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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAID

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Magic, 596:of the Christ principle by Christianity has laid a sure foundation for the work to be done. ThisMagic, 602:abroad and so much emphasis has been unwisely laid upon status and position in the so-calledMagic, 607:be established. That is why the emphasis is laid in training the members of this group in the newMeditation, 14:demonstrated, you can then see if the rules laid down here are fundamentals or not. TheseMeditation, 32:on mental levels and not on physical. The axe is laid to the root of the tree, but the life essenceMeditation, 61:his physical body. No hard and fast rules can be laid down as the physical vehicle itself has hereMeditation, 68:one Master, and conforming to certain procedure laid down by Him. The members of these groups willMeditation, 88:now where the foundations of knowledge have been laid, - that knowledge which instills into theMeditation, 112:is much more widespread. Hence the emphasis laid on service, and on the steadying of the mind as anMeditation, 113:shows itself in service. Hence the emphasis laid in the occident on the heart meditation and theMeditation, 127:plane weakness, the stress of the cure will be laid first on building up a strong physical body inMeditation, 130:what the occult does. Therefore is the emphasis laid by all wise Teachers everywhere on the Path ofMeditation, 140:step by step is given, point by point slowly laid before the pupil, and only as each step is takenMeditation, 144:Man. To effect this certain forms will be laid down later, that (working along the line of a man'sMeditation, 155:and when a foundation of right living has been laid which neither storms nor attack will be liableMeditation, 155:to the law, and steady adherence to the rules laid down, with skill in action aimed at are the partMeditation, 214:these three points undue emphasis will not be laid upon apparent information, and the student willMeditation, 269:Think upon this: too much emphasis is laid at times upon that which the pupil will get when heMeditation, 272:free for more extended work. Hence the emphasis laid on service, for it is only as a man servesMeditation, 277:conscious comprehending application to the work laid down. When that effort is made withMeditation, 278:But on this point no hard and fast rule can be laid down. When a man has been for several livesMeditation, 279:Now you will see why... so much emphasis is laid upon color. It is not only because it holds theMeditation, 279:be known by the occultist) but the emphasis is laid thus in order that he may consciously cooperateMeditation, 281:has endeavored to conform his life to the lines laid down by me in these letters. If the studentMeditation, 282:occultist, and the rudiments of the method are laid down in raja-yoga... [283] The wordMeditation, 285:within the form. Therefore through the emphasis laid in Raja Yoga on the physical body and its wiseMeditation, 286:in position diverse. Too much emphasis has been laid on that called love (interpreted by man,Meditation, 287:conscious of if he has duly followed the course laid down. These effects are not specificallyMeditation, 288:and the long and patient following of the rules laid down, there comes a time when the student isMeditation, 289:the same as another. But it might be generally laid down that there are five ways (out of the manyMeditation, 295:part to obey the rules, to conform to the forms laid down, to ponder and wisely adhere to theMeditation, 298:development of the vehicles. These premises are laid down here as a starting point. That someMeditation, 301:at the beginnings of the plan. H. P. B. laid the foundation stone of the first school in thisMeditation, 302:is therefore very essential that the emphasis is laid on the fact that no matter what theMeditation, 303:basic law of cause and effect. By the emphasis laid on character building and spiritual developmentMeditation, 307:the next five years the seeds of it may be laid if students rightly apprehend the work to be done.Meditation, 313:in the preparatory school emphasis will be laid on the meditation that concerns the mind, and theMeditation, 319:anent the other evolution, the deva evolution, laid down in the preparatory schools; they watchMeditation, 322:the [322] exoteric world. One rule only will be laid down - each student must of necessity have hisMeditation, 328:and foremost, the practice of meditation as laid down in these letters and as may be apportioned byMeditation, 331:powers. Above all, will the emphasis be laid upon the fact that the white magician is he whoMeditation, 338:of the emotional body. So much emphasis is laid in meditation on the stilling of the mind, but itPatanjali, 87:it is, as the great Lord has said, "treasure laid up in heaven." We now come to the mostPatanjali, 134:of men captive. It is here that the axe must be laid to the root of the tree. [135] Patanjali, 188:than strict adherence to the requirements laid down by the Master of all the Masters in the SermonPatanjali, 210:a thought, an idea or a truth and it might be laid down therefore as a general axiom that everyPatanjali, 214:physical body is the best. It might be generally laid down that an upright position in aPatanjali, 284:control of the ascetic, he can, by the process laid down, cheek it, and thus cut off from the eyePatanjali, 308:upon the wheel of rebirth. Hence the emphasis laid by the yogi upon that basic discriminationPatanjali, 383:and through conformity to the rules and the laws laid down, brings himself, by his own