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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LACK

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Education, 141:fashion. There is much overlapping and lack of balance in the process, but though there may beExternalisation, 6:later; it pours into brain cells which, from lack of use, are unaccustomed to the powerful rhythmExternalisation, 159:for planetary distribution, owing to the lack of established relation between the three centers:Externalisation, 172:ask all to do for the world. There has been much lack of joy in the service rendered to the worldExternalisation, 196:There is no justifiable excuse for the lack of the essentials of life in any part of the world.Externalisation, 196:life in any part of the world. Such a state of lack argues short-sighted policy and the blocking ofExternalisation, 221:making and the result of his material nature and lack of soul control. But - the soul is eternal;Externalisation, 254:needed demonstration at this moment. It is the lack of true free will which is today holding up theExternalisation, 313:and self-centeredness, or the inertia due to lack of understanding of the nature of the crisis, orExternalisation, 334:by love itself? It is here that there is lack - not intentionally or because of the existence ofExternalisation, 335:of others, for that will produce strain, lack of balance and sometimes [336] a sense of separation,Externalisation, 351:invoked by humanity, but handicapped by the lack of sensitivity and the weakness of the will ofExternalisation, 364:today form the United Nations. There was also a lack of understanding and a selfish perspectiveExternalisation, 376:utter barbarity and cruelty, plus their complete lack of all humanitarian feeling, the Axis PowersExternalisation, 378:secondly, educating those whose apathy and lack of vision impede progress. This latter phase of theExternalisation, 428:by a terror campaign, argues a general weakness, lack of courage and a natural predilection forExternalisation, 473:inconceivable height of misery. The ignorance, lack of understanding, and selfishness of menExternalisation, 482:invoke a group of spiritual Forces which (for lack of a better name) we will call the Forces ofExternalisation, 538:lead to renewed interior activity, based not on lack of previous unity and integrity, but on theExternalisation, 543:with their obsolete theologies and their lack of love, and to indicate the evils of Judaism. TheExternalisation, 619:average aspirant or spiritually-minded man. The lack of money for the work of preparation. BothExternalisation, 623:IV - Stages in the Externalization 2. The Lack of Money for the Work of Preparation We come now toExternalisation, 623:now to the second of the major hindrances: the lack of financial support for the Christ's workersExternalisation, 668:combined Forces of Evil is chaos, disruption, lack of established security, and consequent fear.Externalisation, 676:the narrowness, the biassed information and the lack of freedom of the totalitarian schools ofFire, xviii:of that which we shall be considering. The total lack of a wider consciousness than the individualFire, xviii:of a great Cosmic Existence, Whom we call, for lack of a better term, a Solar Logos. [4] This SolarFire, 78:the effects of those rays of the sun which (for lack of better expression), we will call "solarFire, 90:Unprotected man lies at their mercy, and in this lack of protection, and man's failure toFire, 157:consciousness. Inertia is the result of lack of activity and the relative quiescence of the firesFire, 238:limitations of the physical brain, and to the lack of development in the mechanism whereby theFire, 255:the beauty of the correspondence, yet withal the lack of detailed analogy. (S.D., I 136.) b. AFire, 275:To the synchronization of the notes, or to the lack of synchronization, may be attributed all thatFire, 282:is more confined and restricted so inertia, lack of response, and limitation of radiation will beFire, 291:the cells in His body in the same way that lack of astral control in the case of a human being,Fire, 315:is great, for we are necessarily handicapped by lack of adequate terms, but the main ideas only areFire, 332:thus in a threefold manner, might (for lack of a better term) be called the Law of Being, and is ofFire, 336:the sumtotal of logoic active intelligence. For lack of better terms we call Them the Lords of theFire, 377:but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequent misapprehension.Fire, 408:cycles of time involved tend to obscurity and lack of definiteness. Only the high lights stand out,Fire, 408:imperfect evolution, the result of our entire lack of perspective incident upon our place in theFire, 413:involved and the three Kumaras (so called for lack of a better term) are vitally intelligentlyFire, 461:or animal body of man as a principle. In their lack of agreement lies the clue to the crueltiesFire, 563:they have neither memory nor anticipation; they lack the correlating faculty and as the spark ofFire, 588:In a subtle way too (I use the word subtle for lack of a better, meaning a statement of actualityFire, 651:stage his inability to do so is largely due to a lack of pranic vitality. This is mainly the resultFire, 731:burning does the fire of matter die down for lack of that which it may consume, and only when thatFire, 862:to the age of the soul. As yet, through lack of alignment, this egoic force does not reach theFire, 862:and is frequently the cause of much of that lack of emotional control