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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LARGE

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Rays, 660:[660] are beginning to respond on a measurably large scale to the greater Will of the divine Life,Rays, 666:the majority at this time, and an increasingly large number of mystics will emerge out of theRays, 674:racial opportunity. Humanity - on a relatively large scale - faces the second initiation, or theRays, 674:reactions and makes the astral plane loom so large in men's affairs and in world decisions. This isRays, 742:picture of what must be accomplished looms too large; there is little organized [743] cooperationRays, 749:the growth of intuitive perception possible on a large scale. This is a by-product of the clash ofRays, 754:themselves with the Forces of Light to a very large extent, and little by little, cosmic evil wasReappearance, 47:evocation of humanity's spiritual demands on a large scale and the nurturing - on a worldwide scaleReappearance, 48:those new organizations, movements and groups - large or small - which will familiarize the mass ofReappearance, 52:and one divine relationship. Today, on a large scale (even when by-passing the implications ofReappearance, 59:in presenting these four ideas to the world at large, and thus in overcoming the intelligentReappearance, 88:to spiritual influence and an unfoldment (on a large scale) of intuitive perception - a facultyReappearance, 97:characteristic of humanity, will have been to a large extent transmuted into wisdom by the worldReappearance, 131:by a living energy which can be sensed in a large way, though it cannot as yet be appropriated inReappearance, 143:to work and live in freedom; they face famine in large areas of the world and yet are registeringReappearance, 174:spiritual responsibilities attached to money (in large quantities or in small) had been properlyReappearance, 178:realize that many small sums mount up into very large sums - all these things militate againstReappearance, 178:spiritual levels, is of equal importance. The large metaphysical schools are focused on making aReappearance, 184:the spiritual Hierarchy to some extent and to a large extent where true disciples are concerned;Reappearance, 188:concern. Our work is to do our utmost and on as large a scale as possible to bring about rightSouladvance us toward a fair appraisal of that large body of Eastern thinking which is so curiouslySoul, 46:wind-pipe, close to the larynx, and is a very large gland. It was once a sex gland, is frequentlySoul, 89:I, p. 186. The corpora striata are a pair of large ganglia of the brain immediately under theSoul, 103:and have their subsidiary centers in the two large swellings called the basal-ganglia in eachSoul, 117:of them appear to be missing; and that extra large clusters of nervous structure are to be found inSoul, 125:Mahima - the power to include or make oneself large or to comprehend the universe. Christ knew allSoul, 138:and the dominance of the sympathetic system, the large nucleated ganglionic cells in this systemSoul, 138:cells in this system containing a very large proportion of etheric matter, and thus being easilySoul, 138:at will and are entirely under their control. A large field for investigation in these matters liesTelepathy, 17:which the information was sent out acted as a large general distributor; the area which receivedTelepathy, 26:really beginning to affect the world on a large scale. Love of a cause, a party or an idea isTelepathy, 51:in the expansion of the human consciousness on a large scale. This is one of the major tasks of theTelepathy, 99:mental aura. It should be remembered that the large majority of aspirants are definitely polarizedTelepathy, 146:spinal column, and the energy passes (through large and responsive nadis) through the vertebrae ofTelepathy, 179:it in essential being. This form or center - large or small, a man or an atom of substance - isTelepathy, 191:is the instrument and which will be of such a large nature that it will call all his creative
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