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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LANDS

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Astrology, 441:the partial destruction of entire continents and lands. These three triangles of energy can,Astrology, 526:racial experiments are going on in all these lands; the rule of the people is being developed inAtom, 12:vast tracts which were earlier [12] considered lands of darkness, is a guarantee of success in theAutobiography, 282:teaches the Ageless Wisdom, as recognized in all lands down through the ages. Let us take each oneDestinyThey are called by many names in many different lands, but for our purposes the following sevenDestinyof Will, Purpose or Power, called in Christian lands the energy of the Will of God. The energy ofDestiny, 101:racial experiments are going on in all these lands; the rule of the people is being developed inDestiny, 147:of research are of paramount importance in all lands. Thus, when Christ proclaimed (as He assuredlyDestiny, 148:that fulfilment, leading to peace in all lands and among all peoples. Down through the ages,Discipleship1, 166:flower will appear throughout the world in all lands. Naught can alter the expression of the typeDiscipleship1, 677:is that upward struggle through matter which lands a man at the Feet of the Logos; pain is theDiscipleship2, 83:apprehension of truth by many thousands in many lands and the need for it to be put to practicalDiscipleship2, 151:those who, in other groups and in different lands, are also a vital part of hierarchical effort. Discipleship2, 164:already arousing interest among thinkers in many lands. However, the necessary responsive planningDiscipleship2, 171:through this over-shadowing of disciples in all lands, he will duplicate himself repeatedly. TheEducation, vii:aggressive commercial penetration of Oriental lands and peoples has had the end result of bringingEducation, 3:have conquered territory and absorbed lands. This too has been regarded, and rightly so, as aEducation, 45:treatment of the inhabitants of the discovered lands. Greed, ambition, cruelty and pride are theEducation, 89:been done by enlightened groups of men in all lands and this they have done whilst studying theEducation, 118:is forming in every land, but primarily in those lands where the fifth or Caucasian races are to beExternalisation, 105:to [105] their group brothers in all lands, so that a pervasive, intelligent influence canExternalisation, 127:group of outstanding personalities in many lands so that they have assumed control of the massesExternalisation, 134:and the outstanding human beings in all lands as well as by groups which are actively working inExternalisation, 140:the world, in the hands of the Churches in all lands and of the men of goodwill and of the worldExternalisation, 150:is carried forward by true believers in all lands (Christian and non-Christian) who addressExternalisation, 159:the world Scriptures and by the initiates of all lands, but it must necessarily remain personallyExternalisation, 166:and intuitively, the mass of men in all lands are responding clearly and definitely to this note ofExternalisation, 176:every land and - make no mistake - even in those lands which lie numbed and suffering under theExternalisation, 177:the stopping of imports or of exports in many lands is bringing about the financial ruin ofExternalisation, 184:wrongs influences others; the restitution of lands, earlier held, directs the acts of others. ForExternalisation, 185:war rises up from the waters, marches over the lands and descends from the skies. It is to thisExternalisation, 189:set free from fear, as must the women in other lands; the population of Germany must also beExternalisation, 205:by them, to the masses of people in all lands. I would here remind you that members of the newExternalisation, 214:the churches, and of the intelligentsia in all lands, without exception. There should be noExternalisation, 231:Germans who remain free from glamor in other lands; it will come when the forces acting through theExternalisation, 231:with which the masses of people, even in neutral lands, have been deluged. [232] Externalisation, 236:The world of the future, of which men in all lands dream, is more than a possibility if men willExternalisation, 240:of the dictators as they seek to dominate the lands outside their own? How shall we free humanityExternalisation, 245:hope (qualities of the soul) in the conquered lands and in Germany. This, along with the greatExternalisation, 245:when the little children in the appropriated lands come under the soul-killing system of Germany?Externalisation, 248:of this group must be undertaken anew. In all lands they must be reached, if possible, andExternalisation, 271:into the new group of world servers in all lands, so that there may be potent, simultaneous actionExternalisation, 287:forth by the massed need of the people of all lands. [288] Here, my brothers, is a simple statementExternalisation, 290:consciousness. It may be the revelation of new lands to conquer, terrestrial or mental. Some personExternalisation, 296:aspirants and all enlightened people in all lands the cry goes up, "Let light and love and powerExternalisation, 302:the Germans who are living free lives in other lands can think in terms of humanity as a whole andExternalisation, 319:afford assurance that all the men in all the lands may live out their lives in freedom from fearExternalisation, 321:have long waited, to Whom prophecy in all lands, the rapidly developing intuition of the people,Externalisation, 328:or their representatives in the occupied lands, are already laying the foundations of freedom, moreExternalisation, 