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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LADIES

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Autobiography, 24:gardens and terraces, peopled by great lords and ladies in the dress of the period. And thenAutobiography, 25:duties and rank - the housekeeper, the cook, the ladies' maids, the head housemaid and the underAutobiography, 54:fed-up and homesick. There were usually two ladies in each home and we had our own quarters there.Autobiography, 68:in charge. In each of these homes there were two ladies and two managers, who were responsible forAutobiography, 80:was no one else the men could talk to except the ladies in the Soldiers Homes. I suppose I had aAutobiography, 87:difficulty with which I was faced was that the ladies who were working in the Sandes Soldiers [88]Autobiography, 94:our compartment got off the train to go to the ladies' room. Trains were not as comfortable inAutobiography, 94:all kinds of accommodation. We dignified the ladies' room by the name W.C. She came back to theAutobiography, 95:an idiot. Then I left these two beloved, elderly ladies discussing me and my plans and went outAutobiography, 110:aspect of congregations. I had to attend the Ladies' Aid. I had to hold Mothers' Meetings and IAutobiography, 137:new concepts together. Then I met two very old ladies who lived side by side in two cottages -Autobiography, 138:I could not get away from it. Then these two old ladies took me in hand. Day after day, for weeks,Autobiography, 180:years before her death when she went into an old ladies' home in California, largely, she told me,Autobiography, 180:she told me, because she had no use for old ladies. However, being an old lady and over 70 when sheAutobiography, 180:I do not think she enjoyed the other ladies but she felt she was very good for them and I'llAutobiography, 298:and obligations, as was the lot of such young ladies, her Master came to her. Her setting was of
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