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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAID

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Discipleship2, 143:earlier stages of your training the emphasis was laid upon the form side, upon the achieving ofDiscipleship2, 199:undertakings. You can see, therefore, why I have laid such emphasis upon your individualDiscipleship2, 199:upon your individual meditation, but have also laid a still greater emphasis upon group meditation.Discipleship2, 236:for the coming "jurisdiction" is at least laid, the Christ cannot reappear; if He came without thisDiscipleship2, 247:correct use will reveal this to you. I have laid the emphasis upon visualization and given you someDiscipleship2, 257:take an initiation the emphasis is necessarily laid upon recognition - the intelligent recognitionDiscipleship2, 258:failed to grasp this revelation; they have laid the emphasis upon the death of the personality,Discipleship2, 261:to take shape, an increasing emphasis will be laid upon the purpose of the Controlling Deity orDiscipleship2, 297:Instead of the emphasis [297] being laid upon the relation of the individual to his sold, to hisDiscipleship2, 310:for this new occultism are well and soundly laid; the superstructure can be erected now, slowly andDiscipleship2, 317:Initiation - Part VI On Hints I have continually laid the emphasis upon the need of [318] disciplesDiscipleship2, 349:is to undergo the process. The emphasis has been laid in the past on contact with the Hierarchy andDiscipleship2, 384:to initiation. So much emphasis has been laid upon the love quality of the Hierarchy, on its beingDiscipleship2, 407:awakening which date from 1625 A.D., and which laid the emphasis upon a wider, general educationDiscipleship2, 426:astral plane. The plans for his coming are being laid in the higher correspondence of that plane,Discipleship2, 504:be slow. Your foundation must be well and truly laid. The quality of those reached by you in theDiscipleship2, 548:a lessened degree and with a specific emphasis laid upon the required training for initiation. ItDiscipleship2, 556:rhythm, and too much emphasis is frequently laid upon that which is new and on progress. YetDiscipleship2, 580:and earnestly at the task assigned and have laid a good foundation for future work. You have, IDiscipleship2, 590:will render them active cooperators in the plans laid down by us for the helping of the world. ItDiscipleship2, 593:that the emphasis during the coming year be laid upon the objective aspect. The subjective qualityDiscipleship2, 597:own momentum when Russia entered the field and laid its emphasis upon the proletariat or theDiscipleship2, 611:accepted disciples are concerned. The emphasis laid upon discipline, upon purification, upon hardEducation, 8:and produce what he sees and hears. Thus are laid the elements of the arts and crafts, of drawingEducation, 38:Civilization and Culture Much emphasis is being laid today upon education - coordinating,Education, 40:nature in terms of feeling-perception - these laid the basis of that ancient civilization and haveEducation, 43:the educator of the time, but the emphasis was laid upon the inner and subjective life, and as aEducation, 47:[47] should see to it that a sound foundation is laid for the coming civilization; they mustEducation, 77:and of wrongdoing. So much emphasis is laid upon petty little things that are not really wrong butEducation, 89:on every hand but as yet the emphasis is not laid on it when training teachers or influencingEducation, 97:the emphasis increasingly be placed. We have now laid the ground for a consideration of the threeEducation, 101:In all this intuitional process the emphasis was laid upon himself as an individual, and the pointEducation, 102:its many departments, plus the emphasis always laid upon the necessity of making money. Little byEducation, 108:way of illustration. In my other writings I have laid a foundation for this when I brieflyEducation, 131:relations, based upon the premises which I have laid down. It is of course impossible for me to doEducation, 133:at this time and is thus producing the emphasis laid - in certain countries and among nationalistsExternalisation, 17:esoteric schools is necessarily, and rightly, laid upon meditation. Technically speaking,Externalisation, 17:and much of the danger. Hence also the stress laid in such true schools upon the need of purity andExternalisation, 17:need of purity and truth. Over-emphasis has been laid upon the need for physical purity, and notExternalisation, 17:for physical purity, and not sufficient emphasis laid upon the avoidance of all fanaticism andExternalisation, 20:path of development. Where the emphasis is laid upon service to one's fellowmen and the trend ofExternalisation, 25:told you before, the plans for humanity are not laid down, for humanity determines its own destiny;Externalisation, 35:is the reason why, in these groups, emphasis is laid upon service because that embodies response toExternalisation, 117:you, however, that the continuous emphasis laid upon the malevolent aspects of karma conveys aExternalisation, 131:a fusion, the foundations of which have been laid in a long historical past of preparation forExternalisation, 140:lost in clerical organization; emphasis has been laid upon technical theology; the spirit ofExternalisation, 152:with the Hierarchy. Hence the emphasis I have laid upon all of you using this Great Invocation asExternalisation, 172:has had its dire effects, and upon whom it has laid the hand of suffering. Such a sensitivity andExternalisation, 183:it controlled the education of the people, but laid no foundation for right political thought. TheExternalisation, 193:Today, these are