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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LASTING

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Autobiography, 33:and noise and much friendship. Maybe I did lasting good; I do not know: I do know that I kept themAutobiography, 83:seem fair. Why give them only one small chance lasting three days, after thousands of years inAutobiography, 144:place. I would like to go on record of the lasting impression which I carried away when I left theAutobiography, 226:myself and my husband who registered a sense of lasting loss. The brooch that she constantly woreAutobiography, 274:ideas about the Masters and the Path, but their lasting power is practically nil. The other threeBethlehem, 125:unreal, simply a glamor which has no true and lasting existence, just a delusion which assails us;Discipleship1, 267:is deep and real. But none of these will be lasting. The grip of the soul upon its instrument, theDiscipleship1, 318:good will eventuate if you make one definite and lasting gesture or act of freedom from your glamorDiscipleship1, 414:you will then occupy yourself with the things of lasting moment and not with the ephemeralDiscipleship1, 502:and the more fluid way and the effects will be lasting in your experience. This is for you a majorDiscipleship1, 519:important, for one's spiritual influence can be lasting and can carry with it releasing power toDiscipleship1, 568:Full Moon Approach, which is a group activity lasting five days, as you know. These three thingsDiscipleship1, 575:producing a temporary discomfort but of real and lasting value. This process has been far from easyDiscipleship1, 591:can - if rightly and wisely furthered - produce lasting world effects; these details must be workedDiscipleship1, 593:have a word with you today, after a silence lasting many months. In this time you have adjustedDiscipleship1, 615:you of my steadfast love and of my deep and lasting desire to help you and to serve you. I shallDiscipleship1, 712:and the response will be effective, real and lasting. Now let me enumerate for you again the stagesDiscipleship1, 715:for personal integrity and for personal lasting happiness. This has to be changed into groupDiscipleship2, 143:can expect to see effects of a surprising and lasting nature within himself, and consequentlyDiscipleship2, 523:Yet, my brother and my comrade, the deep and lasting love of two of your group brothers hasDiscipleship2, 570:- an identification which is true, sincere and lasting. You are apt to think that you now are whatDiscipleship2, 578:produce the stimulation of goodwill, and thus lasting good will offset temporary evil. This mustDiscipleship2, 579:from this inner center, and will therefore be lasting, sound and constructive. Your particular workDiscipleship2, 664:many friends and evoked much love, and that is a lasting process entailing responsibility which mayDiscipleship2, 688:will be [688] wrought in your consciousness of a lasting nature and the light of the group willDiscipleship2, 708:impulses have controlled, the phase has not been lasting. You have a gift of teaching, clearDiscipleship2, 732:acceptance of failure, by your profound and lasting "conviction of sin" (if I may use soExternalisation, 44:But this phase is temporary and leads to a more lasting relationship and to the emergence of thatExternalisation, 134:happenings are incidental and of no permanent lasting power. The physical plane events andExternalisation, 140:or to sacrifice personal temporary values to the lasting and universal values. The individualExternalisation, 165:- synthetic and eternal (and consequently lasting) which the establishment of direct relationshipExternalisation, 166:Lives, sustaining life and giving. This is lasting devotion to the good of the whole or theExternalisation, 205:of establishing right human relations before any lasting peace is possible. This group in no wayExternalisation, 208:right attitudes without which no peace can be lasting and justice will not be possible. Peace mustExternalisation, 231:basic hope of right human relations, of true and lasting peace, of liberty of conscience and ofExternalisation, 260:understanding. All these leaders have produced lasting effects upon the human consciousness andExternalisation, 279:results, if the motive of the life is a real and lasting love of humanity. Love, true spiritualExternalisation, 308:quicker and more immediate in results, but the lasting power is less and the effects are relativelyExternalisation, 431:Forces of Light? Can something of moment and of lasting significance happen at this coming May FullExternalisation, 457:need for a cycle of restoration before final and lasting decisions are made. They will thereforeExternalisation, 634:about in this second decade, and it will have lasting effects upon human living and design. OwingFire, 966:thought forms which are of constructive lasting benefit to humanity, and also why it is that theGlamour, 141:that level of expression - temporary and non-lasting as it may be. The disciple must, therefore,Glamour, 258:will be psychic in nature. They can then produce lasting psychic trouble, for the emanating sourceHealing, 253:for alleviations and cures and for sound and lasting methods of eradication, research students areHealing, 269:the subject of karma as a factor - decisive and lasting in both disease and health - one of theHealing, 304:had made died [304] and disappeared. He had no lasting success and saw naught but failure as HeHealing, 476:elemental life will sometimes fight a battle lasting for days and weeks. When, however, death isHealing, 605:period of patient waiting. The cure then is more lasting, and there is no sense or period ofInitiation, 98:an apprehension of the truth as it is, and is lasting in its effects. It is felt primarily in theInitiation, 134:the Initiate's Bodies The effect is fourfold and lasting, but varies according to the initiationMagic, 415:established a soul intercourse that is real and lasting; they look upon the mind, emotions and bodyMeditation, 60:and of bitter experience is of permanent and lasting value. Only as the disciple - through failure,Meditation, 121:of obsession, either of a temporary nature and lasting for a few moments or more enduring andMeditation, 121:lasting for a few moments or more enduring and lasting for a longer [122] period. It may even beMeditation, 122:[122] period. It may even be permanent and lasting through a lifetime. I have earlier written toPsychology1, 279:as good. Evil will temporarily emerge as well as lasting righteousness. If the effect of the impactPsychology1, 303:bring are not so evil in their nature nor so lasting in their effects as would be the result ofPsychology2, 117:of confidence, of joy and of love, deep and lasting, for each other; they learn to work togetherPsychology2, 186:something can be formed which is immortal and as lasting as the soul itself. One practical pointPsychology2, 194:brought to our attention in order to evoke our lasting cooperation. Psychology2, 376:unity of plan and purpose which must find its lasting place on earth. Work with the Plan; focusPsychology2, 489:from these sources. There is, in them, no true lasting divine guidance. They may be quite harmless,Psychology2, 721:the effect upon the mind and brain is real and lasting. One of the first effects is the stabilizingPsychology2, 742:your point of view, but the effects will be more lasting and it has in it dynamic possibilities.Rays, 641:can take place; this will be binding and lasting; if the cleavage between separateness and rightRays, 680:the spiritual Hierarchy and are contrary to the lasting good of mankind. Rays, 741:though the revelation subsequently accorded is lasting and permanent in its effects. There are fiveRays, 741:when the first five have established their lasting effects. These events are based upon a forcedRays, 741:as bad as the past war; the effects are more lasting, because the war has been largely transferredReappearance, 103:best be presented, so that its results will be lasting, cultural and effective. Hitherto, the
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