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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAST

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Discipleship1, 344:fact that it was your personality ray in your last life and is, for you, the line of leastDiscipleship1, 344:to heal and to teach, and these are, in the last analysis, your two major objectives. This shouldDiscipleship1, 352:conversation or exchange of views. In my last instructions to you, I advised you strongly toDiscipleship1, 359:then the mantric sentence which I gave you in my last communication, pondering upon its meaning.Discipleship1, 362:Disciples - R.S.U. July 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: ...Last time I communicated with you I gave you much.Discipleship1, 364:you to love more easily. Please study my last communication to you on this subject) and attentionDiscipleship1, 368:which is to be based upon the work done in your last life on earth. Go forward now to greaterDiscipleship1, 372:in handling your problem. I leave you with the last words of the occult phrases I gave you a yearDiscipleship1, 376:or any inflation of the abdomen. After the last breath say, with thought and consciousness alert: IDiscipleship1, 381:OF OLD: I gave you a long instruction the last time I communicated with you. This, therefore, willDiscipleship1, 384:joy. What happens to the personality is, in the last analysis, of small moment. The attitudeDiscipleship1, 387:The other two uses, I indicated in my last instruction. Discipleship1, 393:out of the paragraphs which I gave to you last time for your consideration. Let your meditation,Discipleship1, 398:the work you have sought to accomplish since my last instructions to you. That is all I have toDiscipleship1, 403:opening up to you, as I indicated to you in my last instructions, and your cooperation is welcomeDiscipleship1, 404:gave you a sufficiently complete analysis in my last instruction. What I there indicated is all youDiscipleship1, 405:to the service of the soul which is, in the last analysis, the service of humanity and of theDiscipleship1, 408:grasped rapidly and well the point I made in my last instruction anent your reaching people. YourDiscipleship1, 423:nervous system time to recuperate. In the last meditation outlined by me, I gave you two exercisesDiscipleship1, 426:meditation. Bear this in mind. Reflect upon your last instructions; they are full of thoughts whichDiscipleship1, 426:pride negate the import of my words. In my last Instruction to you, I pointed out the threeDiscipleship1, 427:of the Angel, will serve to dissipate the last traces of this glamor. I have told you that "theDiscipleship1, 427:understanding been your outstanding quality this last half year? Secondly, is there a possibilityDiscipleship1, 436:ray 6, the Ray of Devotion, of Idealism. In your last life your personality ray was the first,Discipleship1, 437:with the will and power developed by you in your last life) could tend to make you dogmatic andDiscipleship1, 439:as you know, will not leave his post until the "last weary pilgrim has found his way home." YouDiscipleship1, 441:and a Frenchman. He resided in Holland. The last two communications from the Tibetan were receivedDiscipleship1, 443:your orientation and your direction, using this last word in its esoteric meaning. I would suggest,Discipleship1, 458:way I hinted at these two objectives in your last instruction. Your physical body has called forDiscipleship1, 459:for fear that I may unduly influence. In my last instruction, I pointed out that the battle groundDiscipleship1, 465:been brief this time. I gave you all much in my last communication and not yet have you assimilatedDiscipleship1, 465:far from young in years is that of facing the last decade or so of life with understanding, andDiscipleship1, 466:occur, and the first ray personality of your last incarnation left you the legacy of a first rayDiscipleship1, 466:There is no need at this time to change what I last gave you. During the half year ahead I wouldDiscipleship1, 469:- D.I.J. February 1939 My BROTHER: This last year has not been an easy one for you any more than itDiscipleship1, 470:continue with the exercise I gave you in your last instruction. As a preparatory exercise for theDiscipleship1, 476:your occult sensitivity and drive out the last few signs of your ancient and deep seated self-pity.Discipleship1, 479:an esoteric fact. Will you please study anew my last instructions to you and ponder upon them withDiscipleship1, 481:more. The commendations which I gave you in my last instruction stand repeated. I waste not timeDiscipleship1, 483:keeping of the diary to which I referred in my last [484] instruction. I am not changing your workDiscipleship1, 489:1939 BROTHER OF MINE: If you will study your last instructions in the light of the happenings andDiscipleship1, 492:your attention to the point of inertia. In my last instruction to you, I referred to the "glamor ofDiscipleship1, 494:loving, occult duty. Ponder much upon this last phrase. It is a seed thought for your life atDiscipleship1, 496:have exerted a constructive influence during the last few years, but you were too lazy to do so.Discipleship1, 497:upon which your personality was found in your last incarnation. Hence your capacity [498] toDiscipleship1, 505:seek to serve the Plan. Ponder on this last sentence, because for you it holds the secret ofDiscipleship1, 508:you this year is the one with which I ended my last communication to you: I stand by. When I lastDiscipleship1, 508:my last communication to you: I stand by. When I last said it to you, I was under no illusion as toDiscipleship1, 508:submergence in the old lines of thought do not last so long and your understanding is growing.Discipleship1, 514:outcome to