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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LABORATORY

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Discipleship1, 26:specified work. Some can provide a demonstration laboratory of the trained observers of the worldDiscipleship1, 700:Ashram is a place wherein this study enters the laboratory or experimental stage. The disciple isEducation, 73:the whole process appearing too much like a laboratory experiment in which the child is regarded asFire, 832:wherein the adjustment has to be made; it is the laboratory period wherein enough transmutativeGlamour, 15:which is seen, they can provide a demonstrating laboratory for the trained Observers of the world.Intellect, 75:process into that classroom and interior laboratory where it is possible to ascertain God forMeditation, 325:he wades through many books, he studies in the laboratory, and with the aid of the microscope andPatanjali, 19:it is the atom of matter as studied in the laboratory of the scientist, whether it is the humanPsychology1, 220:each kingdom may be regarded as a [220] laboratory wherein are prepared those forms of nutrimentPsychology2, 169:the sun. But in the pyramid, down in its dim laboratory, a Worker stood, toiling at work. His testPsychology2, 425:to the technical jargon of the present radio laboratory or the ordinary garage, would be completelySoul, 147:191, 192, First it should be possible to found a laboratory where the claims of the student of theSoul, 155:valuable as it has proved itself to be as a laboratory technique, is absolutely true; its truth is,
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