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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAST

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Discipleship1, 765:effects upon the consciousness. Ponder on this last sentence because it holds the key to the rightDiscipleship1, 766:Heart We arrive now at a consideration of the last of the six stages of discipleship. This wasDiscipleship1, 767:and disciple. The normal reaction is that at last the disciple has merited the right to be trulyDiscipleship1, 767:His life or lives of service have brought him at last the reward; he has now free access to theDiscipleship1, 780:Again, I would call your attention to this last theme, reminding you that the true initiate hasDiscipleship2, 9:cursory and perfunctory reading and have, in the last analysis, given no real thought to what IDiscipleship2, 23:you briefly of three points which I made in my last instruction. This is my last effort to bringDiscipleship2, 23:which I made in my last instruction. This is my last effort to bring you each in this incarnationDiscipleship2, 32:the proposition appears extremely hard. Since my last communication to you, certain changes haveDiscipleship2, 33:all the rays and whose personalities - in their last incarnation - were upon all the manyDiscipleship2, 34:of the disciple" to which I referred when I last communicated with you. At that time, I gave you noDiscipleship2, 41:It is more than a year since you received your last set of instructions from me - a year ofDiscipleship2, 44:load. No definite assignments were given in the last instruction, as I felt I would like to seeDiscipleship2, 59:TO MY GROUP OF AFFILIATED DISCIPLES: Since I last communicated with you the outer aspects of theDiscipleship2, 66:forces of evil which are endeavoring to make a last desperate stand upon the astral plane. Discipleship2, 72:as the mechanism of inspiration, for - in the last analysis - it is individual and worldDiscipleship2, 77:very full personal [77] instructions - the last you will receive from me this life on the outerDiscipleship2, 78:The supreme Master, the Christ, said when last on Earth: "By their fruits ye shall know them." InDiscipleship2, 79:situation is not, however, the same as it was last year, and there are certain differences andDiscipleship2, 81:one from the angle of spiritual values. Last year was one of decision - as public affairs haveDiscipleship2, 81:forces which have prevailed during the last few years are not so dynamic. This should be a year ofDiscipleship2, 84:public. Also, it has only been within the last five years that any correspondence course for, theDiscipleship2, 94:All of you - from the first admitted to the last who joined the group - are still within my aura orDiscipleship2, 100:or objective or both - that you could give? This last question goes deeply into your ability toDiscipleship2, 100:1949 MY BROTHERS OF LONG : In my last instruction to you I gave you only a very littleDiscipleship2, 102:which I must say to you as this will be my last instruction on the theme of group work. It is notDiscipleship2, 109:This is not by any means the case. In the last analysis, it indicates a superficial sense of falseDiscipleship2, 109:I leave you to work, serve and study; by that last word, I mean reflect and think. I would commendDiscipleship2, 119:Teachings on Meditation - Part II Part II In the last instruction, I started you on the first partDiscipleship2, 119:initiation. That is as far as I took you in the last meditation but to it must be added theDiscipleship2, 126:outlined. I would remind you that this is my last effort with you in this incarnation and on theDiscipleship2, 132:therefore assigned an alignment exercise when I last communicated with you, and this I did in lieuDiscipleship2, 141:Part VI Part VI The meditation given you in your last instruction had several objectives in view.Discipleship2, 142:The disciple who reaps the benefit of this last suggested meditation becomes - through anDiscipleship2, 142:I had in mind when assigning the meditation last year. It is hard, I know, for the neophyte at anyDiscipleship2, 144:to the one which presumably you followed all last year. STAGE ONE - Preliminary. Pass rapidlyDiscipleship2, 150:prone. I would here recall to you what I said last year to... anent this final stanza of theDiscipleship2, 150:for wide distribution throughout the world, the last stanza of the Great Invocation. It is by noDiscipleship2, 153:become increasingly abstract until - in this last one - you have been occupied with theDiscipleship2, 157:verse in the stanza be changed and that its last line should read: "The Purpose which the MasterDiscipleship2, 173:soul and be satisfied." The final line of the last stanza is also perhaps in need of explanation.Discipleship2, 176:Invocation. How closely you have followed this last meditation I know not. My attention [177] hasDiscipleship2, 177:freer. I plan to give you the seventh and last meditation, and with these seven outlinedDiscipleship2, 179:- Teachings on Meditation - Part X Part X In the last set of papers I gave you a group meditation;Discipleship2, 185:until gradually "the two become the One." In the last analysis, discipleship is the recognition byDiscipleship2, 187:the highest sources. For the reception of this last part or final stanza of the great hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 191:Teachings on Meditation - Part XI Part XI In our last series of instructions I summed up orDiscipleship2, 191:life of the man in training for initiation. The last of these meditations was called The Cross asDiscipleship2, 207:on Meditation - Part XIII Part XIII In my last instruction I made the statement that meditation wasDiscipleship2, 212:who respond to the inspiration of goodwill. This last group, in its turn, works with all who