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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LACK

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Healing, 138:of these words would be appropriate), or their lack or deficiency, affect the bodily organs withinHealing, 151:incident to the energy stimulation or the lack of stimulation of the centers, and so arrive at someHealing, 162:centers, their arrested development and their lack of response which creates problems in otherHealing, 189:clearly in mind the concepts of stimulation or lack of stimulation, of interplay or ofHealing, 190:conflict of the pairs of opposites and upon the lack of harmony to be found in the three majorHealing, 198:in some cases, subnormal conditions in others, lack of vitality, over-activity, and otherHealing, 198:the subject is unable to resist, owing to the lack of development of his centers. To sum all up:Healing, 201:unawakened areas, deficiency of vitality, lack of free flow and consequent lack [202] ofHealing, 201:of vitality, lack of free flow and consequent lack [202] of development within the whole man; orHealing, 204:to so-called disease; [204] where there is lack of development and an unbalanced situation, whereHealing, 208:difficulty is usually to be found. There is a lack of adequate flow of energy; the energyHealing, 217:of the centers, to their interplay or their lack of interplay, to an undeveloped condition,Healing, 237:upon some form of disease, or upon a glandular lack or over-stimulation, based in turn upon theHealing, 291:leading to irresponsibility and complete lack of thought and there is attached to affairs butHealing, 302:ray force is migraine, which is caused by a lack of relationship between the energy around theHealing, 307:vibration hardly makes sense. My problem is lack of words and of correct terms in which to carry toHealing, 329:polarization of humanity at this time and to the lack of correct emotional poise and control. Healing, 330:the strength of the ancient civilizations, the lack of food, of sanitation, and the dense crowding.Healing, 341:the full moon upon all who are unbalanced. This lack of equilibrium, which it really is, willHealing, 373:for until fanaticism with its blindness and lack of intelligent synthesis dies out (as itHealing, 474:often shows itself in the relaxation and lack of fear which [475] dying persons so often show; theyHealing, 482:by their clamor for recognition, and by their lack of scientific methods. The desire of orthodoxHealing, 549:to disease in the individual. There is lack of a free flow of the necessities of life to the pointsHealing, 554:his attention, either through pain or through lack of physical consciousness or profound weakness,Healing, 573:infected area (to use an unsuitable word but we lack the correct words for these new sciences) intoHealing, 587:but has remained so only on account of the lack of development of the fourth kingdom. There hadHealing, 604:danger is not at this time so great (owing to lack of potency in people's thinking and theirHealing, 620:in incarnation, and indicate (by their effect or lack of effect upon the centers) his point inHealing, 666:the fact of materialistic exploitation, to the lack of real freedom and to the rights, as yetHealing, 701:from the attempt to heal. When unable - from lack of this knowledge - to carry forward the healingHercules, 110:concepts and abstract ideas". Where there is a lack of development of this gland you may find bothHercules, 120:again at the bottom, and make reparation for his lack of love and understanding. It often happensInitiation, 53:Master is not to blame should the disciple show lack of discrimination in the choice of co-workers,Initiation, 73:is based on the personal, and is the result of lack of dispassion and a too ready response to theInitiation, 73:for all disciples, on the value of dispassion. Lack of discrimination is not so often a hindranceInitiation, 73:days, owing to the development of the mind, but lack of dispassion frequently is. This means theInitiation, 78:the gibes and machinations of enemies, the lack of comprehension on the part of those we love - allInitiation, 80:of expressions in ordinary use, and the lack of comprehension among thinkers. It might prove usefulInitiation, 102:earlier life. This is the result, simply, of a lack of "bridging" from one life to another, or itInitiation, 149:hidden. Intent may exist, but opportunity will lack. The initiate who thus sins in intention willInitiation, 168:after he has taken the oath. This we might, for lack of a better term, call "the secret ofIntellect, 3:living something which we call the "Soul" for lack of a better term. The purpose of this book is toIntellect, 31:the greatest, of our materialistic age is the lack of the spiritual element in our formalIntellect, 34:another will say; the possession, or the lack, of adequate educational advantages, differences inIntellect, 123:steadily manifesting Factor which we call (for lack of a better term) the Mind of God, theIntellect, 148:scientist, and need not necessarily indicate a lack of psychic balance, or emotional instability.Intellect, 200:they experience a sense of aridity, of lack and of an [201] emptiness which is frequently mostIntellect, 215:pursuit in this field of knowledge because they lack the needed perseverance, or their interestIntellect, 216:is an utterly futile one, and indicates simply lack of interest. Let [217] us consider now