your crisis this coming spring. In my last instruction I urged you to eliminateDiscipleship1, 516:do I do - help or hinder? Let me answer this last question in connection with you. You do notDiscipleship1, 518:responsibility is, curiously enough, usually the last to be recognized; [519] and action taken onDiscipleship1, 519:on that recognition is equally slow. Yet, in the last analysis, it is by far the most important,Discipleship1, 534:you have made more real progress during the last three years than you did in the previous ten.Discipleship1, 541:They will produce (as I told you in my last instruction) no faltering in your relations and yourDiscipleship1, 543:March 1939 MY BROTHER: My words to you in the last series of instructions have sunk deeply intoDiscipleship1, 544:I would ask you to continue with the one which I last gave to you, eliminating all the preliminaryDiscipleship1, 551:K. E. S. had only a few years to live. In his last instruction he uses the phrase "where'er youDiscipleship1, 554:the meditation, which [554] I assigned you at my last communication, to perform its intendedDiscipleship1, 555:Only the thoughts which blend and fuse can last. The isolated Way is dark. 6th month - Let theDiscipleship1, 556:ray and your physical body is on the first. This last force type utilized by you in the physicalDiscipleship1, 558:within the head consciousness, and during the last three months will you repeat the meditation butDiscipleship1, 563:your study along the lines indicated in my last communication, and for the next six months to dealDiscipleship1, 566:is a residue of a sixth ray personality in your last incarnation, which was one of great potencyDiscipleship1, 575:the Full Moon. There were two paragraphs in the last instruction I gave you which I again call toDiscipleship1, 584:the second ray soul force which you have at last succeeded in contacting and if you can stabilizeDiscipleship1, 586:this you are now pledged to end. Twice in the last few months, I have noted your earnest efforts atDiscipleship1, 598:my brother, for you have done it all within the last twelve months. Before that time yourDiscipleship1, 599:earlier cleansed and to which I referred in my last communication is again befogged, not so muchDiscipleship1, 601:group to the glamor of one person? For, in the last analysis, others would not have been soDiscipleship1, 604:being garnered. The meditation that I gave you last July can now be stopped, but the threeDiscipleship1, 605:- L.T.S-K. February 1936 MY BROTHER: When last I wrote I feared that it might be the lastDiscipleship1, 605:When last I wrote I feared that it might be the last communication I should be able to make to you.Discipleship1, 607:- L.T.S-K. August 1936 My BROTHER: In my last instruction I gave you certain suggestions. PerhapsDiscipleship1, 607:brother. You have made plans. Will you reread my last instruction to you and again take this as myDiscipleship1, 607:1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I told you in my last instruction that upon the work done during theDiscipleship1, 611:recall to you certain remarks which I made in my last instruction. With your usual aptitude toDiscipleship1, 611:What were the points of real importance in my last communication to you? I will list them briefly:Discipleship1, 611:it looks to me that this will constitute my last effort to assist you, for if this instructionDiscipleship1, 613:easily penetrate and which blot out, whilst they last, all true perception? The glamor of planning.Discipleship1, 615:to the need of humanity and to the Plan and last, and only last, to me. Discipleship1, 615:of humanity and to the Plan and last, and only last, to me. Discipleship1, 616:more swift reaction to it when it appears. Late last summer [617] and early in the autumn, you veryDiscipleship1, 622:ten years ago. Continue with the meditation last given but use no longer the color rose but aDiscipleship1, 625:to Disciples - B.S.W. December 1934 In my last instruction to you, brother of old, I told you toDiscipleship1, 627:them... May I ask you also to study again the last instruction which I gave you, for it stillDiscipleship1, 627:altitude of your tower and that is good. In my last instruction, I spoke to you with frankness andDiscipleship1, 628:sense of isolation. This was developed in your last life as a defense mechanism for a veryDiscipleship1, 634:tower in which you have secluded yourself. This last task has been successfully accomplished. TheDiscipleship1, 643:to you or to any of the group at this time. The last group instructions given were long and fullDiscipleship1, 643:Please give attention to that which I last wrote. The new group work will also suffice to occupyDiscipleship1, 650:will endeavor, in the [650] future, to leave the last named quality out, your life of service willDiscipleship1, 655:suggestion and then resume your meditation as last outlined by me for the remaining three months.Discipleship1, 667:long instructions and several suggestions in the last communication. I would ask you to continue toDiscipleship1, 698:and they can well understand, therefore, why the last fetter cast off by a Master is irritation! NoDiscipleship1, 731:materialized. This force and energy is, in the last analysis, directed by a Master, by a group ofDiscipleship1, 733:the experience of the probationary disciple. The last two are undergone by the accepted disciple.Discipleship1, 761:as distributing agencies for force. In the last analysis, the centers are (when functioningDiscipleship1, 762:of distribution - the latter being one of the last stages in the training process. The constitutionDiscipleship1, 765:advanced aspirant. When we are considering the last three stages, we are definitely dealing with
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