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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LADY

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Astrology, 400:vast and profitable field of knowledge. "Our Lady, the Moon" is related to all these and before theAutobiography, 13:to make," said the leader. "No," replied the lady, "no, the battle is still on between Christ andAutobiography, 28:much time with her. She was then a very old lady but showed signs even then of beauty; she mustAutobiography, 29:her death around 1934. She was then an old lady but seemed to me just the same. Two thingsAutobiography, 67:come, this man came up to me and said, "Young lady, you don't like me and have made that veryAutobiography, 73:that they got quite seriously out of hand. The lady in charge, I fancy, got a little scared, thoughAutobiography, 75:as the B.O.L., which means the "Benevolent Old Lady." The majority of the boys called me justAutobiography, 94:where the train stopped for ten minutes. [94] A lady in our compartment got off the train to go toAutobiography, 98:pointed to a certain paragraph and said, "Young lady, read those four or five lines and get [99]Autobiography, 106:his turning to her and saying: "My dear young lady, I would never dream of asking a girl of yourAutobiography, 108:I'm an English servant and you are an English lady and I've got sense enough to know it. There areAutobiography, 177:Being a very circumspect English woman I had a lady living with me to act as a chaperone andAutobiography, 180:had no use for old ladies. However, being an old lady and over 70 when she left me she thought theyAutobiography, 190:It never was and I made up my mind that the old lady should have her wish and that was how theAutobiography, 192:mention names but I will not), as "the peculiar lady who keeps her ear at the keyhole ofBethlehem, 61:like Mary of Bethlehem, was our Immaculate Lady, Star of the Sea, Queen of Heaven, Mother of God.
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