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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LARGE

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Psychology1, 26:ray egos on the Earth at this time, and a very large number of sixth ray egos, for it will be aboutPsychology1, 109:teaching. When you add to the above the equally large flood of communications which emanate fromPsychology1, 153:of radiance (synonymous terms in occultism) on a large scale can be seen today in the constellationPsychology1, 167:ray influence. Mohammedanism, which numbers so large a following, is also under sixth rayPsychology1, 176:work. There is today in the world a very large number of those who fundamentally believe in thePsychology1, 187:the fact that there is in the world today a large enough number of liberated men to produce aPsychology1, 198:initiatory processes are working out on a large scale in the shedding of blood through thePsychology1, 201:ruling, capacity to grasp great questions in a large-minded way, and of handling men and measures.Psychology1, 205:balanced historian who grasps his subject in a large way and verifies every detail with patientPsychology1, 275:are sanctified by legal marriage, and find (on a large scale) nothing but unhappiness, legalizedPsychology1, 283:the entire world, and primarily in our large centers of population, of an increase in sexualPsychology1, 301:in the misuse of the sex function underlie a large percentage of our physical ills, and devastatePsychology1, 313:seen, is but the symbol) will be enacted on a large scale in the life of the modern aspirant duringPsychology1, 314:taking place in many lives, producing on earth a large group of the spiritually newborn. They willPsychology1, 324:A process is going forward whereby these groups, large or small, are being subjected to aPsychology1, 333:to grasp, as we study man and the rays, is the large number of these ray influences which play uponPsychology1, 341:the world illusion has been going on on a large scale ever since; in every country, through thePsychology1, 375:plane, and some few upon the mental plane. But large numbers of people today are ready to be fullyPsychology1, 381:humanity. This can be seen going on today on a large scale everywhere, and it accounts for thePsychology2, 26:of the mind-body; this is to be found in a large scale in our Western civilization. The energy ofPsychology2, 73:between: [73] The general perspective and the large world Plan for the planet, and Those immediatePsychology2, 130:than indicate this briefly. The theme is too large, for it includes the awakening of the spiritualPsychology2, 146:influence. The Masters, [146] with their large group of disciples, functioning on all the fivePsychology2, 193:the inner groups, which form nevertheless, one large, active group. This central group force willPsychology2, 204:found among the negroes, which race contains a large number of those who are today relativelyPsychology2, 211:of power or will at that time. There was a very large influx of individualizing egos in earlyPsychology2, 273:paved the way for the nearer approach, upon a large scale, of the Kingdom of Souls, through itsPsychology2, 279:initiation of passing which is ahead for a very large number, and not the initiation of beingPsychology2, 281:divine love of the Christ, but Who will have a large measure of wisdom and of love, plus thatPsychology2, 310:passing on to the Path of Probation of a very large [311] number of human beings, owing to thePsychology2, 407:country on a wide scale and in increasingly large numbers of three kinds of people: Those consciousPsychology2, 412:environment, of other human beings in small or large numbers, and of circumstance. When this hasPsychology2, 416:and this spiritual recognition of divinity lie a large number of lesser cleavages of which manPsychology2, 423:responsible will result in the liberation of a large majority of sufferers. It might perhaps bePsychology2, 434:aspects of the nervous system, and which is in large part the instinctual or animal brain. ThePsychology2, 442:and the soul. These groups include a very large number of people at this time; the sense ofPsychology2, 449:men set themselves to discover truth in such large numbers. Never before has the Approach to thePsychology2, 464:of the world are learning to meditate today on a large scale they must be faced. Many things arePsychology2, 483:no scope for free will. This is a reaction on a large scale, from the one dealt with above. WhereasPsychology2, 501:can see them as he walks down a street in any large city or as he looks out of a window in anyPsychology2, 511:modifying and influencing human thought on a large scale; it is permeating the structure of ourPsychology2, 519:body. Many of the modern physical ills and a large number of undesirable psychological conditionsPsychology2, 520:out of the mystical or the spiritual life) and a large number of our psychological difficulties arePsychology2, 529:via the solar plexus center? There are quite a large number of lesser centers and their energies,Psychology2, 546:we are dealing are, therefore, the result of a large number of causes and it might be of service ifPsychology2, 557:upon the periphery. You must remember that for a large part of his career and for the mostPsychology2, 575:however, coming when humanity will function on a large scale and as a mass through the ajna center;Psychology2, 578:are almost uncontrollable. This happened on a large scale in Atlantean days and led to the entirePsychology2, 586:group of sitters in the seance room or from a large