theIntellect, 226:to think we think... until in the pinch of lack, or the droop of importance, the breath-takingIntellect, 247:writers is almost beyond belief. They certainly lack a sense of humor at least. The point thatIntellect, 253:and ordinary common sense. So many aspirants lack a sense of humor, and take themselves far tooMagic, 65:which will produce eventually accurate work. Lack of faith, of calmness, of application, and theMagic, 65:side need in dealing with all who must, for lack of other and better material, be utilized. SomeMagic, 66:from knowledge, how will they bear the apparent lack of communication that they will then findMagic, 66:on the other side of death. Remember always that lack of calm in the daily life prevents theMagic, 96:sutratmic negative channel are well meaning, but lack force and peter out into insignificance. TheyMagic, 96:They are emotionally colored, and lack the organized form which pure mind can give. Those whichMagic, 112:meets with recognition in dealing with people lack of comprehension ensues. When you use the term:Magic, 113:age of the soul's experience frequently causes lack of comprehension. The above two points do notMagic, 134:have to lay Their plans largely allowing for the lack of perception of those on the physical planeMagic, 136:Present day troubles are largely due to the lack of intuitive perception in the past and this faultMagic, 136:the lower aspirants. The trouble has not lain in lack of idealism or even in a lack of intelligenceMagic, 136:has not lain in lack of idealism or even in a lack of intelligence and sincerity, it consists inMagic, 160:a dead form on the plane of mind, for it will lack that motivating power of desire which isMagic, 161:achieve or fail to achieve; this achievement or lack of achievement and the steadiness orMagic, 171:through lower psychism, physical disability, and lack of mind control, and he therefore discoversMagic, 180:remembered that the soul is always good; it may lack knowledge in the three worlds and in this wayMagic, 193:mind is unable to play its part. Where there is lack of understanding and of mental ability, thereMagic, 198:sex life, owing to economic conditions, or to a lack of physical vitality, which predisposes toMagic, 198:vitality, which predisposes to celibacy. This lack of vital force is in its turn due to manyMagic, 245:This accounts for much of the sickness and lack of vitality of many of our most cherished servers.Magic, 245:with periods of the deepest depression and lack of interest. The flow may pass on to the mentalMagic, 259:emotional moods and feelings run riot or who lack physical control cannot be counted upon in anMagic, 277:body. They express the concrete mind but lack that intuitive perception and idealism which wouldMagic, 293:of it is when they speak in terms of vitality or lack of vitality. The physical body makes itsMagic, 396:controlled, are dominance, ambition, pride and a lack of love to the whole, though they frequentlyMagic, 419:to impose one's own point of view indicates a lack of understanding and it will rule many out.Magic, 421:established creations will fall into decay for lack of attention and so disappear. He must beMagic, 467:with aspirants, smile oft at the foolishness and lack of judgment evinced by those we teach. Say toMagic, 484:lower nature, and are based on selfishness and lack of love. There are three lessons which everyMagic, 520:Capacities and powers can die out for lack of use; the power of divine abstraction and the facultyMagic, 532:and are subject to the throes of death but they lack memory and prevision, and possess not thatMagic, 543:before them. These three difficulties of: Lack of qualification, Dangers inherent in unconsciousMagic, 558:upon two factors: Singleness of purpose. Lack of impediments. Students would be amazed if theyMagic, 568:violent a purpose. [568] That of death, through lack of vitality and because the "directedMagic, 579:ascertain likewise what types of energy you may lack and how your equipment can be duly roundedMagic, 595:who are driven by desire for some new thing, and lack right poise and the needed mentalMagic, 607:and harder even than that of the last, for they lack as yet certain powers and needed experience.Magic, 608:the energy which we call the Will of God, for lack of better understanding. They know far more ofMagic, 618:as the ideal mystic, or in deploring their lack of spiritual achievement or their failure toMagic, 626:about eventually their destruction through lack of nourishment. A dual process is therefore carriedMagic, 631:and tends to eliminate harmony, and produces a lack of brotherly love and understanding, it isMagic, 632:the grasp of the majority, and they meet often lack of understanding, frequent disappointment inMagic, 635:to be", and yet at the same time a distressing lack of proportion, and no sense of humorMagic, 637:[637] of these suggestions works out in lack of power in service and in the growing thralldom ofMeditation, 20:he will sound his egoic note and will note the lack of fullness or the discord it may contain; heMeditation, 60:scientifically and experimentally of value. His lack of will defends him largely from the misuse ofMeditation, 89:gained by incipient occultists than it can by a lack of knowledge that engenders not karmicMeditation, 94:nature is affected by its alignment or by its lack of alignment. Let us take each body separately
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