areDiscipleship2, 231:on Meditation - Part XIV Part XIV In my last series of instructions I gave you a group meditationDiscipleship2, 236:particularly want to call your attention to this last phrase which introduces a new concept intoDiscipleship2, 238:fight this imprisonment of the human soul to the last gasp. True unanimity is free decision inDiscipleship2, 243:one - it is not all-exacting. Ponder on this last phrase. The objective demands being made upon allDiscipleship2, 249:known because the Piscean Age is one in which at last the power of physical death is definitelyDiscipleship2, 263:inevitable; I used this word "reaction" in my last instruction. These reactions are frequently, andDiscipleship2, 266:call your attention to some words I wrote in my last instruction to you in reference to FormulaDiscipleship2, 277:the point of unfoldment and the ray type. In my last instruction I gave you three hints, and itDiscipleship2, 285:Points of Revelation In the earlier part of your last instruction, I pointed out two most necessaryDiscipleship2, 295:testifying as it does to the success, at last, of the evolutionary process. The time, therefore,Discipleship2, 295:was the best that could be expected, and in the last analysis was all that was required, becauseDiscipleship2, 303:on the same theme. You will recollect that in my last Instruction the whole subject of meditationDiscipleship2, 304:- Part V The Formulas As I told you in my last Instruction, the meaning and even the format ofDiscipleship2, 314:Teachings on Initiation - Part VI Part VI In my last instruction to you I dealt with some aspectsDiscipleship2, 314:of the Ageless Wisdom. I used a phrase in my last instruction to which I would like to call yourDiscipleship2, 343:of those which have been transcended. In this last sentence I have given you the seventh hint. ItDiscipleship2, 362:of the Plan and its working out is, in the last analysis, an entirely human affair, once it hasDiscipleship2, 373:I would have you ponder on the wording of this last sentence. Each of the five points of revelationDiscipleship2, 387:the agents of the redemptive process until "the last weary pilgrim has found his way home." TheseDiscipleship2, 393:of everything, the work goes on and (in the long last) that which is the divine idea does emerge asDiscipleship2, 422:I have dealt as far as now is possible in the last volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. V.Discipleship2, 430:My reason for so doing was given you in our last instruction, when I said: "When the human crisisDiscipleship2, 446:- L.D.O. September 1943 MY BROTHER: Since I last communicated with you, more than a year ago, lifeDiscipleship2, 448:are you endeavoring to transplant a tree? This last question has far more significance than perhapsDiscipleship2, 451:to which I earnestly call your attention. In my last instruction to you I gave you three words uponDiscipleship2, 455:to you also as three themes for meditation. Last year I gave you the three words: Focus, Tension,Discipleship2, 458:super-organization which emphasizes unity is the last thing to be desired; a multiplicity of livingDiscipleship2, 463:the "bridge of light," to which I referred in my last communication to you. You need their [464]Discipleship2, 466:is incorporated in that lesser aura. In my last communication to you I stated that "love is thyDiscipleship2, 470:always to drink the cup of sacrifice to its very last drop - not at least until the crucifixionDiscipleship2, 471:BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: It is two years since I last communicated with you, via A.A.B., and theyDiscipleship2, 486:Impression and Relationship - I gave you in my last instruction. I am equally confident that yourDiscipleship2, 487:surprised at the result. You could then make the last years of your life fruitful and rewarding,Discipleship2, 502:have laurels, my brother, as I pointed out in my last instruction to you) or shall he - to use aDiscipleship2, 508:twice a day - on arising in the morning and the last thing at night, prior to going to sleep. ItDiscipleship2, 514:experiment in subjective attitudes. That, in the last analysis, is a definition of meditation. TheDiscipleship2, 523:you at this time, and remember that I told you last year that simplicity held for you the key toDiscipleship2, 532:for you to do. I would remind you that in your last instruction I asked you if you were strongDiscipleship2, 534:aloof and self-focused personality. Your last decision and chosen line of activity (which was of aDiscipleship2, 535:the deep water to which I made reference in the last of the six statements given to you last year.Discipleship2, 535:in the last of the six statements given to you last year. The higher the wall, brother of mine,Discipleship2, 536:- L.F.U. November 1944 MY BROTHER: In my last instruction to you there occurs one sentence whichDiscipleship2, 537:Watch for the proof of the correctness of this last statement of mine. In all times of decisionDiscipleship2, 545:ray physical body - a thing which you are the last to desire but which is due to the dominance ofDiscipleship2, 550:the life of the Ashram which constitute in the last analysis what is meant by occult obedience.Discipleship2, 550:field of general human service. I stated in the last instruction to you that "cycles of speechDiscipleship2, 553:will reread the instructions which I gave you last year, I think you will realize that there isDiscipleship2, 556:to "the sustaining aura of the Ashram." In my last two communications to you I left you with theDiscipleship2, 556:express the way of the disciple. In my last instruction to you I gave you the injunction to act asDiscipleship2, 562:a mode of daily life should not and must not last for several lives, because the goal thus
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