audience. In other cases, he is all the timePsychology2, 617:Where there is purity of motive, true love and a large measure of detachment, the subtler bodies ofPsychology2, 622:group difficulties have not yet developed on a large scale nor are the future problems (incident toPsychology2, 634:in nations are rapidly fusing them into the large middle class. We are dealing with basic matters,Psychology2, 636:unit today, because it is through them that the large middle class is reached, swayed and organizedPsychology2, 642:vast masses. Those constitute an incredibly large number of people who hate war because they regardPsychology2, 656:plan. It is a statement of the ideals of a very large group of intelligent men and women, foundPsychology2, 660:public opinion behind it. It can go forward to a large usefulness and can constitute eventually aPsychology2, 677:must come in the history of humanity when so large a number of people have been awakened to thePsychology2, 677:will be rendered eternally impossible on a large scale. This coming period will be thePsychology2, 693:The arranging of public meetings on as large a scale as possible, to be held on the day of the fullPsychology2, 695:this channel is permanently established and a large enough number of thinking men and women realizePsychology2, 696:organized aspirational longing on the part of a large group of people. It is a strenuous mentalPsychology2, 703:and you will recognize that in it there lies a large measure of selfish purpose - inevitable andPsychology2, 704:before the Hierarchy of Masters (speaking in a large and general sense) is to intensify thePsychology2, 717:are represented, but there are, nevertheless, a large number of disciples in the world today whoPsychology2, 726:towards mutual understanding if a sufficiently large number of the world aspirants and disciplesPsychology2, 730:Hitherto this has never been [730] possible on a large scale, owing to the fact that humanity hadPsychology2, 738:and full of pain. The economic problem looms large and is a determining factor in many cases. In aPsychology2, 740:of all, to bring about this interrelation on a large scale through discovering those who respond toPsychology2, 745:spiritual realities is now recognized on such a large scale that the precipitation of that which isPsychology2, 746:spiritual faculties; not dedicated, as yet, on a large scale to the things of the kingdom of God).Rays, 26:ray ashrams will not only present their groups (large or small) to the Initiator, but the personnelRays, 42:highest moments. The door of initiation looms large in the consciousness of the neophyte; theRays, 95:to that influence, and an unfoldment on a large scale of intuitive perception. When He came before,Rays, 103:him. The whole matter looms, therefore, over-large in his consciousness. The detaching of himselfRays, 123:development of the sense of vision. 2. Groups, large wholes and major syntheses will also beRays, 189:out into the world of men; they issued forth in large numbers, and whilst preserving theirRays, 279:the antahkarana, as modes of alignment play a large part in the process of transmutation. It isRays, 300:the fact of the Hierarchy. This - if done on a large scale and through proper organization - willRays, 300:through proper organization - will destroy on a large scale the present world structure in theRays, 307:are certain group forms and these upon a large scale, this requires an exercise of the spiritualRays, 311:be the carrying out of the will of God in the large and general plans. If it is the will as itRays, 323:in a new and more arresting manner. This is a large order and one not easy to fulfil because soRays, 346:cycles of increased or decreased activity) have large groups undergoing their preparatory trainingRays, 383:will make it possible to admit disciples in large numbers into the great Ashram. This will lead toRays, 390:slowly but they are, for the first time on a large scale, really thinking and visioning. For thisRays, 408:Masters deciding on this Path is, as I said, not large; the training is peculiarly arduous and isRays, 414:majority of liberated humanity, and therefore a large number of the initiates who have to makeRays, 415:the Morning, is closely related, and hence the large number of human beings who will becomeRays, 470:and give the first demonstration upon a large scale of this new esoteric science - esoteric becauseRays, 530:to himself - successively and on an increasingly large scale - as a great [531] rhythmic ceremonialRays, 569:applicants for the first initiation; men on a large scale and in mass formation can today passRays, 570:by the initiate. This will be equally true on a large scale where modern man, the world initiate ofRays, 570:why the present period in which human beings (in large groups) can take the first initiationRays, 570:initiation and manifest the Christ life on a large scale for the first time during a period ofRays, 572:will give place to beauty and reality. On a large scale, humanity has already been "led fromRays, 579:will take the first initiation, but that a very large group of aspirants (far larger than isRays, 581:a word identified with water. Simultaneously, large masses of men will take the first initiationRays, 586:necessarily create their own ashrams, though a large number do so. The work of those initiates whoRays, 595:the foundation for that time when humanity on a large scale can pass through the TransfigurationRays, 628:religious or spiritual sense to be found on a large scale, because the mind which can so
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