lost in the emphasis laid upon material possession, upon things and upon money.Externalisation, 201:it is immaterial to Him whether the emphasis laid upon the detail and the veracity of the GospelExternalisation, 203:German activity and conquest and by the emphasis laid by the Axis powers upon the relation of theExternalisation, 297:they truly were; only history, at a later date, laid emphasis upon their achievement. But theyExternalisation, 330:be enlisted; sound financial policies should be laid down. 9. Definite work, preparatory to anyExternalisation, 353:in every possible way? The plans may be laid, the vision may be seen but unless everyone recognizesExternalisation, 366:Among the most important upon which emphasis was laid was the growth of world goodwill, forExternalisation, 374:history of mankind in both hemispheres, and have laid the foundation for the present war. Externalisation, 402:moon and you will find the future emphasis laid throughout the world upon the Easter Festival, theExternalisation, 418:(for which prayer, meditation and ritual have laid the foundation) will train its students toExternalisation, 434:of free choice between the two, has been laid before humanity, and the lines of demarcation haveExternalisation, 445:in the arena of world affairs. I have myself laid my plans before you. There the program must beExternalisation, 451:from which they spring, because they have laid the emphasis upon their relatively brief history andExternalisation, 459:are far more active and their plans better laid because both their thinking and their planning areExternalisation, 470:for centuries, the emphasis has been laid upon death, and only on Easter Day or in the cemeteriesExternalisation, 471:away my Lord and I know not where they have laid Him." But - she said it to the Lord Himself, notExternalisation, 588:take the following lines: Emphasis should be laid on the evolution of humanity with peculiarExternalisation, 589:the earth. Emphasis will also increasingly be laid upon the unfolding Plan, and men will be broughtExternalisation, 591:and the Christ, and which has consistently laid emphasis upon the immediate spiritual opportunity.Externalisation, 602:has not yet taken place, but plans are being laid which will enable Him to do so. Those plans doExternalisation, 602:for man to grasp, and the undue emphasis laid upon His divinity (an emphasis which He Himself neverExternalisation, 635:The emphasis has never before been [635] laid upon the needed work of preparation. The results ofExternalisation, 644:own momentum when Russia entered the field and laid an undue emphasis upon the proletariat duringExternalisation, 653:is none of your affair. Their plans are laid, and They look for and expect no unthinking andExternalisation, 656:so much discussed by men today; he thereby laid the foundation for the new civilization and the newExternalisation, 663:plane among men. The Christian Church has laid so much emphasis on Christ's unique position as theExternalisation, 681:a scientific telepathic rapport. I have thereby laid the foundation of the Science of Impression,Externalisation, 691:achieved. From then on, no emphasis should be laid by the disciple on the purification of his ownFire, xii:The emphasis in this book will be found to be laid upon those forces which are responsible for theFire, 53:fire. Planetary, or the Heavenly Men: What is laid down anent the system, as a whole, can beFire, 58:its evolution. One fundamental statement can be laid down anent the internal fires of all theseFire, 73:system, macrocosmic and microcosmic, and having laid down certain hypotheses we passed to theFire, 103:Here lies [103] the reason for the emphasis laid on the necessity for building pure, refinedFire, 118:can consequently see the reason for the emphasis laid by H. P. B. 52,53 upon the fact that matterFire, 134:treat of the matter. Too much emphasis has been laid on the three spinal channels that compose theFire, 150:cycle. These preliminary statements have been laid down in an endeavor to show the synthesis of theFire, 156:statement. Certain broad statements have been laid down here concerning the rotation of matter, andFire, 163:keeping the enumeration very closely to that laid down earlier, and dealing not with all theFire, 178:Spirit. Therefore, no hard or fast rule can be laid down about development. The egoic triangles areFire, 197:of strenuous effort and due attention to rules laid down, the aspirant succeeds in touching matterFire, 200:and highest demonstration of the senses as laid down in the tabulation earlier imparted, and noteFire, 206:scheme of seven chains and the emphasis has been laid unduly, perhaps, upon the dense physicalFire, 224:embody therefore the propositions that will be laid down. These questions arise naturally to theFire, 238:Logos, and a solar Logos. Hence, the emphasis laid in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine on the threeFire, 244:Logos, during manifestation. Emphasis must be laid upon the above fact: The solar system embodiesFire, 260:fundamentals. Three of these fundamentals are laid down for us in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine,Fire, 304:reflection. If the general concept here laid down is studied in relation to the schemes, and otherFire, 308:awareness within certain set limits. Having laid down these preliminary foundation thoughts, weFire, 331:to say that the law holds good and that what is laid down as fact anent a Heavenly Man on His OwnFire, 346:method of individualization, the emphasis is laid on the fact that the principle of manas is a partFire, 418:these points the emphasis is, of course, to be laid upon the future, and I enlarge not upon that
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