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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAST

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Psychology1, 255:Yet it should be noted that, in the last analysis, animals have more to give men than men have toPsychology1, 257:mind. The mental power of humanity will, in the last analysis, be the controlling factor, andPsychology1, 259:the dual road, by treading which they stand at last before the golden door. This final door ushersPsychology1, 268:to approach. But why is it so difficult? In the last analysis, we shall find that the difficulty isPsychology1, 277:matter, and between life and form. It is, in the last analysis, an expression of the Law ofPsychology1, 298:for that very purpose. This sex problem, in the last analysis, is a temporary one, little as youPsychology1, 307:life expression. The sex problem must, in the last analysis, be solved in the home and under normalPsychology1, 319:The Will to be, to exist. It is with only the last four evolving races that we shall concernPsychology1, 327:and caste is a symbol of translation. In the last analysis, souls pass from caste to caste as theyPsychology1, 330:the new group of World Servers. To these three last groups the Hierarchy Itself may well be added.Psychology1, 337:heritage of a son of God. Ponder on these last few words, for in the true understanding of love asPsychology1, 339:of the average man two hundred years ago. The last twenty-five years of man's history have shown aPsychology1, 343:the process of the life experience, produce at last the sense of true values, the vision of thePsychology1, 359:of the scientists which the latter end of the last century and this twentieth century havePsychology1, 372:kingdom, the solar kingdom, the seventh and last to appear in manifestation upon our planet. TherePsychology1, 374:about which men talk has reference, in the last analysis, to this concept, and the scientific basisPsychology1, 403:become the subrays of this controlling ray. This last sentence is of basic importance, for itPsychology1, 426:to be domesticated and trained which is, in the last analysis, the power to love, to serve and toPsychology1, 426:herd into the group. Ponder on the words of this last paradoxical statement. Process: This isPsychology2, 23:of the entire evolutionary process is, in the last analysis, placed upon the development ofPsychology2, 34:and figments of unreality; they are the last stronghold of the ancient glamor, and of the greatPsychology2, 36:Homepage Previous Next Index Table of Contents d Last updated Monday, July 6, 1998 Psychology2, 38:between the pairs of opposites. He spoke at last within himself: 'I cannot seem to find the Way. IPsychology2, 49:The sense of separateness diminishes until, at last, light permeates the darkness, and the AngelPsychology2, 55:the aspects of one reality. Patterns are, in the last analysis, only those types of energy whichPsychology2, 74:and directed orientation or focusing. In this last process, the gain of the past months or years isPsychology2, I can:God. [I can find no other words except these last two to express the ancient symbol from which I amPsychology2, 103:Hence ecstasy and exaltation. But it does not last, and cannot be consciously recovered until thePsychology2, 133:that sounds. It would be well to ponder on these last words, for their true meaning cannot bePsychology2, 134:seeds of ambition. This ambition is, in the last analysis, only the personality urge towardsPsychology2, 159:correspondence of the sense of smell, the last of the five senses to emerge in humanity) has beenPsychology2, 188:communication. It is to be noted that in these last three words is summed up the whole story. ThesePsychology2, 190:and the patient or group of patients. This last point is to be noted. The group idea must always bePsychology2, 195:group objective, and group goal. It is, in the last analysis, the emergence into the subjectivePsychology2, 210:to achieve the goal, whereas the Buddha was the last of the moon chain humanity to do so. As far asPsychology2, 237:it God, and they are right, for it is, in the last analysis, that to which God bends every effort.Psychology2, 240:men [240] (it would be of use to ponder on this last phrase, as it presents an aspect ofPsychology2, 293:to search and to progress, which is, in the last analysis, the urge to evolve. The tendency toPsychology2, 313:coordination and alignment is brought about. The last part of the tabulation was outlined in such aPsychology2, 329:or the transmutation of desire. However, in the last analysis, it might be said that aspiration isPsychology2, 355:love and the power of abstraction. It is these last two qualities of Deity with which we arePsychology2, 393:been achieved (and Patanjali hints at it in the last book of the Sutras) the disciple becomesPsychology2, 426:that the human evolutionary process was, in the last analysis, a series of at-one-ments; each stepPsychology2, 427:does the individual human unit progress. In the last analysis, psychological crises are indicativePsychology2, 439:from the point of vision of the soul (e'en if it last an entire incarnation or severalPsychology2, 447:of "the part within the whole." What, in the last analysis, must be done to make "the lighted area"Psychology2, 454:Cooperation with the Plan. Soul contact. The last three groups of problems under sensitivity arePsychology2, 521:physique of the human being and produce (in the last analysis) the phenomenal manifestation of manPsychology2, 524:the first transference is being made. This