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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAST

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Rays, 557:entry into the mind of the creating Logos. This last definition is perhaps one of the mostRays, 564:holds Him in physical expression until "the last weary pilgrim" has found his way home. The extentRays, 578:men ever since it came into incarnation, and the last one hundred fifty years have seen thatRays, 600:had to battle with glamor. Illusion is, in the last analysis, the control of the mental processesRays, 600:at the sixth Initiation of Decision, when the last illusion disappears. You will feel and commentRays, 634:most distorted sense of values. There is in the last analysis but one world and one humanity, andRays, 636:which the Forces of Light were arrayed in the last war. The United Nations has already made a majorRays, 642:you because I know but little myself. Does this last remark surprise you? It should not. From theRays, 654:close of our planetary Life, at which time the "last weary Pilgrim will have found his way home";Rays, 660:which to manifest that perfection. But in the last analysis, human progress is purely relative andRays, 696:to the word "crucifixion" because the last word simply emphasizes the suffering undergone by theRays, 696:physical suffering of a protracted nature, its last "three hours" according to the Bible story,Rays, 706:change all this when the fires of suffering at last succeed in purifying them and burning awayRays, 707:you again that what I am here writing in this last volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays isRays, 722:of man's free will to make decision. The last initiation of this kind was therefore held in 1903.Rays, 736:thing only I know: It indicates the Initiate's last contact with what we understand as cosmic evil,Rays, 736:in relation to the planet. He is accorded this last contact, but such a contact is not based uponRays, 737:forms know naught." This the initiate has at last learnt to find, after the struggle with evil inRays, 759:us until the end of time itself and "until the last weary pilgrim has found his way home." But theRays, 760:points I will not deal. I have dealt with the last stupendous event in the book by that name; andReappearance, 80:share. (Luke XXII, 10.) This they did and the Last Supper took place. The ancient symbol for theReappearance, 110:has been one of an aggressive militancy - the last thing desired by the Christ when He sought toReappearance, 123:phenomena be revealed. The Mysteries are, in the last analysis, the true source of revelation; itReappearance, 156:29.) Each year at that time He has preached the last sermon of the Buddha, before the assembledReappearance, 162:evolutionary current - eventually and at long last - to bring cessation to the world fight andReappearance, 183:divinity, which Christ will inaugurate. For the last ten years, this New Group of World Servers hasSoul, 31:of any medical book, even those published in the last century. Rather is it my intention toSoul, 51:to have been psychoanalyzed and understood at last. Those elusive and intangible processes, calledSoul, 59:medium of ether without question. In the last paragraph of his Principia, he says: "And now weSoul, 60:Body As Newton is not of this century or the last, let us turn to a recent edition (1926) of theSoul, 80:[80] He goes on to say also: "And now at last we see a possibility of arriving at a conception ofSoul, 91:turn, Grows into, and again is grown into By the last soul, that uses both the first, SubsistingSoul, 96:it lasts is tangible enough. But it will not last for ever and in some radioactive substancesSoul, 103:ascend to it, it is called the Udana-prana. The last relay in the cord, from which it receivesSoul, 114:stimulating action. Of the cranial nerves, the last six arise from the spinal bulb (medulla), andSoul, 145:names of the World and the Universe. In the last analysis magic, religion and science are nothingSoul, 150:overwrought imaginations. But during the last few years science, along with many students ofSoul, 152:in all, From life's minute beginnings, up at last To man - the consummation of this scheme OfTelepathy, 36:germinating with real rapidity. It is, in the last analysis, the seed of MASTERHOOD. [37 Telepathy, 55:of your ever-existent environment. It is, in the last analysis, just a question as to whatTelepathy, 62:Science of Impression might be regarded, in the last analysis, as the fundamental science ofTelepathy, 88:which are definitely mental in nature. With this last mentioned type of communication, there willTelepathy, 90:in the realm of service and each related to the last three initiations of the total possible nineTelepathy, 111:the minds of disciples. It is only within the last few centuries that the Hierarchy has shifted theTelepathy, 127:one of the major centers HUMANITY, yet - in the last analysis - all the centers are constituted ofTelepathy, 146:area. A center is a distributing agency, in the last analysis. Even though that energy will affectTelepathy, 163:of the triplicity of solar systems (the third or last) in which the will of God works out, theTelepathy, 181:atom of substance (whatever you may mean by that last term!). [182]
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