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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LARGE

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Hercules, 36:of matter and the overcoming of illusion loomed large before Hercules and indicated from the veryHercules, 37:love of gossip, and criticism constitute a large part of his thought content and that the broodHercules, 65:which is emphasized in Gemini rims through a large number of the mythological stories. We meet theHercules, 111:are so exact that they present in little and in large an awesome testimony to the unflawedHercules, 155:he approached. At nearer view he saw the birds. Large and fierce and hideous they were. Each had anHercules, 156:long, a method came to mind. Two cymbals had he, large and brazen, that gave forth an unearthlyHercules, 183:linked by a band. This consciousness, on a large scale, began to make its impact upon [184] theHercules, 192:in wholes. The breaking down of barriers on a large scale has to be brought about by publicHercules, 205:today. The period of empirical experience on a large scale is with us. Men and women everywhere areInitiation, 12:process of evolutionary development, viewed on a large scale, and not from the standpoint of theInitiation, 41:Cooperating with these karmic Lords are the large groups of initiates and devas who occupyInitiation, 45:and it was through his instrumentality that a large number of the present more advanced humanInitiation, 45:him, and through him pass the instructions to a large number of the deva agents. Thus you haveInitiation, 47:thought. In the department of the Mahachohan a large number of Masters, in fivefold division, workInitiation, 48:and fifth initiations. Below these come a large group of initiates of the first and secondInitiation, 54:the reins of government for India, including a large part of the Northern frontier, and to him isInitiation, 54:adepts, and who numbers amongst his pupils a large number of Europeans and Americans, is a RajputInitiation, 55:of the whole of humanity. The Master M. has a large body of pupils under his instruction, and worksInitiation, 58:ills of humanity. He it was who dictated a large part of that momentous book The Secret Doctrine,Initiation, 59:He is occupying a Cretan body, but spends a large part of his time in Egypt. He it was who gave outInitiation, 61:Secondly, the preparation of the world on a large scale for the coming of the World Teacher, andInitiation, 65:instructions from disciples, and on occasions large classes are conducted for their benefit byInitiation, 90:contact their Egos. He is in charge, also, of large work, teaching many pupils, aiding in manyInitiation, 94:"set their feet upon the path," and a large percentage of them will then be in process of becomingInitiation, 103:Nevertheless, to the world he is ever a man of large influence, the wielder of spiritual power, theInitiation, 121:with many diverse types, and to cooperate in large plans and wield wide influence. A part of theInitiation, 131:draw into a coherent whole some race, nation, or large organization. Every nation has its "magneticInitiation, 182:is temporarily recognized as a major ray. A large number of the initiates and [183] those who haveInitiation, 187:the Great Ones work, are manipulated by them. A large number of fifth ray people, those who haveIntellect, 3:of meditation, and with its use on a large scale in the West. It is suggested that it mayIntellect, 127:and knowledge is being demonstrated on a large scale at this time, and the sequence of theIntellect, 149:Overstreet, in The Enduring Quest, mentions a large number of those great individuals for whom itIntellect, 154:concentration and meditation he has achieved a large measure of mind control and learned how "toIntellect, 221:Meditation A Doctor of Divinity and pastor of a large church wrote me not long ago that he had beenIntellect, 223:teacher who seeks to teach these exercises to large groups, as is frequently done, is laying upMagic, 22:part which we sense, but which remains in a large sense unrevealed, end unrealized even by the manMagic, 132:the same law as do the Great [132] Ones in Their large endeavors, and that it is in his dealingsMagic, 164:rapidly coming. That there is not as yet a very large body of disciples in incarnation at thisMagic, 276:the brain forces. On the physical plane are a large band of aspirants, probationary disciples andMagic, 291:of the subject. They must learn certain large generalizations, and remember that as the omniscienceMagic, 292:human family as a whole. The astral plane in the large sense. The "heart of the Sun." MentalMagic, 314:are too high to be sensed by humanity at large, but the mystics react and are drawn together by theMagic, 321:of living energy can nevertheless be sensed in a large way, though not as yet appropriated in itsMagic, 377:from other planetary schemes. In the hands of a large number of devas of superhuman evolution.Magic, 391:cycle by arousing the fire of kundalini in the large numbers of those who are ready. This will beMagic, 402:be remembered here that the Masters think in large terms and work in the wider cycles ofMagic, 402:things to do: To view the divine plan on as large a scale as possible, and refresh Their minds withMagic, 402:or energies were available for use in the large endeavor to which They were pledged. To train theMagic, 416:disciples, usually unrecognized by the world at large, who are thinking truth. Let me call yourMagic, 460:of the natural world will be solved in a large measure. The fully conscious