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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LARGELY

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Externalisation, 682:of the Hierarchy, do not as a rule intermingle largely with the public or walk the streets of ourExternalisation, 692:close at hand, these magnetic centers will be largely tapped or utilized by the world disciplesExternalisation, 694:this time. This present activity, carried on now largely unconsciously, will be redoubled andFire, 46:of astral and mental matter, mostly astral), and largely due to reflex elemental action. TheseFire, 91:and not so much by clothing and shelter. It is largely a question of polarization. One hint mightFire, 178:development. The egoic triangles are dependent largely upon the reflection in the personality ofFire, 202:point on the astral plane and are therefore largely under the stimulating action of the solarFire, 239:the eastern teaching, and is one that is largely accepted, though diversely expressed and viewed byFire, 258:from other stellar centers, and controlling largely the action of our system and its movements inFire, 280:these contacts are governed, for instance, very largely by his likes and dislikes. All theseFire, 286:humanity. Objective or exoteric information is largely that obtained or ascertained by men in theFire, 297:of the scientists. Crime, as now seen, based largely on the sex emotion, [298] will be a thing ofFire, 326:bodies of men are made. The fourth ether is largely the principal sphere of influence of the "devasFire, 375:the interaction between the two schemes is due largely to their positive and negative polarity, andFire, 405:process will commence. The plan, viewed largely, will be as follows: The four schemes which formFire, 429:ether. Transportation on sea and land will be largely superseded by the utilization of air routesFire, 434:felt, for it is His round, and just as He was largely responsible for the manasic stimulation ofFire, 441:or the force of these two planetary Logoi, are largely instrumental in bringing about coherency inFire, 449:where the three worlds are concerned, very largely fall into a group of mantrams, hidden in theFire, 484:with the return of the Son to the Father and are largely centered in pouring forth energizing powerFire, 493:his comment "a little child shall lead them" is largely the esoteric enunciation of the fact thatFire, 495:is the basic note of substance itself, and it is largely the sounding of the note combinations,Fire, 596:with the seventh Ray. This Ray is the one that largely controls, that manipulates, that geometrizesFire, 646:form or other in all sentient beings and upon it largely depends: [647] Consciousness at one of itsFire, 648:whose name must not as yet be revealed, is largely given over to deva control - the two groups ofFire, 651:forms. At this stage his inability to do so is largely due to a lack of pranic vitality. This isFire, 662:the devas of the astral plane at present very largely control what he does and says, and his goalFire, 684:vitality of the physical frame is to be gauged largely by the condition and action of the heart.Fire, 696:of the effect, and the stimulation works out largely in the astral body. But it must ever beFire, 724:matters, and the value of what is said lies largely in the bringing to the mind of the student theFire, 757:of time. These methods of over-shadowing will be largely the ones used by the Great Lord and HisFire, 841:on the physical plane, and their function is largely to provide vehicles for those of their ownFire, 842:of certain types of machinery; they work largely in connection with the energy of the mineralFire, 857:with his brother man. Physical magnetism is largely, even if not wholly, dependent upon prana. TheFire, 873:mystery of this threefold type of electricity is largely connected with the lesser Builders, withFire, 889:separative and maleficent thoughts of man are largely responsible for the savage nature of wildFire, 933:protects from certain solar influences, and acts largely as a sifter and a distributor of solarFire, 939:next stage is that in which their work consists largely of repair work, and the preservation of theFire, 945:and waters of the body; whilst the third is largely involved in the construction of the frame,Fire, 954:desired by the unit. This is the basis, very largely, for the antagonism that all constructiveFire, 959:through the astral plane. Their reactions are largely based on desire, and are emotional.Fire, 964:the three physical head centers awaken, man is largely subjected to force flowing through the fourFire, 966:power for service for humanity is dependent largely upon three things: [967] The state of hisFire, 968:one, produced by reflex action and based largely on the accomplishment of desire, all is carried onFire, 969:or astral plane, the process of vitalization is largely pursued, for the length of the life of anyFire, 973:which scarce merit the prefix "thought," being largely kamic with an admixture of the lowest gradeFire, 978:is karmic and unavoidable. Third, speech is very largely a mode of communication on the physicalFire, 1033:all that can be said about it is that it is largely due to certain impulses which (as far as ourFire, 1048:the phenomenon called individualization. It is largely the force called Brahma. There is theFire, 1099:physical plane (our seven systemic planes), is largely dependent upon