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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - KROTONA

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Autobiography, 144:the headquarters of the Theosophical Society, at Krotona, were to be found. I decided to make theAutobiography, 152:I had many friends and the grounds at Krotona, the Theosophical Headquarters, were delightful.Autobiography, 152:the Theosophical Headquarters, were delightful. Krotona was a community of about five hundredAutobiography, 154:to be a good vegetarian cook. My first chore at Krotona was emptying the garbage pails, so I beganAutobiography, 154:person appeared to be. There were vegetarians at Krotona who would eat neither cheese, nor milk,Autobiography, 155:then and rushed to one of the senior people at Krotona and asked for the name of this Master. TheyAutobiography, 156:and Foster Bailey was living in a tent at Krotona. He had been demobilized after the Armistice butAutobiography, 156:to him, after a lecture I had given at Krotona, by Dot Weatherhaed, who not only introduced him toAutobiography, 156:in introducing me to occult truth and to Krotona. Foster's recollection of that introduction isAutobiography, 157:and chairman of the committee which was running Krotona. All phases of the work and all theAutobiography, 159:to know what brotherhood is not, go and live at Krotona." He did not know I lived there. The wholeAutobiography, 160:was quite seriously reduced. The salaries at Krotona were ten dollars per week. Walter Evans' moneyAutobiography, 169:been justified. All this time the situation at Krotona was getting more acute. Wadia had arrived atAutobiography, 169:was getting more acute. Wadia had arrived at Krotona (as the representative of Mrs. Besant) and wasAutobiography, 173:There was nothing for us to do but to return to Krotona and the situation was such that eventuallyAutobiography, 174:as he got into power. Thus ended our time at Krotona and our very real effort to be of service toAutobiography, 176:of the T.S. in Chicago, Foster and I returned to Krotona utterly disillusioned, profoundlyAutobiography, 176:of the national magazine and chairman of the Krotona committee. I shall never forget the morningAutobiography, 177:A move was instituted to have us ousted off the Krotona grounds but Foster cabled Mrs. Besant andAutobiography, 177:Foster was living in a tent on the grounds of Krotona. Being a very circumspect English woman I had
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