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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAID

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Fire, 440:in these manifestations. Hence the emphasis laid in all occult books on the study of cycles, and onFire, 499:The emphasis of manasic evolution will be laid upon the achievement of causal consciousness, andFire, 548:is fast approaching when the emphasis will be laid in education upon [549] how best the young canFire, 556:Herein can be found the reason for the emphasis laid in nature on the sex aspect, and on that ofFire, 559:question will also change; and emphasis will be laid upon the laws of mental creation, on theFire, 559:and of energy, and the emphasis will be laid upon that which is to be embodied. This stage will beFire, 627:deva entities in their various groups, having laid down the fundamentals in connection with them.Fire, 654:into line with the order of manifestation as laid down in the ancient cosmogony, and this weFire, 679:- water and blood - that has led to the emphasis laid by Christians (even though erroneouslyFire, 689:Certain broad and general affirmations have been laid down with the purpose in view of opening upFire, 746:between stages of activity. Hence the emphasis laid in the East and in all occult schools ofFire, 759:to note that those movements which have laid the emphasis so strongly on the heart or love aspect,Fire, 778:must bear in mind that in the fundamentals laid down here we are not dealing specifically with ourFire, 786:relative significance. All that has been here laid down as to the progressive stages of formFire, 814:in the methods of teaching. The emphasis will be laid upon teaching people the fact of the Ego onFire, 828:ten are the arupa universe. The emphasis here is laid upon the subjective Lives, or the IntelligentFire, 885:be apparent why the emphasis is so consistently laid upon the necessity for bodily purity (in allFire, 987:the three great Lords and conform to the plans laid down, subordinating Their individual purposesFire, 1024:energy they embody. Enough emphasis has not been laid upon the fact that the three higher levels ofFire, 1069:but only when this general theory which is here laid down in connection with all atoms is admittedFire, 1148:a rajasic entity. No hard and fast rule can be laid down at this time for the general public,Glamour, 27:world glamor and illusion. The emphasis has been laid in esoteric teaching on the training andGlamour, 79:persists just as long as the emphasis is laid upon feeling - which feeling will run the gamutGlamour, 87:it is during this stage that the emphasis is laid upon physical disciplines, upon such controllingGlamour, 89:is physical coordination; hence the emphasis laid upon this today in the training of children;Glamour, 195:for the Technique of Light have been adequately laid down in the Raja Yoga system of Patanjali, ofGlamour, 196:of India or the life of practical mysticism as laid down by such mystics as Meister Eckhart and theGlamour, 203:from earliest Atlantean times the foundation was laid for the unfoldment of the sense of mysticalGlamour, 244:is the pattern of [244] things and the design laid down upon the trestle board of the spiritualHealing, 47:the present and the future, the emphasis will be laid upon a constantly shifting triplicity, andHealing, 52:are such that no hard and fast rules can be laid down. The ray forces manifest differently,Healing, 65:You will note consequently the emphasis I have laid upon the astral body as a promoter of wrongHealing, 86:and the cerebro-spinal) with a peculiar emphasis laid upon the vagus nerve with its effect upon theHealing, 90:sound and healthy condition; by so doing, he has laid the foundation for that general debility andHealing, 105:future, the main emphasis will eventually be laid upon the technique of the etheric body, for thatHealing, 193:is ignored altogether and the life emphasis is laid on soul contact [194] and the life expressionHealing, 240:physiological effects. So much emphasis has been laid upon the qualities and characteristics whichHealing, 250:the bodies of men and of animals have been laid away in the ground; that soil is consequentlyHealing, 278:This is oft forgotten in the emphasis laid by the adherents of new and untried schools upon theHealing, 305:that in the first solar system the emphasis was laid upon intelligent materiality; the goal of theHealing, 321:attention or where the emphasis of the life is laid. Ponder on this for I have given a hint here ofHealing, 368:Many of the theories of modern science are laid down in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, thoughHealing, 404:time factor, and the constant emphasis laid upon timing, are characteristic of all highly developedHealing, 459:in his hour of need, Krishna failed him not, but laid down in the Gita the simple rules wherebyHealing, 508:The Significance of Integration The emphasis laid by most teachers and aspirants is upon theHealing, 545:the emphasis in the life of the healer must be laid upon contact and alignment, and why so fewHealing, 569:the fact that in this sentence the emphasis is laid upon the fact that it is the soul which isHealing, 569:of the previous sentence, the emphasis was laid upon the personality, because its failure toHealing, 583:certain broad and general axioms are laid down which will form a sound foundation for all futureHealing, 591:have said little anent the planetary ray; I have laid the