the coordinated activity ofFire, 1140:on the part of some Entity, which activity is largely the expression of the first Ray. ThisFire, 1216:Laws of Group Work These can only be expressed largely through the medium of mystical terms, and itFire, 1223:methods and their synthesis sum up very largely all that can be said anent the actions and motionsFire, 1233:The exoteric interpretation of a symbol is based largely upon its objective utility, and upon theFire, 1233:many kinds and serve many purposes, and this is largely responsible for the confusion in the mindsFire, 1234:of every day, but who as yet works blindly and largely unconsciously. Nevertheless, he merits theFire, 1235:better term - the electrons; these electrons are largely responsible for the quality of anyFire, 1246:in the process of these identifications is largely that pouring through the sixth Hierarchy, whichGlamour, 13:many symbols by which we are surrounded. It is largely the technique for which meditation shouldGlamour, 22:and which, during the coming Aquarian Age, will largely disappear in connection with the astralGlamour, 32:emotional response to environment. Men were largely instinctual animals. Glamor began to be foundGlamour, 161:The freedom of the world is consequently largely dependent upon those people in every nation whoGlamour, 162:and, because of this, world direction lies largely in their hands at this time. It is right hereGlamour, 162:by the humanitarian attitudes which are so largely coming into control, irrespective of anyGlamour, 166:living, the present world order (which is today largely disorder) can be so modified and changedGlamour, 167:public by the world thinkers. It has been also largely aided by the well-nigh unconscious, but noneGlamour, 189:that time. Again, the revelations of science are largely the result of group tension, eventuallyGlamour, 247:Is it to be responsive to the mind and work largely under the impulse of projected thought? Is itGlamour, 254:Anyone can teach breathing exercises. It is largely a matter of periodic inbreathing andHealing, 6:an evolving Entity. The implications of this are largely beyond our ken, but the effects areHealing, 9:Life, and that it has its roots in what is largely designated "cosmic evil." This is a perfectlyHealing, 28:rendered to humanity by the profession does largely offset the evil. That they know not everythingHealing, 50:civilization was the fourth in order. It is very largely the work done in our fifth civilization,Healing, 59:starvation of the emotional nature. It is largely a disease of depletion. Cancer, in its turn, wasHealing, 61:in the soil, and that their presence there is largely due to the burial, down the ages, of millionsHealing, 114:Vol. II. pages 520-625. There the approach was largely from the angle of the mystic, whereas I amHealing, 115:and therefore incident to his being focused largely on the astral plane. The disciple is more proneHealing, 117:warrants trained scientific handling. That is largely lacking at this time, as so few trainedHealing, 130:needless to say, but the second ray deals largely with the soul's activity through all the centersHealing, 133:is primarily physical but the effects are largely psychological, and it is therefore this fourthHealing, 137:to negate this soul control, and which is largely expressed through the activity of the throatHealing, 200:In Atlantean days, personality integration was largely unknown, except in the case of disciples andHealing, 203:react to disease. The health of these organs is largely dependent upon the centers, as theyHealing, 217:and the process of evolution take effect) is largely due to the quiescent state of practically allHealing, 217:more active. Definite trouble then ensues, largely because psychological conditions begin toHealing, 221:our Aryan race and modern humanity; these are largely astral in origin and might be described asHealing, 226:and germs and similar intruding organisms are largely correct, but this is so only if you bear inHealing, 227:the material of their physical vehicle will be largely responsive to that particular urge.Healing, 227:in Lemurian times was sexual in nature, and due largely not only to inherent tendencies, but to theHealing, 238:is also a disease of stimulation, affecting very largely the advanced types of humanity who -Healing, 240:distribute into the physical organism have been largely overlooked. Two factors in connection withHealing, 253:At the present stage, these agencies and groups largely are in the hands of fanatics and devoted,Healing, 256:has not proceeded so helpfully. This is largely their fault. Schools of thought such as MentalHealing, 280:a definite and real danger to the public. It is largely their own faulty approach which isHealing, 283:of the Hierarchy, and its usefulness has been largely negated. Healers and healing groups work asHealing, 289:manifestation, and that disease or health was largely dependent upon them. They are the immediateHealing, 300:and manipulation, as it has been called, is largely astral in nature, producing consequent physicalHealing, 304:coming into power. It is this energy which is largely responsible for infections and contagiousHealing, 312:fall into the category of diseases which are largely based upon the satisfaction of physicalHealing, 321:and immunity from contagious diseases is largely a matter of vitality (perhaps vitality in
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