sons of God, aware ofMagic, 465:- Rule Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences Large generalizations are indeed safer than theMagic, 474:those words which blend thy little life with the large purpose of the will of God. The word ofMagic, 477:out the clear light of God. The subject is too large for me to elaborate in this Treatise. I butMagic, 481:necessarily a part of the divine activity in the large sense. It is right here, in the use ofMagic, 484:strength as he pays it attention until it is so large that it will shut out reality from him, or itMagic, 520:[520] this activity embraces mankind on a large scale in the entire three aspects of theMagic, 538:him and let in the radiance of reality. When large numbers of the sons of men can so act, then theMagic, 588:and bringing about world purification on a large scale. This is the first stage of the work andMagic, 595:system must be recognized by the world at large, and when the nature of the seven centers, theirMeditation, 47:brain and the conformity of the head play a large part in the process and must not be overlooked inMeditation, 102:the need of the inner spirit. This is a task of large dimensions and involves time, sternMeditation, 107:the whole. Let us look at the matter first in a large manner, for oft in the just apprehension ofMeditation, 160:the spine. [160] Sex emotions, covering a very large range of feeling, ranging from the suppressedMeditation, 192:in the use of all sound collectively and by a large body of persons. We might enumerate stillMeditation, 199:at present, for the personality looms as yet too large) then the Nirmanakayas will be able toMeditation, 200:of initiates is greater than it is now, and when large numbers of the human race are more directlyMeditation, 212:color and of the Divine Wisdom should compile a large chart of the seven planes, and superimposedMeditation, 234:color and tone. As stated before, the color of large masses of people can be gauged and judged. ItMeditation, 249:figures. The laws that govern the erection of large buildings and the handling of great weightsMeditation, 313:the preparatory school will be located near some large city, preferably near the sea or some largeMeditation, 313:some large city, preferably near the sea or some large expanse of water, but never within the city;Meditation, 314:supervision, and the subject is necessarily large. As said in the earlier parts of this letter, theMeditation, 314:instruction, and situated preferably near some large expanse of water and near some central city.Meditation, 322:must remember that numerically they will not be large), a private shrine entered from the rear by aMeditation, 322:door and having a curtain between it and the large central shrine where the group meetings will beMeditation, 323:the group meetings will be held. [323] This large central shrine will have a pavement whereon willMeditation, 323:few of the fundamental books on symbols and some large parchments whereon the cosmic symbols willPatanjali, 123:step to Raja Yoga. "Devotion to Ishvara" is a large and general term covering the relation of thePatanjali, 126:(as it is sometimes translated), is a large and generic expression and Hindu commentators point outPatanjali, 126:are found in three groups, each producing a large crop of hindrances or obstructions on the threePatanjali, 185:truth in externality becomes possible. This is a large subject, and deals with the formulation of aPatanjali, 185:nothing which is not rightly his. This is a large concept covering more than the fact of actualPatanjali, 407:to man. However, as man's capacity to think in large terms, as his power to visualize the past as aProblems, 21:service and her ability to impose her will on a large scale upon the entire world outstrips that ofProblems, 21:itself breeds distrust. Her territory covers a large part of Europe and the whole of North Asia.Problems, 24:colonies, and material undertakings loom large in the eyes of all nations, the fact that theProblems, 62:into the world of culture. This includes a very large number. [63] Those who add to the assets ofProblems, 66:later developed. The first is that those whose large financial interests are bound up in productsProblems, 80:is the root of all evil. There are, however, large numbers of people whose lives are not dominatedProblems, 103:meet harmoniously their complex problem on any large scale with due psychological understanding orProblems, 114:and the Eurasians may be the answer to a large part of the problem. There will be hundreds ofProblems, 116:minds of a few people here and there but on a large [117] scale throughout the world. People areProblems, 132:It comprises within its borders many churches, large and small. These churches are alsoProblems, 136:to work and live in freedom; they face famine in large areas of the world and yet are registeringProblems, 138:the wrong people. There is no indication on any large scale within the churches of a basic changeProblems, 147:conscious recognition of divinity. Men on a large scale will then pass through the BethlehemProblems, 147:Christ-conscious humanity. When this has assumed large proportions and the recognition of theseProblems, 150:it has, however, not yet unfolded on any large scale its latent beauty of wisdom; love today isProblems, 153:darkness to Light", has seen fulfilment to a large degree. Today we are on the verge of seeing theProblems, 180:provide in every country and eventually in every large city, a central bureau where information
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