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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAST

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Bethlehem, 33:fruitage of the religions of the past, being the last to be given out, with the exception of theBethlehem, 39:in all From life's minute beginnings, up at last To man - the consummation of this scheme Of being,Bethlehem, 42:which has been slowly gestating in man comes at last to birth, and the Christ, or soul, is bornBethlehem, 59:between the deeps and the heights. The first and last initiations (the Birth into life and theBethlehem, 66:Christ, and He, with His Mother, journeys the last part of the way. Consecrated from past aeons toBethlehem, 67:Christ child, the Christ consciousness. In the last analysis, it is through form and matter thatBethlehem, 89:for which He stood thus equipped. We saw in our last chapter that this planet we call the Earth, isBethlehem, 110:man - physical, emotional and mental - into one last effort to control the Son of God. Evil is thusBethlehem, 110:the world-power as it collects itself for a last attack. For through this guilt they were stillBethlehem, 111:by Albert Schweitzer, p. 235.) Christ faced this last attack and emerged victorious, thusBethlehem, 113:the personality, Christ and the devil. In these last two the problem of the three temptations isBethlehem, 123:have ideas based on divine [123] essentials, the last state will be worse than the first. SevenBethlehem, 136:to get it. The three initiations which, in the last analysis, may mean the most to the seeker afterBethlehem, 161:betrayed the secret to the High Priest. This last revelation of the secret was fatal, for itBethlehem, 186:It is, however, through the achievement of the last of the manifesting kingdoms, the human, thatBethlehem, 186:tell us that the long task of evolution had at last reached its final phase - if we so choose, andBethlehem, 189:Cross of Matter. There He hangs fixed until the last weary pilgrim shall find his way home. (TheBethlehem, 189:who so subjected it; yet with the hope that at last the Creation itself would be set free from theBethlehem, 200:little by little [200] the idea grew until, at last, the salvation concept might be brieflyBethlehem, 201:to the central problem of sin which is (in the last analysis) the problem of man's essentialBethlehem, 205:This brings us to the realization that, in the last analysis, sin signifies wrong relation to otherBethlehem, 213:His fellow men which led Him to institute the Last Supper, to originate that communion service, theBethlehem, 224:I commend my spirit." His first word and His last begin with the appeal: "Father" - for ever we areBethlehem, 229:sacred whole Receiveth life that shall for ever last." - Richard Watson Dixon [231] This initiationBethlehem, 232:When Jesus was crucified they had lost the last glimmer of hope that he might prove to be theBethlehem, 236:which served the purpose of rendering him the last honors. Before singing his return to life, thereBethlehem, 240:for us to follow: Even self-deception, the last stronghold of the enemy, will lose its power inBethlehem, 243:human thought which marked the early part of the last century, and that we are today on the vergeBethlehem, 243:the time of the end and the overcoming of the last enemy, whose name is Death. This questioning ofBethlehem, 249:is evident to the unprejudiced student. In the last analysis, if perfection is to be ultimatelyBethlehem, 262:with us. The choice is ours. Therefore in the last analysis what is the decision we have to make?Bethlehem, 275:deserves to stand the test of immortality. This last thought is one which warrants our attention.Bethlehem, 275:must change or perish. Man, as he is, is not the last word of creation. If he does not, if heBethlehem, 283:"In the belief that He had attained unto the last stage of perfection the Buddha was about toDestinywhich the United Nations are confronted. In the last analysis, all history is the record of theDestiny, 9:and the Aquarian ages and cannot permanently last. Nothing as yet is permanent. When permanency isDestiny, 46:- which began to take shape only during the last century and has achieved its curiously phenomenalDestiny, 86:worst aspects are dominating, but this will not last as history will eventually prove. The noisy,Destiny, 127:with the dense outer form that has made the last two thousand years produce so disastrously aDestiny, 136:beat or pulsation of the heart and these periods last approximately three thousand years. They are,Destiny, 143:with the Path. This fourth ray is, in the last analysis, the ray which teaches the art of living inDiscipleship1, XV:grasp, if you can, the full significance of this last sentence. Their work will largely be toDiscipleship1, 35:communication. I would point out that in these last three words are summed up the whole story.Discipleship1, 37:and the patient or group of patients. Note this last point. The group idea must always beDiscipleship1, 77:to help my Master and humanity but, in the last analysis, I was very keen about myself [78] as anDiscipleship1, 87:the heart center. In the past and up until the last few years, the keynote has been service becauseDiscipleship1, 89:I shall not fail you at any time... But, in the last analysis, the battle is yours. Discipleship1, 98:suspension of communication and this may last throughout one life; that, however, is not long fromDiscipleship1, 115:to facts. You have ended one cycle of effort last month at the time of the Full Moon of May. YouDiscipleship1, 123:for you to do. One is the fact that in your last life you over-emphasized the intellect and thusDiscipleship1, 142:obvious to you now how true were my