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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LARGE

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Statement:(from the exoteric standpoint) preside over a large group of Tibetan lamas, when my other dutiesAstrology, 59:the two charts. These charts are drawn on a large scale and on a transparent material of whichAstrology, 76:in the solar plexus or in the sacral center. A large number of people who are in an interim stage,Astrology, 115:yet been developed in the human family on any large scale and is only achieving some measure ofAstrology, 123:to the perils of the situation, and the whale of large size stands for the bondage of incarnationAstrology, 195:this Aryan race period that humanity is to any large extent beginning to manifest evidence (and asAstrology, 282:sign; the whole problem must be viewed in a large manner and not so specifically from the angle ofAstrology, 283:zodiac. Humanity - as a whole and owing to the large proportion of aspirants and thinking idealistsAstrology, 283:open door of Saturn. At the same time, a very large number of men are in the non-thinkingAstrology, 289:by the personality, ruled by Leo, of groups and large or small bodies of people. This - at anAstrology, 311:it might be more correct to say that a fairly large minority are becoming group conscious, whilstAstrology, 415:our solar system and conditioning them to a very large extent (though today more potentially thanAstrology, 484:so that individual self-consciousness on a large scale will be the result and the more rapidAstrology, 485:initiates, leading them to world service on a large scale, producing group activity and that livingAstrology, 520:and to this humanity will respond on a large scale. Thus the evil which is now being spread abroadAstrology, 529:of humanity in relation to its group units, large and small. The soul and personality qualities ofAtom, 16:present stage of evolution. We are dealing with large problems, and tampering, perhaps, with highAtom, 45:and the same object: man." Do you note what a large hope this concept opens out before us? Not oneAtom, 60:leading members of the medical profession in a large Middle West city were approached by anAtom, 148:stage is very apparent in the world today. A large percentage of the human family is in the atomicAutobiography, 9:is true of all life as a whole,) loom unduly large and appear more terrific than they were inAutobiography, 11:it. Yet I would guarantee that, taking it by and large, there is far more general good karma thanAutobiography, 17:water systems of Great Britain. He had a large family. His eldest daughter, my aunt Dora, marriedAutobiography, 20:age or the circumstance! I used to own a very large miniature case in silver which my father was inAutobiography, 24:and others do not. Moor Park was one of those large English houses which should not be homey in anyAutobiography, 39:vast, orderly crowd - mostly oriental but with a large sprinkling of occidental people. I knewAutobiography, 39:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter I The valley was large and oval shaped, rocky and with high mountainsAutobiography, 41:was the president. I spent much time visiting at large house parties where I was welcome because IAutobiography, 42:them but seemed quite unable to save them on a large scale and had, therefore, to stand by and seeAutobiography, 44:or place. I was the only person in that very large house party without a title. The first nightAutobiography, 47:friends and not cousins, etc. Taking it by and large I believe I have had a more interesting andAutobiography, 54:in Belfast. All these homes were equipped with large coffee shops in which hundreds of men were fedAutobiography, 54:our own quarters there. There was frequently a large dormitory where soldiers and sailors couldAutobiography, 55:myself one Sunday afternoon on a platform in a large room, facing a couple of hundred soldiers andAutobiography, 66:ship, but had strutted about the deck with my large Bible under my arm. There was one man on theAutobiography, 70:Looking back over the years and taking it by and large, I do not think I really did so badly. I wasAutobiography, 98:over to the bookcase from which he took a large and ponderous tome. Opening it he pointed to aAutobiography, 100:absolutely no difficulty in making an audience - large or small - roar with laughter. I can alwaysAutobiography, 122:that unless you could keep hens on a very large scale (which involves capital) you don't make muchAutobiography, 128:went into the labeling department, labeling the large, oval cans of Del Monte sardines; but I couldAutobiography, 149:stopped year after year as a child. There was a large house-party, about eighteen people, stoppingAutobiography, 153:mineral kingdom. The animal kingdom, on a very large scale, draws its sustenance out of theAutobiography, 160:when he was only twenty-eight he was clearing a large sum per year. This he gave up entirely, inAutobiography, 165:about the Arcane School and gave him two large bundles of incense for me. Later, Mr. Carpenter sawAutobiography, 184:and to be sympathetic but - taking it by and large - I am somewhat disgusted with the averageAutobiography, 187:mass coeducation is that the teachers have too large classes and no child can get proper attention.Autobiography, 194:two floors at 11 West 42nd Street with a very large staff of workers, with Headquarters in EnglandAutobiography, 194:not therefore in this century at least have a large membership. Those ready to be trained in theAutobiography, 198:do. We have no "angel" back of the work and no large donor of any kind. The work is supported byAutobiography, 203:was