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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LARGELY

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Meditation, 37:That is, pain as we know it on earth, which is largely pain in matter. The pain that lies hid inMeditation, 38:more negative. The factor of activity. This is largely a matter of ray, and affects closely theMeditation, 60:of value. His lack of will defends him largely from the misuse of the Word, whilst his endeavor toMeditation, 64:meditate, - the effect of its use being very largely one of purification, stabilization andMeditation, 70:touched upon. We will now focus our attention largely upon the centers and the result upon them ofMeditation, 93:of all others. The dangers of meditation are largely the dangers of our virtues, and therein liesMeditation, 93:therein lies much of the difficulty. They are largely the dangers of a fine mental concept thatMeditation, 122:entrance which we call obsession is effected largely through the negative attitude assumed throughMeditation, 129:in view of contacting the Builders who are so largely affected by it, and in endeavoring to pryMeditation, 130:of playing with fire. This transition period is largely responsible for much of the danger. TheMeditation, 146:there permanently. This method is the one most largely used, and is the path of love and devotion.Meditation, 154:Meditation as pursued by the occultist. We have largely generalized and have not in any wayMeditation, 165:on one of the three bodies. These mantrams are largely already in use - though in a much distortedMeditation, 179:widespread era of crime are the results, very largely, of force misused and misapplied. This can beMeditation, 199:or Distributors of Force, and will be largely under their direction, for - when the right timeMeditation, 230:At a low point in evolution the colors are largely based on the activity aspect. Later comes theMeditation, 242:the mind of the reader: 1. The work will be largely subjective and will deal with causes and notMeditation, 247:be (until the esoteric becomes the exoteric) largely in the hands of the occult students of theMeditation, 250:are as yet practically unrecognized, and are largely etheric and astral. Music will be largelyMeditation, 250:are largely etheric and astral. Music will be largely employed in construction, and in one hundredMeditation, 277:with correctness, the object in view will be largely attained. In that effort the right conditionsMeditation, 286:real progress can be made. These limitations are largely crystallization and that which you callMeditation, 288:in his physical brain. This realization is very largely independent of his place upon the Path, ofMeditation, 315:of the occult prototype. As their work will be largely to develop the lower mind of the pupil andMeditation, 317:will work a set of instructors who will deal largely with the lower mind and in the emotional,Meditation, 317:and advanced. This latter part will be largely technical. The first point I seek to make here isMeditation, 359:over the world. It is a universal language, and largely a hieroglyphic cypher. Shamballa The CityPatanjali, 44:attainment for the race preceding the Aryan. It largely ignores the fifth principle and is thePatanjali, 71:(as they speed up the mental body) have been largely contributory factors. The [72] greatPatanjali, 86:given by the physical plane condition is largely instinctual; that achieved through the astralPatanjali, 86:achieved through the astral dream condition is largely sensuous. One is racial and groupPatanjali, 202:of sanitation and of hygiene are well known and largely practised. In the orient, the rules [203]Patanjali, 203:however, the interest of the Hierarchy is being largely centered on the question of psychic purityPatanjali, 203:of the psychic consciousness are also largely dealt with. The entire third book deals with thesePatanjali, 220:universal mind or manasic force. This will be largely thought force and will go to the throatPatanjali, 259:it will be thrown into a modification, dependent largely upon the point in evolution the aspirantPatanjali, 350:and useful purpose. Sutra 44, dealt very largely with objectivity and the nature of the five formsPatanjali, 415:means to knowledge. The problem has arisen very largely from the fact that this thinker cannot beProblemsin this book are valid today and remain largely ignored by the majority of humanity. TheProblems, 11:the interplay and interaction of the nations is largely a psychological one. The soul of a nationProblems, 25:else - because virgin and non-effete stock of largely peasant and middle class origin isProblems, 25:of capital and finance seek control. The same is largely true of Great Britain. The roots of theProblems, 32:ground for later successful work. This work is largely that of education. Hitherto, there has beenProblems, 35:basic objectives which have hitherto been largely ignored. These newer techniques and methods mustProblems, 38:the cornering of the produce of the earth - largely for the benefit of certain groups of ambitiousProblems, 43:George Washington and many others. Geography is largely history in another form but presented in aProblems, 50:Canada, mass education was instituted and was largely copied throughout the entire civilized world.Problems, 61:world are taught that religious differences are largely a matter of birth; that if a man is born inProblems, 61:He will learn that the religious differences are largely the result of man-made quarrels over humanProblems, 64:in spite of all separative enmities. It is largely responsible for