words in my last communication when I foretold the growingDiscipleship1, 145:the work of building to which I referred in my last instruction. I am dealing with "buildingDiscipleship1, 148:becomes possible to you. As I told you in my last [149] communication, the path of the WorldDiscipleship1, 162:of the meditation work I gave in my last instruction to you and a renewed effort to meet itsDiscipleship1, 162:I have but little to say to you, my brother, as last year I wrote to you in detail and outlined toDiscipleship1, 166:and organize the needed funds for this task. The last is in many ways the outer expression of theDiscipleship1, 169:I gave to you, my friend and brother, in my last communication. They were: Responsibility,Discipleship1, 173:offer no strain to the inner teacher and, in the last analysis, make the most progress. You haveDiscipleship1, 174:instruction comes first and the more abstruse last. You might well ask at the start of yourDiscipleship1, 176:as I would have you carry out the instructions last given. However, if you care to [177] note eachDiscipleship1, 186:I.A.P. To I. A. P. June 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: The last few years have been for you years ofDiscipleship1, 194:work and the exercises assigned to you in your last papers were intended to cover your work for theDiscipleship1, 194:of one year... I would ask you to study your last instructions with exceeding care. All I intend toDiscipleship1, 200:proceed to work later on. This work is, in the last analysis, dependent upon certain rightlyDiscipleship1, 202:why I asked you the questions I did in the last instructions, and required your defined answers. IDiscipleship1, 203:along which the healing energy can flow. Your last instructions are full of suggestions to youDiscipleship1, 205:But you can learn much thereby, because, in the last analysis, the fourth ray governs humanityDiscipleship1, 207:beauty in your life, you will master the last lesson which this particular incarnation has beenDiscipleship1, 208:comments on time found in my instruction to you last January. I might almost call this the secondDiscipleship1, 210:out carefully some of the implications of this last statement. Then say slowly and thoughtfully:Discipleship1, 219:upon your environment (as was the case in your last life) to an occasional cyclic and almostDiscipleship1, 222:have been dangerous for you to attempt in your last life, for love did not so powerfully controlDiscipleship1, 226:for the stage of accepted discipleship. In this last category you now find yourself. It was theDiscipleship1, 240:reactions block the way of the soul. In the last analysis, your problem is not which of these twoDiscipleship1, 241:reduced you to such a serious condition early last year is now sealed, but it would take only aDiscipleship1, 242:was one of the main factors in your humiliation last year. Such an attitude is easy of achievementDiscipleship1, 242:not easy to express in thought and life! In the last analysis, your problem is the subjection ofDiscipleship1, 243:and steadfast, of your first ray soul. In this last sentence is for you the key to your futureDiscipleship1, 253:seek your aid. Seek them not yourself. In that last thought lies for you much of futureDiscipleship1, 254:govern you in this particular life. Since I last communicated with you, your life has opened outDiscipleship1, 259:- I.B.S. February 1939 MY BROTHER: In my last communication to you, I dealt very thoroughly withDiscipleship1, 262:is the combination. Fortunately for you, in your last life, your personality ray was the second rayDiscipleship1, 265:- R.V.B. January 1933 MY BROTHER: Since I last communicated with you, you have had many conditionsDiscipleship1, 267:time. Continue with it as outlined to you in my last communication. Seek for the symbol to be foundDiscipleship1, 281:continue with that already assigned by me in my last instruction to you, as your own dailyDiscipleship1, 282:continue with the work as outlined by me in my last communication. I think you know within yourselfDiscipleship1, 287:you into organized and planned activity. In this last sentence, I have summed up for you the majorDiscipleship1, 288:soul. I foresaw your present state of mind when last I wrote to you, and it was the realization ofDiscipleship1, 296:the world has been yours most definitely since I last communicated with you. Because you are aDiscipleship1, 300:work. In the assigned meditation given in the last series of instructions, I give you the followingDiscipleship1, 304:with the breathing exercise as outlined in my last instruction. I seek to make no change in this.Discipleship1, 306:first three months, and the second in [306] the last three. Record each day what you feel youDiscipleship1, 310:therefore, a major objective. I have in this last sentence summed up for you your immediateDiscipleship1, 320:of this life expression, in combination with the last life, should bring about the evocation of aDiscipleship1, 321:"to bring through," you began to demonstrate last spring. It should continue. Carry your thought inDiscipleship1, 322:you, my brother, that the instructions which I last gave to you still carry for you the neededDiscipleship1, 323:You have heightened your vibration since I last instructed you and have learnt and realized much ofDiscipleship1, 326:truth at all times. My word to you in my last instruction was to ask you to inculcate in your outerDiscipleship1, 331:This I endeavored to aid you in correcting last year when I suggested that you studied more and didDiscipleship1, 338:Then, remember the words which I spoke to you last year. We grow by the presentation of moments of
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