can last a long time and cover several lives. ThePsychology2, 533:types of energy. The human body is, in the last analysis, an aggregate of energy units. In thePsychology2, 544:Note the structure of words I have used in this last paragraph for it will serve to elucidate myPsychology2, 547:five major categories and it is only with the last of them that we are here occupied. These fivePsychology2, 586:There are three ancient rules which - in the last period of the Atlantean cycle - were given by thePsychology2, 591:and one of real danger as well. It is, in the last analysis, the Science of Energy and teaches thePsychology2, 620:I would ask you to ponder carefully upon this last paragraph for it holds the clue to thePsychology2, 624:I have been [624] able to say little about the last few points, particularly about those connectedPsychology2, 630:loyalties. The forces of evil are, in the last analysis, only the entrenched ancient ideals andPsychology2, 635:intelligentsia, and the masses of men. In the last analysis, they are the determining factor inPsychology2, 642:organizations to that end seem powerless in the last analysis. They grieve over the economicPsychology2, 650:they are, hence the religious field is mentioned last. It is encouraging for us to observe,Psychology2, 652:new Plan of the Great Ones is, therefore, in the last analysis, simply an extension of the Plan asPsychology2, 659:and religious understanding - all leading in the last analysis to economic stability. The [660]Psychology2, 670:self-imposed leaders, but they are often, in the last analysis, only misinterpreted ideals, growingPsychology2, 703:in 1936 as the result of the work done in the last fifty years; having made it, it became necessaryPsychology2, 727:of sacrifice and the resultant activity. These last few words indicate the attitude requisite andPsychology2, 734:clasped hands above the head, and then - at the last word - bringing them down to the forehead andRays, 14:or life and death. These words are, in the last analysis, as meaningless as the terms good andRays, 24:the end of this century. They form part of the last volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays andRays, 25:being. There is no avoiding these laws in the last analysis, and there is no denying them, for weRays, 27:I would ask you to ponder and reflect upon this last statement. Rays, 35:even if the brain registers it not. In the last analysis, these Rules or Formulas of Approach areRays, 77:or by the heat of passion, but is now and at last only responsive to the light of the soul. It isRays, 103:to circumscribe himself. He discovers that the "last enemy to be destroyed" is brought to thatRays, 103:energizing Will. It is the will that, in the last analysis, produces orientation, focus, emphasis,Rays, 107:body or its emotional nature; he is not, in the last analysis (a most occult phrase) the mind orRays, 107:be used or not at will. We could paraphrase the last two sentences of this fourth rule as follows:Rays, 109:global housecleaning that has gone on, the last state will be worse than the first. We shall haveRays, 135:years within all the kingdoms of nature have at last worked their way out into paralleling physicalRays, 140:as "the prisoners of loving intention" until the last weary pilgrim has found his way home." ThisRays, 152:within which his work has to be done. The last seven rules concern various significant mattersRays, 170:by Him and carried to a conclusion when He was last on Earth, and that He is now achieving facilityRays, 171:to a change in consciousness eventually. This last sentence is of importance. It is at this stageRays, 178:planetary Logos upon those planes. That, in the last analysis, constitutes the main field ofRays, 190:court. The court of the money changers is the last. Meet the descending forces and find the currentRays, 197:of no matter what degree. It is only at the last and highest initiation that the "tendency toRays, 202:the astral plane is in fact non-existent - at last for those of the higher degrees of initiation.Rays, 204:love and of mediating understanding (note these last two words). That there is another center whichRays, 259:initiate of all degrees. Initiation is, in the last analysis, the realization, the recognition inRays, 267:centers of energy to our planetary Logos. In the last solar system They were the planetary Logoi ofRays, 298:of these fundamentals. You will note how this last definition of the goal removes inevitably theRays, 309:disappearing of rays and races. Death, in the last analysis and from the standpoint of the averageRays, 334:on Earth again, and for the first time since its last incarnation in Atlantean days. It is,Rays, 358:far as humanity is concerned, are only - in the last analysis - the four etheric subplanes of theRays, 409:unfoldment of the human consciousness during the last twenty-five years warrants more information;Rays, 417:you may well surmise, its true name, for in the last analysis, freedom and liberation are effectsRays, 447:and directed reorientation or focusing. In this last process the gain of the past months or yearsRays, 505:say that the soul fades or drops out, yet in the last analysis it remains, for in this solar systemRays, 519:three were considered in greater detail than the last three, and I have felt that it might serve aRays, 550:center, for it is beginning to conform at long last to divine intention. I have elsewhere pointedRays, 551:that the energies coming from Pisces during the last two thousand years are now being rapidly
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