emphasis upon another analysis of theHealing, 649:area is strictly localized. The hands are laid on the center in spine or head which may govern thatHealing, 649:may govern that area - the right hand being laid upon the spinal center and the left hand on theHercules, 22:assigned to him and that the twelve labors were laid upon him for fulfilment. We are told thatHercules, 79:it to the center of the holy place and there he laid it down. And as he laid it down before theHercules, 79:holy place and there he laid it down. And as he laid it down before the Lord, he noted on its [80]Hercules, 84:it to the sacred temple at Mykenae, where he laid it down before the altar, in the holy place. ThenHercules, 99:and meet the need of those in dire distress. He laid the lion's skin beneath the feet of him whoHercules, 119:of Christ. I would remind you that Christ laid the emphasis again and again on the new birth ratherHercules, 192:right lines so that the foundations will be well laid for the force pouring in; we build for theHercules, 201:not interested in themselves, but upon whom is laid the burden of leading humanity. They areHercules, 218:of reference upon the subject the emphasis is laid upon the fact that it is all appearance, theHercules, 219:the Fishes. We have, therefore, the emphasis laid in the Gospel story upon the fish symbology.Initiation, 13:the fact that at various periods the emphasis is laid on different grades of expansion, and alwaysInitiation, 34:and still remains open upon the same terms as laid down by the Lord of the World in Atlantean days.Initiation, 73:to karmic debts. Special emphasis should be laid, for all disciples, on the value of dispassion.Initiation, 84:and therefore no hard or fast rules can be laid down as to the exact procedure at each initiation,Initiation, 84:Wisdom. At this time, emphasis is consistently laid on his astral development, although his mentalInitiation, 89:seen to be strenuous, hard, and painful. He has laid all, even his perfected personality, upon theInitiation, 94:chain and globe during the fourth round is laid upon the fourth initiation, that of theInitiation, 165:It will now be apparent why so much stress is laid upon the study of symbols, and why students areInitiation, 166:will be apparent here why the emphasis has been laid by all wise teachers of meditation upon theInitiation, 197:that no hard or fast rules can ever be laid down, except the initial one that for all applicantsIntellect, 12:the stage wherein the emphasis has been laid upon the mechanism, upon the sumtotal of cells, whichIntellect, 42:with his environment, and where the emphasis is laid entirely upon the subjective side of life, theIntellect, 59:But the emphasis is eventually and inevitably laid upon the will to know, and the drive of the lifeIntellect, 112:can always be made and a sound foundation laid. The control of the mental processes can be begun,Intellect, 147:be light! And there was light." - Bible We have laid down the general premise that modernMagic, 6:try out the methods and follow the suggestions laid down for their consideration. Aspirants andMagic, 7:corroborate with care the stages [7] and steps laid down for them in this section of the teachingsMagic, 10:In this book, however, the emphasis will be laid upon the little life; upon man "made in the imageMagic, 69:grow, for the roots of intuitive knowledge are laid deep within the soul and the soul, therefore,Magic, 82:one. It consists of the emphasis that has been laid in the West upon the material side of things.Magic, 108:of the magical work of the soul has been laid down. Let us list, for the sake of clarity, the stepsMagic, 163:systems of true occult training, the emphasis is laid on right thinking, loving desire, and pure,Magic, 194:The emphasis, for training purposes, is laid upon only three of them. These are: 1. That of Will,Magic, 252:building is learnt and hence the emphasis laid in all true schools of esoteric training upon aMagic, 266:subjective purpose. The emphasis should be laid upon the word realized in the above paragraph.Magic, 308:in his hour of need, Krishna failed him not, but laid down in the Gita the simple rules wherebyMagic, 338:of the most dominant is the increasing emphasis laid upon group consciousness, or environalMagic, 364:little knowledge leads to much confusion unless laid aside for future use when the years ofMagic, 396:emphasis in all schools of true esotericism is laid on motive. People who are strongly individualMagic, 418:Watch them at their work. Note the emphasis laid by them upon personalities. If personal ambitionMagic, 420:confused and the emphasis has been too often laid upon the physical acts and not upon the life ofMagic, 424:of the new ideals and the constant emphasis laid upon the essential oneness of all humanity. ItMagic, 503:and body at-one-ment. No emphasis, however, is laid upon them, owing to the ability of man undulyMagic, 542:who teach and guide to note how much emphasis is laid upon psychic and astral phenomena, and howMagic, 546:energy they embody. Enough emphasis has not been laid upon the fact that the three higher levels ofMagic, 556:process. Hitherto the emphasis has been laid on the achieving of [557] a focused attention and onMagic, 576:the savior of the race may utilize all that is laid up in the divine storehouse but not forMagic, 596:center, the solar plexus. The emphasis laid upon the dominance of the Christ principle by
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