everywhere to be seen. TheFire, 928:energy becomes exhausted owing to three things: Lack of sustained will or concentration, Lack ofFire, 928:things: Lack of sustained will or concentration, Lack of alignment with the Ego, A weakness ofFire, 951:on the Threshold" thus gradually dies for lack of sustenance, and disintegrates for lack ofFire, 951:for lack of sustenance, and disintegrates for lack of vitality, and man is set free. b. At presentFire, 953:out the light of the lunar angels and then for lack of warmth and light, that which has served toFire, 1002:thought-form construction. Another factor is his lack of knowledge [1003] of the formula whichFire, 1005:"form of manifestation") shall neither die for lack of vital sustenance nor return to him with itsFire, 1064:but it still concerns what we might, for lack of a better term, call matter. The atom, therefore,Fire, 1125:to the impulse of this solar system, but this lack of response is hid in the karma of the earlierFire, 1150:greater than he. Fourth, a disciple may, through lack of rounded development, be very far advancedFire, 1150:be very far advanced along certain lines but lack what is called the full intensification of aFire, 1151:is failing somewhat in its objective through the lack of a particular quality, or stream of force.Fire, 1184:This stream of force is called "lunar" force for lack of a better term. They form the body of theFire, 1235:those atomic aspects which we call - for lack of a better term - the electrons; these electrons areFire, 1243:and activity combined, achieve the goal but who lack as yet the full development of the manasicFire, 1244:sevenfold in nature. This sevenfold process for lack of a better term we call the sevenfold cosmicGlamour, 8:it is not easy at all, thereby indicating a lack that must be supplied by the use of thoseGlamour, 12:it may be - will convey unique meaning. A lack of interest in symbols presupposes usually a lack ofGlamour, 12:of interest in symbols presupposes usually a lack of interest in the due interpretation of lifeGlamour, 54:illusion is frequently lightly used to signify lack of knowledge, unsettled opinions, glamor,Glamour, 64:where substance is concerned. Its cause is lack of esoteric training in creative activity. Its cureGlamour, 102:a great Identity, a living Unity, which - for lack of a better word - we call the PRESENCE. He thenGlamour, 114:I use the word "handicapped" advisedly for lack of a better term. I would like, however, to pointGlamour, 118:etheric and the physical bodies, leading to a lack of vitality, physical weakness, obsession andGlamour, 119:physical plane living which is the result of a lack of integration between the physical and theGlamour, 119:the physical and the etheric bodies, and that lack of interest and that failure to handle physicalGlamour, 266:"attention" (I use this inadequate word for lack of a better one) is away from the soul and theHealing, 3:to be found (except in a few rare cases) in lack of vitality or in too much stimulation, and in theHealing, 12:disease (and this is a platitude) is caused by lack of harmony - a disharmony to be found existingHealing, 12:are concerned. Disease appears where there is a lack of alignment between these various factors,Healing, 12:intended to be an exposition of that Law. This lack of harmony, producing what we call disease,Healing, 32:the following: All disease is disharmony and lack of alignment and control. Disease is found in allHealing, 76:difficulty can be traced to congestion or to the lack of the free play of the forces. In thisHealing, 79:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease B. Lack of Coordination and Integration We come now to aHealing, 79:body, which in our tabulation we have called lack of coordination or integration. This isHealing, 80:elaborate the theme much further. Congestion, lack of integration and over-stimulation of theHealing, 82:behind all disease, all frustrations, error and lack of divine expression in the three worlds, IHealing, 84:state of being is in process of achievement, the lack of development, the failure to register, theHealing, 86:to control the physical body. Where there is lack of control it is due to the failure to establishHealing, 86:establish right relations within the body, or to lack of development. These interlocking groupsHealing, 86:medicine and surgery. It is because of the lack of coordination of these three systems that theHealing, 86:and its cure can be ascertained. For instance, lack of vitality and the common subnormal conditionsHealing, 86:indicate the inertia of the etheric body and its lack of vitality. The results of this inertness ofHealing, 108:and veins, of certain nervous complaints, lack of vitality, senile decay, poor circulation andHealing, 110:is the man who is also a metaphysician; to the lack of this combination much of the presentHealing, 113:we can know little. All disease is caused by lack of harmony between form and life, between soulHealing, 113:and life, between soul and personality; this lack of harmony runs through all the kingdoms inHealing, 119:are undesirable are regarded as the result of lack of soul contact and of soul control. The patientHealing, 126:with a life of withdrawal, of apparent lack of interest in his relationships and environment, andHealing, 131:problems to which humanity falls heir. These are lack of love, lack of life, failure to sound forthHealing, 131:humanity falls heir. These are lack of love, lack of life, failure to sound forth correctly the
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