his experience in the three worlds.Patanjali, 250:of manifestation. Through meditation the yogi knows himself to be light, a point of fiery essence.Patanjali, 251:of the ego, soul or spiritual man, and knows himself as separate from the mind, the emotions,Patanjali, 253:becomes cognizant of what the soul knows. He becomes illumined. As this process becomes morePatanjali, 254:can grasp and transmit that which the soul knows, the mysteries remain unexplained to the physicalPatanjali, 278:which go to the equipment of the ego. The ego knows that the possession of the power to do thus andPatanjali, 278:is the direct result of past experience, and knows too that certain effects are only to be achievedPatanjali, 280:produced does not interest the seer. He knows from the cause what the inevitable effect will be. Patanjali, 284:concentrated meditation on these, the yogi knows the term of his experience in the three worlds.Patanjali, 284:the present life of the aspirant or seer. He knows that every event in that life is the effect of aPatanjali, 284:initiated by himself in an early incarnation; he knows also that every act of the present life mustPatanjali, 285:he can set a term to his life experience and he knows that the day of liberation is at hand.Patanjali, 285:ego he can arrive at the world of causes, and he knows therefore what acts must be performed toPatanjali, 286:[286] aura from "death producing" effects. He knows there is nothing more written, symbolically, inPatanjali, 311:as the secondary effects of soul development. He knows them to be the result of the correctPatanjali, 311:therefore automatic and inevitable results. He knows too the danger to the physical organism whenPatanjali, 317:which the true spiritual man on his own plane knows, sees, and understands. Thus this knowledgePatanjali, 321:distinction from the form is developed. One knows oneself in truth to be, not the form but thePatanjali, 339:to the various differentiations. When a man knows himself, and is aware of the relationshipPatanjali, 340:divine aspect) can flood the lower man and he knows himself as he is. Illumination pours in and hePatanjali, 340:himself as he is. Illumination pours in and he knows himself as something different to the formsPatanjali, 351:to respond to certain vibratory impacts. He knows why, for instance, the organ of sense called thePatanjali, 366:be. When the aspirant has reached his goal he knows the true significance of his immortality andPatanjali, 367:phrase. For him space no longer exists; he knows himself as omnipresent. "I am That I am," says thePatanjali, 417:the transmitter also of all that which the self knows and perceives. The field of knowledge is seenPatanjali, 417:he can use to ascertain that which the soul knows concerning the Kingdom of God, the realm ofPatanjali, 419:that the vision may be seen by all; [419] he knows the plan, for it is revealed to him in the
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