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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KNOWS

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Rays, 154:by purpose) from the planetary seven. He knows now that all form a great interlocking directorateRays, 154:which the will of God is working out. He now knows himself to be a minute part of that greatRays, 155:which protect the Way from him until he knows more; he must learn also that the group protects himRays, 172:which takes place when an individual or a group knows actually and not simply theoretically thatRays, 177:the Master remains a part of the purpose; He knows forever the secret of the darkness which bringsRays, 200:to the cosmic astral plane and finds - What? Who knows? I do not. Thus the veils serve theirRays, 209:is possible only to the disciple who knows truly how to love, and to him who sees life and itsRays, 286:ability to express esoterically that which he knows is able to reveal the light, and by that lightRays, 288:his soul is focused. The initiated disciple knows the relation of the periphery to the center, ofRays, 294:and is working vaguely for both; the Hierarchy knows that its major need is the recognition of theRays, 299:utilization of his own physical body. This he knows to be a complex organism which constitutes aRays, 301:the nature of the Christ consciousness which knows no separation, which recognizes, all menRays, 313:soul, the Christ (after the first initiation), knows that the inevitable processes ofRays, 316:of whatever is meant by the word "Being." He knows and is beginning to express that pure Being asRays, 346:yet share with him the secrets which he already knows, and with those who have penetrated deeperRays, 361:of that within the planetary life - as He knows it - prevents Him from registering this energy ofRays, 374:evolutions, of which humanity, in several cases, knows nothing, The great Ashram is likewiseRays, 390:in the initiate's consciousness and He knows that He can go no other way. At the sixth initiation,Rays, 396:Service - which was not His Path at all. This He knows and will in due time pass on to His rightfulRays, 413:success (mysterious because the human mind knows naught about it) was also the reason for theRays, 416:(like will, love and mind) of which humanity knows as yet little. The freedom for which men fightRays, 430:you what will happen, although the Hierarchy knows. Humanity must (as must all disciples) be leftRays, 439:spiritual urge will be left behind. The Master knows the Law and is entirely free from anyRays, 444:he discovers this as an existent fact and knows past all controversy that "faith is the substanceRays, 471:the initiate moves with freedom and knows no limitation in consciousness. That is why the higherRays, 472:the unfolding consciousness, the initiate knows the significance of life and the uses of form, butRays, 481:and the causal body disappears, then the adept knows that the lower mind, the mental body, is alsoRays, 495:between the initiate and the One Whom he now knows to be himself. He ascends in full consciousnessRays, 520:consciousness which he senses on ahead. He now knows. He sees; he participates in the Plan; heRays, 538:see greater Light; within that greater Light he knows and sees, grasps and absorbs that which hasRays, 540:the Cross of Sanat Kumara is revealed to him; he knows then why this planet is - for wise andRays, 540:of distress, dispassion and detachment. When he knows this, he knows all that our planetary lifeRays, 540:and detachment. When he knows this, he knows all that our planetary life can tell him and reveal toRays, 571:consciously brought together; the initiate then knows that he is - for the first time - aRays, 584:implications spiritually; this the initiate knows. These two initiations are the only two ofRays, 599:an illuminating factor in the world of men. He knows clearly what has been [600] accomplished andRays, 600:is finished for him and he now feels and knows something of the essential unity of all manifestedRays, 600:finally disappears. The Master then knows that such a limitation is non-existent. For Him, theRays, 637:into one functioning whole. The disciple knows, however, that - as a result of conflict - theRays, 640:liberated souls, the Church of God invisible, knows not the way that humanity will choose to go.Rays, 643:those further reaches of awareness to which He knows He must eventually attain. The lower aspectsRays, 645:a Master takes the fifth initiation He already knows the significance of the first two aspects, andRays, 653:Sun is therefore revealed to him, and he knows that he faces a period of intense preparation (notRays, 691:therefore, the field of his major effort, for he knows that the mind is the agent of direction; heRays, 695:at this time; he realizes (because he sees and knows) that the antahkarana has been successfullyRays, 704:the initiate in the West soon learns); he now knows that the whole series of initiations, withRays, 705:now free in a new world of experiences. [705] He knows that he has climbed to the mountain-top orRays, 706:led Him to this high point of expectancy; He knows now where His field of service lies - within theRays, 706:working on behalf of all living beings. He knows also that He Himself has still to make progress,Rays, 706:(the sixth) for which He must prepare. He knows that this entails for Him right choice, but alsoRays, 710:hitherto known nothing; even theoretically he knows little, and his attitude towards them hasRays, 711:still possesses awareness of all past events and knows now why he is what he is; much of theRays, 720:This is not consciously so. All that He is or knows has dropped below the threshold ofRays, 724:He faces a solar or a cosmic future of which He knows relatively little, but for which the Path ofRays, 725:the revelation of what may be, and the initiate knows that he faces the final resurrection and thatRays, 729:of separateness has slipped away from him and he knows nothing but love, unity, spiritualRays, 732:that life in form is indeed death, and he then knows this truth in a manner which my few shortRays, 732:words cannot convey. Form dies for him and he knows a new expansion of life and undergoes (if I mayRays, 732:becomes a concentrated point of living light; he knows in a manner indescribable that life is allRays, 737:and will struggle to offset its results, but He knows that the final overcoming of cosmic physicalRays, 744:A man born in Central Russia, for instance, knows nothing but Communism; he cannot imagine anotherRays, 761:safely trusted with the inner sense. Only he who knows the five senses to be but illusion, and thatRays, 764:this involves. The need of gentle mercy, which knows and sees yet understands; the need of tears ofRays, 764:need of comprehension, that has experienced and knows; the occult sense of oneness must guide untoRays, 767:same moment or the same hour of each day. Each knows his hour. Your hour is Now. So, brother, closeReappearance, 13:Days (as He is called in The Old Testament) Who "knows His own Mind, radiates the highest qualityReappearance, 19:in preparation for His reappearance; no one knows in what nation He will come; He may appear as anReappearance, 27:in the life of the progressing Son of God; He knows the meaning of intelligence; He realizes theReappearance, 37:than the most aspiring and hopeful disciple knows, and can draw closer still if what is hereReappearance, 87:an agent of the will of God. The first group knows and understands the second stanza of theReappearance, 161:of complete frustration; he longs to help but knows not what to do; his grasp of the menacingReappearance, 167:these desirable objectives is little indeed. He knows that his spiritual life is a side issue; itReappearance, 167:of the Christ, provided he cares enough and knows the meaning of sacrifice and silence.Soul, 15:on another; also that, for the most part, he knows and understands directly why he is inclined toSoul, 91:use, And feeleth, thinketh, willeth, - is what Knows: Which, duly tending upward in its turn, GrowsSoul, 91:a place, for it returns to Him. What Does, what Knows, what Is; three souls, one man." [92] -Soul, 102:dwells, Lord of the past and the future; He who knows him frets no more, - In truth, this is that.Soul, 106:spiritual life principle animates a soul which knows no barriers and limitations because it hasSoul, 140:He is no longer antagonistic and exclusive. He knows and understands. He pities, [141] loves andTelepathy, 54:to respond to its environment (as science well knows) has been developed in response to an innerTelepathy, 106:of psychic intrusions and distortions; he knows well that true and effective interpretation of theTelepathy, 182:and as material appearance. That One Life knows itself (if such a term can be used) as theTelepathy, 183:to the ultimate glory which He alone visions and knows. It is His consciousness and His sensitive
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