a wing of the house which consisted of one large room over the maid's quarters downstairs.Autobiography, 231:by a few world disciples whose work is on such a large scale that it is definitely international inAutobiography, 239:path of return. This has taken place on such a large scale that it now appears possible that withinAutobiography, 242:translated into Dutch and he himself handled a large and earnest body of students. The work inAutobiography, 252:free to do so or not as they chose and a very large percentage ignored the effort altogether, thusAutobiography, 259:The mental faculty or body must therefore be large and highly organized, fully equipped withAutobiography, 272:world today into three groups: 1. There are a large number of so-called esoteric schools which areAutobiography, 294:of the major needs today is the building up of large funds for the work of the Christ and HisBethlehem, 28:Just as soon as human beings can grasp in a large synthesis the necessity of entering moreBethlehem, 152:and surely emerging. At the present hour a large number of mankind are engaged in the activities ofBethlehem, 170:divine unfoldment of man is the emergence on a large scale of this tendency to serve. We are justBethlehem, 177:and Carthaginians, and so forth. Societies, large or small, united believers and the devout in theBethlehem, 192:Kingdom, and the arrival of the time when men in large numbers could be initiated into theBethlehem, 203:does not step. When he does, he joins the large group of sinners. Controlled action in everyBethlehem, 203:self-satisfaction. The question of evil is too large to elucidate at length, but it might beBethlehem, 236:in honor of his suffering and his death. The large wound which he received was shown, just as theBethlehem, 237:rites and ritual publicly, before the world at large, thus giving to humanity a demonstration ofBethlehem, 237:and of Osiris, to mention only a few of a large number. One of the early Church Fathers, FirmicusBethlehem, 241:population of Great Britain, and constitute a large group of human beings who make the greatBethlehem, 261:developed to profit by their teaching on a large scale until that time. In these respects ChristBethlehem, 284:When such men can be gathered together in large numbers (and they are gathering rapidly) we shallDestiny, 5:the second and the third. Relatively large numbers of first ray egos are also to be found acting asDestiny, 5:in the history of humanity - being invoked on a large scale. This statement is definitelyDestiny, 6:of the future will emerge on a relatively large scale in the realm of creative living and not soDestiny, 29:in manifestation in this time and a very large number of people are responsive to its influence. ItDestiny, 30:- on demand - of the ruler of the first ray. A large number of seventh ray egos or souls and alsoDestiny, 31:be found on any particular ray. There are a very large number of second ray egos in incarnationDestiny, 48:humanity. This can be seen going on today on a large scale everywhere and it accounts for theDestiny, 72:colored and dominated, by her Leo personality, a large part of the happenings in Europe during theDestiny, 89:link with Italy than with France, and hence the large Italian population, for Sagittarius rulesDestiny, 103:of humanity in relation to its group units, large and small. The soul and personality qualities ofDestiny, 126:must include the two groups (one at present large and the other still small) of sixth and seventhDiscipleship1, 12:unification is more complete - in the world at large. It is in this way that the Masters' AshramsDiscipleship1, 32:Occult Meditation. The recognition on a fairly large scale of the New Group of World Servers andDiscipleship1, 40:ten inner groups which form, nevertheless, one large active group. This group force will then pourDiscipleship1, 80:of all integrated human beings in increasingly large numbers on to the etheric levels ofDiscipleship1, 89:scenes and thus acquires facility to see - in large and in detail - that which he desires and forDiscipleship1, 94:that in a group of disciples such as this, the large majority have already taken the firstDiscipleship1, 97:effective service upon the inner planes and on a large scale and yet there may be no evidence ofDiscipleship1, 97:the little self; this frequently looms so large (from habit) that it shuts out the higher self; itDiscipleship1, 98:in the long career of the soul. It looms as large and important in the personality life but mayDiscipleship1, 100:of futility of the mind when confronted with large issues will seem to hinder you. Again I pointDiscipleship1, 114:ductless glands and at the same time have no large organ (such as the heart or stomach) connectedDiscipleship1, 114:those centers can be deflected into certain large physical organisms - such as the heart and theDiscipleship1, 114:is related to the pituitary body but there is no large physical organism to carry off the energyDiscipleship1, 138:to solution then your field of service - already large - will increase. You have the problem of aDiscipleship1, 196:definitely forced you to be active in a fairly large environment. So do our souls arrange for usDiscipleship1, 273:be boldly faced. The emphasis laid by certain large groups on meditation for the raising of fundsDiscipleship1, 325:and the potency of their souls, they [325] sweep large numbers of people into a higher aspirationalDiscipleship1, 327:illusion. Then all objects and affairs loom too large and appear too important and too interesting.Discipleship1, 346:They are the moments when you tune in on the large life of the Hierarchy, and of the New Group of
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