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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LARGE

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Externalisation, 629:spiritual levels, is of equal importance. The large [630] metaphysical schools are focused onExternalisation, 641:part of that work is teaching men - on a large scale - to use the Invocation so that it becomes aExternalisation, 646:of this third energy - money - to be used on a large scale for the furtherance of the work of theExternalisation, 672:and that new future which will demonstrate a large measure of world unity, and which will steadilyExternalisation, 682:useful life as the senior executive in a large lamasery, but my main work has lain elsewhere -Externalisation, 688:minority referred to above, and into the large group of Masters and initiates and disciples to whomExternalisation, 691:upon the various rays and the theme is too large at this point for our purpose. The problem hasExternalisation, 691:of contact; upon acceptance into an ashram, a large measure of the needed purification has beenExternalisation, 696:infancy and adolescence; to them will be given a large share of the preparatory work. Some will notFire, 67:who form a vortex of fire when viewed on a large scale, such as in volcanoes and large destructiveFire, 67:on a large scale, such as in volcanoes and large destructive burnings. They are closely allied to aFire, 90:does in a dense physical body. There are certain large groups of devas, called "the devas of theFire, 97:the third Aspect; the second is that part of the large oval which lies on our left hand - theFire, 122:its course on this globe concurrently with a large part of the fourth race and a few remnants ofFire, 173:in connection with the Rays This will give us a large range of subject to be dealt with, and muchFire, 314:the Builders on the evolutionary arc, or a large part of the deva evolution, undergo a parallelingFire, 347:of the Law of Repetition by which every large cycle includes, in its earlier [348] stages, all theFire, 352:is similarly the manasic principle of those large atoms we call schemes in their totality; onlyFire, 360:that much advantage will be felt when men in large numbers conceive of the purpose of specificFire, 403:bodies to the stage where transmutation on a large scale is possible. They are approaching it, andFire, 421:fifth plane, the mental, may be considered on a large scale as holding, in the case of a HeavenlyFire, 429:the utilization of air routes and the transit of large bodies through the air, by means of theFire, 455:far and wide. Paralleling the incoming of this large band of seventh Ray magicians (some linked toFire, 478:are but the transmuting process proceeding on a large scale. The point to be grasped here is thatFire, 555:The extra-systemic stimulation involves a large number of factors, but the main two to beFire, 558:into higher. The mental vitalization of another large section of the animal kingdom. When these twoFire, 573:in blue, in groups of three, linked by one large circle. Both symbols are, of course, in the higherFire, 579:yet very rare in incarnation. They came in, in large numbers, at the close of the moon chain, andFire, 589:the third Aspect; the second is that part of the large oval which lies on our left hand - theFire, 612:of humanity) can best be studied in the large, or through [613] the consideration of groups, ofFire, 617:aspect which produces the human Ego (on a large scale, viewing them in their totality as cosmicFire, 642:form would ensue, or paralysis and insanity on a large scale would eventuate. Secondly, it wouldFire, 642:are only handled in group formation, and on a large scale by the head of the Manu's departmentFire, 652:almost immediate availability of comparatively large numbers of the sons of man. We must not forgetFire, 753:century, H. P. B. was concerned, and a fairly large number of chelas. In the effort immediatelyFire, 842:The bulk of the Monads of Love are among this large group and they are to be seen incarnating inFire, 846:they are neither the one nor the other. On a large scale, this "life" or the informing entity ofFire, 852:urge for the fulfilment of cyclic karma on a large scale, and whose "wheels" are controlled byFire, 897:interpenetrating dense matter, and filling in a large degree the interior caverns of the planet.Fire, 944:over the center, and forms an area of fairly large dimensions. It separates the two bodies, astralFire, 966:active. They frequently have to work with large groups before the quota of energy supplied to ThemFire, 969:is automatic and inevitable. Some ideas of a large and important nature, which have arisen in theFire, 972:and not to let imagination unduly assume too large proportions. The manasic element and the kamicFire, 978:pour His force. The Master works through groups (large or small) and the work is facilitated forFire, 978:a shorter space of time than is possible with a large and active body of people who may be sincereFire, 1063:view of this matter if he views the subject in a large way. Two aspects of the matter naturallyFire, 1079:and there have since achieved the goal, yet no large numbers have passed successfully through theFire, 1176:through those circling spheres which (though not large enough to be regarded as planets) pursueFire, 1248:work the Great Ones, are manipulated by them. A large number of fifth Ray people, those who haveGlamour, 36:come for dealing with the world illusion