the present chaos and for theProblems, 67:of the present political regimes, which are largely nationalistic in their planning and selfish inProblems, 70:and the widespread misery upon our planet can largely be attributed to a selfish group withProblems, 72:by their fellow executives and their hands are largely tied by the existing rules of the game, byProblems, 86:of their trouble. The difficulty again may be largely a historical one and based upon certainProblems, 89:which or among which they find themselves. It is largely the problem of the relation of the weakerProblems, 92:opportunity to all nations but their efforts are largely based on a selfish common sense; they areProblems, 95:the perpetuation of the separation the Jews are largely [96] responsible; in the case of the Negro,Problems, 105:attitudes are needed on both sides, but very largely on the side of the Jews; there is evidenceProblems, 108:both in Africa and in the western world, is largely (if not entirely) that of the white race andProblems, 128:is usually secondary in importance and consists largely of men's ideas about truth. Men have goneProblems, 129:plane. The effect of the Eastern doctrines is largely subjective and negative as to daily affairs.Problems, 136:aspect of the world religions loom more largely in the consciousness of churchmen than the need ofProblems, 144:to this hope and belief at Easter time, largely because His resurrection guarantees our own "risingProblems, 144:life which is in Him and is - unexpressed and largely undiscovered as yet by the majority - to beProblems, 149:on the part of man, it has been in the past largely unconscious, forced upon humanity by theProblems, 167:economic problem. Solve that and wars will very largely cease. In considering, therefore, theProblems, 170:land are beginning to realize that they are largely responsible for what is wrong, and that theirProblems, 170:to preserve the old and fight the new are largely responsible for the present world crisis. TheProblems, 179:the practice of goodwill. The word "goodwill" is largely [180] used at this time by all parties andPsychology1, 5:a hundred and fifty years ago. But it has been largely based upon a study of the abnormal, and uponPsychology1, 81:ray of magical order or organization are largely responsible for the type of man's consciousnessPsychology1, 88:will perform a similar function. Two rays are largely the goal of human endeavor, the first ray andPsychology1, 92:belief in the soul can be posited as being largely a matter of temperament, of the wish and desirePsychology1, 98:The growth also of etheric vision and the largely increased numbers of clairvoyant and clairaudientPsychology1, 176:readiness everywhere in the Occident, is largely due to the work of the Orientalist scholars inPsychology1, 299:the animal nature and the physical plane. I am largely generalizing and would remind you that therePsychology1, 338:dominates man at this time. Human beings are largely centered in their personalities; they arePsychology1, 371:fruitful field of study. These differences are largely in the realm of the nervous systems; notPsychology1, 385:the quarrel between Great Britain and India is largely a family affair in the deeper sense of thePsychology2, 114:world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of those scattered butPsychology2, 142:to be noted how the work of the true servers is largely with the new ideas and not with thePsychology2, 149:our understanding of its activity will depend largely upon the measure of soul force of which wePsychology2, 180:helping of humanity. The work to be done is very largely upon mental levels. The spheres of dailyPsychology2, 186:and the new groups will come into being largely as an externalization - experimental as yet - ofPsychology2, 190:of this divine group activity. The work is largely first ray work. It embodies the method wherebyPsychology2, 205:are the nice good people, who are, nevertheless, largely controlled by the mass consciousness,Psychology2, 208:their pronouncements as to time and place are largely symbolical and must be thus considered. 9.Psychology2, 246:it is the outer appearance. But we have today largely exhausted our interest in the tangiblePsychology2, 270:to the significance of what was, at that time, largely a physical event, and masses of men willPsychology2, 273:the Approach, or the Touch of Enlightenment, is largely due to the successful work of the ChristPsychology2, 301:effect, upon instinctual behavior (which is largely a reaction of the physical body) and upon allPsychology2, 323:apace. The dilemma of the psychologist today is largely due to the fact that the law of rebirth isPsychology2, 324:understood. Man's origin and his goal remain largely unconsidered, and he is studied from the anglePsychology2, 387:himself will increasingly be achieved. This is largely done through the cultivation of the creativePsychology2, 414:are of a different nature and revolve largely around the physical equipment, are concerned with thePsychology2, 414:nature. The human being is, at that stage, largely an animal, and the conscious man is deeplyPsychology2, 416:the animal and the human kingdom has been largely resolved through the recognition of the physicalPsychology2, 441:just as the instinctual nature is today found largely in the realm of the subconscious, so in duePsychology2, 454:phenomenon called idée fixe. They are largely the problems of thought-form making, and by theirPsychology2, 487:but the bulk of them are incorrect as they are largely astral in nature. The result of all this is
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