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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LANGUAGE

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Magic, 358:that conveys much of beauty, couched in symbolic language. The phrases run as follows and it mustMagic, 379:expression can be used of an ideograph language, but are simply a Europeanized distortion. The trueMagic, 555:is one of the most important in the language of occultism and holds the clue to the mystery ofMeditation, 359:(Senzar) The name for the secret sacerdotal language, or the "mystery speech" of the initiatedMeditation, 359:adepts all over the world. It is a universal language, and largely a hieroglyphic cypher. ShamballaPatanjali, 101:meditation be arrived at. It is here that the language of the occultist and mystic both fail, forPatanjali, 101:of the occultist and mystic both fail, for language deals with objectivity and its relation toPatanjali, 190:terms by one word or phrase, for in that language a term will stand for an entire idea and willPatanjali, 250:idea to express for we have not in the English language the equivalent [251] of the Sanskrit termPatanjali, 330:in the three worlds is brought about. The language used is necessarily symbolic and its meaningPatanjali, 366:no succession of realizations is to speak in a language of mystery. Yet so it is and will be. WhenProblems, 5:savage races have developed into the intricate language systems of the present nations; the variousProblems, 10:many of which are as unwarranted today as foul language in a religious meeting. Nations are splitProblems, 43:techniques may not be possible. Differences of language, of background and of culture will andProblems, 175:value of oil, as in the Near East, or in the language of mistrust and suspicion. Russia distrustsPsychology1, 16:awareness of duality. I shall employ the language of duality, and this I shall do, not because IPsychology1, 24:terms of human personality. But the handicap of language persists; and in teaching those who thinkPsychology1, 24:I am compelled to speak in parables and use the language of word symbols. Let me point out alsoPsychology1, 35:in a mysterious sense, aware of quality. In the language of mysticism it might be expressed thisPsychology1, 36:for average humanity, being couched in the language of mysticism, thus linking the truth as foundPsychology1, 46:tendency actively to create forms. Thus, in the language of symbolism, have the form worlds comePsychology1, 62:is slowly fading. I now translate it into modern language though much is lost thereby. [63] ThePsychology1, 130:- necessarily limited by the inadequacy [130] of language, - the significance of the outstandingPsychology1, 150:to convey such information would be futile, and language itself would be inadequate to the task.Psychology1, 217:needless for me to enumerate them here, for our language has no equivalent terms, and where therePsychology1, 217:terms, and where there is no equivalent in language there is for mankind no equivalent inPsychology1, 229:of which it is the objective condensation. Again language fails to find the needed terms. They arePsychology1, 394:came into being, we are told in the allegorical language of the ancient scriptures, there "was warPsychology2, 31:the result of the futility and inadequacy of language to express the Reality then known. Psychology2, 31:the illumined and liberated adept is such that language serves only to blind and to hinder truePsychology2, 48:is incapable [48] of translation into modern language. It signifies that complete merging which thePsychology2, 268:of the touch of the soul. This is called in the language of esotericism the "Touch ofPsychology2, 277:to the soul approaches. These are called in the language of esotericism "the Avatars of logoicPsychology2, 365:of isolation. Putting this into more modern language, a complex is produced of the same nature asPsychology2, 378:was definitely abstruse and couched in language quite symbolic. We were there dealing with thePsychology2, 383:with souls, but what can be done when modern language proves inadequate to the demands of soulPsychology2, 425:oft done before, that words fail to express and language handicaps rather than aids the objectivePsychology2, 425:a field for which there exists, as yet, no true language-form, for we have no adequate terms, andPsychology2, 425:of the fact of the soul will necessitate a new language approach. It is true, is it not, that a manPsychology2, 425:not what we are trying to convey, for the new language is not yet evolved and the old terms arePsychology2, 576:today will be the intuitive of tomorrow. In the language of mysticism, the masses will be on thePsychology2, 664:these truths must be expressed in every possible language and by every available means, and everyPsychology2, 682:to the same service and activity. The same language of brotherhood and kindness will be taught, andPsychology2, 692:to spread the use of the Invocation in their own language, and with the wording that [693] willRays, 10:of all beings, and the ability to speak the language of the soul is the clue to the work. TheseRays, 50:you have an instance of the inadequacy of modern language; ideas are formless and are in effectRays, 61:evolutionary process. There is no better in your language. The initiate has ever been. The divineRays, 91:is threefold, and the Rule states in very simple language these three aspects of His divineRays, 113:mind or - to word it technically and in the language of academic occult science - between theRays, 124:that we have as yet no words in the language of any nation which can express it. What I am nowRays, 126:must be dissipated by him also) and the use of language which conveys a wrong impression. By soRays, 126:a wrong impression. By so doing, the user of the language discovers eventually his erroneousRays, 162:body and the causal or soul body are - in the language of esotericism - supplementary to reality.Rays, 167:ideas for which we have, as yet, no adequate language. Briefly, we have considered certain of theRays, 172:is entered. For that type of realization, language as we now have it has no words, and it isRays, 240:the underlying significance to you in symbolic language. The energy, emanating from Shamballa, hasRays, 280:somewhat involved sentences how inadequate is language to express the understanding and theRays, 287:word this, limited as I am by the necessity of language. You may not register anything consciously,Rays, 340:for these experiences we have as yet no adequate language. All that is possible is to indicateRays, 418:Freedom to be given, for there is no word in our language adequately available. The aboveRays, 507:abstruse ideas, expressed in the most archaic language and symbolism, into modern terms and words.Rays, 559:existed owing to the similarity of architecture, language roots, traditions and the myths ofSoul, 20:(p. 195); and that 'thought is the action of language mechanisms' (page 316); is 'highly integratedSoul, 21:in the production of spoken, written and sign language - the muscular activity of the vocalSoul, 25:expressions required by the necessities of language." - Prince, Morton, Psychologies of 1925, p.Telepathy, 12:utterances, the inspired speakers, and the language of symbolism. It only becomes possible whereTelepathy, 33:power of the mental principle, the use of language for the conveying of thoughts between equals or
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