331:handling of the children in the devastated lands. This is an urgent need and has wide promise andExternalisation, 341:and the planned education of the youth of all lands in the principles of the new age. This willExternalisation, 369:is emerging everywhere, both in the conquered lands and in the nations fighting, with their backsExternalisation, 378:the pen in every land, except in those sad lands where freedom of speech is not permitted. Externalisation, 379:in my own country, not to speak of other lands? Humanity is so immense, its numbers so vast and itsExternalisation, 383:countries. Many know people in these foreign lands, and lists can be made of their names andExternalisation, 386:The thought of the children in the subjugated lands did not arrest the onward march of Hitler'sExternalisation, 430:and discussion, that, heading up those unhappy lands - Germany and Japan - are ancient leaders whoExternalisation, 460:Yet, because the war involved the people of all lands and masses of population, so must theExternalisation, 462:of the reactionary forces to be found in all lands. These Forces of Enlightenment are alwaysExternalisation, 477:as well as by "big business" interests in many lands. These are focused at this time throughExternalisation, 491:those who in other groups and in different lands are also a vital part of hierarchical effort. Externalisation, 539:do, the religious movements or churches in all lands, or the educational work in all countries, orExternalisation, 556:as to who will be chosen in the various lands to represent the Hierarchy, in deed and in truth, theExternalisation, 600:on behalf of all men of goodwill in all lands; at the same time, He gathers up the inchoate andExternalisation, 615:Britain, Canada, Chile, Belgium and many other lands. These factors, when realized by thinking menExternalisation, 623:it is the unrealized demand of men in all lands. Where there is unification of purpose, ofExternalisation, 623:for the Christ's workers and disciples in all lands as they endeavor to release spiritual energyExternalisation, 624:to be found as towering structures in most lands. Whether this capital is owned by the government,Externalisation, 628:it. There are writers and thinkers in all lands who can add their powerful help, and who will ifExternalisation, 642:and this by His Own choice. Many today in all lands are turning their thoughts consciously to Him;Externalisation, 645:long run by the mass of men everywhere, in all lands; it will be the result of an intensifiedExternalisation, 671:work for the entire group of human beings in all lands everywhere, and which will also and at theExternalisation, 694:who are close to accepted discipleship in all lands, in order that the language problem willExternalisation, 698:is recognized as a real national asset in all lands, then the speed of the externalization of theFire, 29:purified the rupa levels. The fire destroyed the lands in the days of the lesser Sixth. When theFire, 107:debility that attacks dwellers in these lands. The etheric body receives prana or solar rays tooFire, 460:take place under religious guise in different lands. The source of these enormities must be soughtFire, 467:one thousand years; continents will be shaken; lands will be raised and submerged, culminating inFire, 613:the Flame also... They went each on his allotted lands: Seven of them each on his lot. The Lords ofFire, 894:to the investigation of the serpent lore in all lands, mythologies and scriptures, and if they willFire, 1257:in the mystic parlance of the adepts the "lotus lands." The curriculum is termed at times theGlamour, 97:It is this conflict - successfully waged - which lands the man, as an individual, and the mass, asGlamour, 99:might be pointed out that: 1. The masses in all lands are wrestling with the first pair ofGlamour, 99:2. The average educated citizen in all lands is facing today the Arjuna experience and the pairs ofHealing, 251:not further enlarge. Living conditions in many lands also foster disease and ill health. Dark andHealing, 252:of the social worker in the many cities and lands. Certain diseases appear to be purely local;Hercules, 5:in constant use among aspirants in Christian lands, as in the oriental religions. DiscipleshipHercules, 28:they killed him and escaped into the wilder lands of Diomedes. Wiser, grief-stricken, humble andHercules, 48:Auriga, is the charioteer, leading forth to new lands and so symbolizing the soul. Nature of theHercules, 54:fame of these sweet fruits had gone to distant lands, and all the sons of men who knew themselvesHercules, 61:told. This time he was not confined to the wild lands, up and down which the man-eating maresHercules, 99:"the lion is dead. We now can live and till our lands and sow the needed seeds and walk in peaceMagic, 475:human living. Their sound does go forth into all lands and their note is internationallyMagic, 533:is that upward struggle through matter which lands a man at the Feet of the Logos; pain is theMeditation, 165:- in the services of the religious bodies in all lands. Some light on them is being communicated inMeditation, 189:the moving of continents, and the submerging of lands. By the Bodhisattva, in stimulating the innerProblems, 21:terms - the terms of a general control of other lands, beginning with the smaller nations upon herProblems, 26:dispossessed by the on-rushing tide from other lands. The racial groups within the States stillProblems, 41:to restore their own special cultures and their lands. The task of the Great Powers (with theirProblems, 43:treatment of the inhabitants of the discovered lands. Greed, ambition, [44] cruelty and pride are
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