on a large scale, for the race is not adequately mentalGlamour, 39:from this, my brothers, we have set ourselves a large theme, which must be very carefully handled.Glamour, 58:of the soul and are ready for embodiment. A large number of other thought-forms are in process ofGlamour, 58:All of them are colored by some ray energy. A large number of these forms are necessarily builtGlamour, 72:off the vision of truth, and distorting a very large number of human values. This fog, this glamorGlamour, 88:passing on to the Path of Probation of a very large number of human beings, owing to the purgingGlamour, 95:instincts, to sex, food and warmth. These loom large in man's consciousness. The animal nature inGlamour, 104:When, therefore, the time comes when a very large number of persons become aware of the conditionGlamour, 128:of the PRESENCE. This, you will realize, is a large subject and deals with the major problem of theGlamour, 152:(as is becoming the case today on a fairly large scale) is it possible for man to sense -Glamour, 154:ambition, and he is controlled at least to some large extent by mental influence, then the DwellerGlamour, 160:of reality, now sensed for the first time on a large scale by the race of men and thrown into highGlamour, 172:matter or force-substance, and bringing men in large numbers on to the Probationary Path. WhereGlamour, 189:Age, the demand comes for the first time from a large group of intuitively inclined people. I saidGlamour, 189:intuitives, brother of old. This group is now so large and its focus is now so real and its demandGlamour, 213:the physical plane is being realized today on a large scale, and the war effort in all countriesHealing, 60:to the sex aspect of life, have revolted on a large scale (as did the Atlanteans) against this formHealing, 64:throw light upon a problem which an increasingly large number of people are called upon to face.Healing, 69:the average man today. He does not realize that large numbers of people today are Atlantean inHealing, 69:so much, and men live so much in massed groups - large or small - that it is inevitable that theyHealing, 110:of the working of the Law of Karma, plus a large measure of intuitive perception, are essential toHealing, 217:is frequently the case. The danger involved in a large number of physical ills can be traced to theHealing, 223:and which in the world war can be noted on a large scale. The armies of the world are everywhereHealing, 224:we have as yet no precedent will appear upon a large scale. Healing, 224:individual scale; they are now happening on a large scale. For the results of this due preparationHealing, 250:which are present upon our planet on a large scale, and consequently my emphasis will not be uponHealing, 252:from those of an office worker in one of our large cities. These items of information are again butHealing, 256:and many others, hurt their cause, owing to the large claims which they make and to their unceasingHealing, 259:liberation, freedom, emancipation; this, by and large, is the keynote of life itself. The conceptHealing, 270:factor in the human consciousness, not only on a large scale but in relation to individual lives.Healing, 274:or to such a condition as war, affecting large masses of men. That the etheric body has notHealing, 291:a point where consequences can be meted out on a large scale and with justice. Very littleHealing, 291:is now, however, so developed mentally and on a large scale that karma is truly horrible andHealing, 300:and the over-development of bodily aspects, over-large organs and super-numerary bodily parts. Healing, 305:in mind that you must see the picture upon a large scale, as large a scale as possible, if there isHealing, 305:you must see the picture upon a large scale, as large a scale as possible, if there is to be a trueHealing, 330:and other curative methods, carried out on a large scale, ancient diseases (inherited from oldHealing, 366:will be able to help them more intelligently. A large measure of the inferiority complex whichHealing, 374:your attention and later that of the world at large. Finally, there will come the forming ofHealing, 381:(frequently employed by nature) of subjecting large areas of the soil to the impact of fire, willHealing, 399:people at this time, is now emerging upon a large scale. This means the recognition, alongside ofHealing, 436:"acts of God," call back the souls of men on a large scale in line with His loving intention. WhenHealing, 507:of the now coordinated individual persists for a large number of lives, and also falls into threeHealing, 528:responding to it, that the moving forward of a large group out of the ranks of average humanity onHealing, 537:not see take place, for adjustments on such a large scale take centuries to effect. What I have,Healing, 546:does this mean? It means that only when truly large numbers of men are controlled by the SpiritualHealing, 687:This sphere, which can be entered only after a large measure of liberation has been achieved,Healing, 700:in the New Age the rays are given of a large number of disciples. You might, as an experimentalHercules, 3:as now. The day of empirical experience on a large scale is now with us, and men and womenHercules, 22:This stage is curiously exemplified for us on a large scale in the fanatical sacrifices made in theHercules, 30:the son of Mars, the god of war, possesses a large number of brood mares. These were running wild,
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