effort, to aPatanjali, 428:Yoga, or the "Kingly Science of the Soul," as laid down by its main exponent, Patanjali, willPatanjali, viii:during our particular Aryan root race, was laid. The fourth initiation was at that time theProblems, 40:a new and better world? What basic plans must be laid which will be appropriate for so manyProblems, 45:should see to it that a sound foundation is laid for the coming civilization; they should undertakeProblems, 63:on every hand but as yet the emphasis is not laid in training teachers or influencing parents.Problems, 98:during the past centuries and the emphasis laid by the orthodox Jew in the past upon racial purity.Problems, 123:His created universe. Churchianity has, however, laid itself open to attack and the mass ofPsychology1, 16:of truth to drop the emphasis so often laid upon certain aspects and presentations of truth beingPsychology1, 20:the writings of Plato and of all initiates who laid down in ancient times the basic propositionsPsychology1, 28:4. The Function of Christianity I have now laid down the basic premise that all that is known to usPsychology1, 40:nor was it intended so to be. The emphasis was laid upon the quality of the appearance in allPsychology1, 79:song. The cross is reared on high; the form is laid thereon, and [80] on that cross must render upPsychology1, 90:of the search - scientifically speaking - being laid on the demonstration of the location of thePsychology1, 126:In ritual lies protection. Hence the emphasis laid upon church forms and on the Masonic rituals, -Psychology1, 149:completed our first section, and have therefore laid the groundwork for our future studies. First,Psychology1, 173:a deterrent to real expansion. Thus plans were laid whereby the Brotherhood of Nations, based onPsychology1, 186:failure and no such setback to the carefully laid plans of the Watchers on the inner side. The wordPsychology1, 196:inner beauty which lies back of the emphasis laid by the churches upon the cultivation of thePsychology1, 225:and incredulity. But two basic premises can be laid down: That the many mineral substances fallPsychology1, 270:to generalize, and the exceptions to the rules laid down and to the suggested classifications will,Psychology1, 294:methods. The emphasis in the future will be laid upon the determining of a man's life purpose. ThisPsychology1, 300:Therefore, the first postulate which must be laid down, and to which the general public must bePsychology2, 8:It is upon this truth that Christian Science has laid the emphasis. These forces constitute thePsychology2, 9:and hence we find today such dominant emphasis laid upon the understanding of the Plan amongstPsychology2, 57:intelligent purpose to the design as laid down by the Master Builder upon the tracing board. As yetPsychology2, 71:the spiritual instruction given in the past has laid down the rules for the cultivation of thePsychology2, 89:of love and sacrifice. Hence the emphasis [89] laid, in the Piscean Age and through the influencePsychology2, 91:globe, (the Earth globe) so much emphasis is laid upon this Law of Sacrifice, "the Law of those whoPsychology2, 100:Science, Unity, Divine Science, and the emphasis laid by Christianity and the esoteric schools uponPsychology2, 127:a "life of service." Too much emphasis has been laid upon the process whereby the lower nature isPsychology2, 187:on the physical levels, and hence the emphasis laid upon emotional-desire [188] control in allPsychology2, 255:pairs of opposites, emphasis has for ages been laid upon the astral dualities and the need forPsychology2, 268:upon the soul and upon the spiritual resources laid up in his divine nature and hitherto remainingPsychology2, 309:is a point oft forgotten. Emphasis is usually laid upon the pairs of opposites to be found upon thePsychology2, 309:it is during this stage that the emphasis is laid upon physical disciplines, upon such controllingPsychology2, 313:to the conclusion that the emphasis has been laid upon the process whereby the ego or soul draws toPsychology2, 314:them and upon the experience is the emphasis laid. But as time progresses, the man becomes morePsychology2, 317:soul. Take, for instance, the emphasis which is laid by certain psychologists upon the idea thatPsychology2, 360:- by change of circumstance - his carefully laid plans, and the dreams of earlier years. ThereforePsychology2, 394:has been employed, the beginner has necessarily laid the emphasis upon the word "detail". It mightPsychology2, 433:doctrine of rebirth, and the false emphasis laid upon the form aspect to the exclusion of the soulPsychology2, 436:help. Correct information along the lines here laid down can be given in those cases where thePsychology2, 486:statement. The Oxford Group Movement has also laid much stress on the need for guidance, yet seemsPsychology2, 491:are upon the sixth ray. Those who have laid themselves open to the glamors of the astral planePsychology2, 502:mental and psychological disorder will then be laid. Unless the psychologist is of realPsychology2, 545:point is seldom realized and hence the emphasis laid upon the idea that sickness, ill-health, andPsychology2, 596:world crisis is duly ended, there must be laid a foundation of true esoteric schools. Such do NotPsychology2, 621:solution in the emphasis that is being laid in many esoteric groups upon breathing exercises, uponPsychology2, 643:what they seek to do, and their plans are laid in such a manner that - without upsetting anyPsychology2, 662:be ensured, but there must be no undue emphasis laid upon the regimenting of men's thoughts within
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