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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATELY

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Astrology, 166:of Discipleship. This first ray potency has only lately been experienced by humanity as a whole asAstrology, 238:as one of the Masters of the Wisdom called it lately. A study of The Bhagavad Gita and of Arjuna'sAstrology, 584:two Great Invocations or to the third which has lately been given. I refer to the focusedAtom, 31:it has been as a thing apart, and it is only lately that what I might call the "psychology ofBethlehem, 62:25th December) also the birth of Christ was lately fixed at Rome, in order that while the heathenDestiny, 13:by the many individual initiations which have lately been undergone by those members of the humanDestiny, 121:there has been a change coming about and war has lately been founded upon somewhat higher motivesDiscipleship1, 99:pressure of the work upon me has been very heavy lately. Much work has rested upon my shoulders,Discipleship1, 145:July 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: There has been for you lately (as for so many) a time of testing; yet itDiscipleship1, 147:you know how well I understand all that you have lately suffered. Life has been peculiarly hard forDiscipleship1, 206:You have made much progress towards this goal lately and your first ray soul can anchor itselfDiscipleship1, 226:come a long distance quite rapidly upon the Path lately, and have definitely increased both yourDiscipleship1, 238:to work in conjunction with the group which has lately so powerfully influenced you. But be true toDiscipleship1, 239:work I outlined for you earlier which you have lately neglected and follow my instructions inDiscipleship1, 374:by an intuitive appreciation of people but lately you have hardened in one direction - that ofDiscipleship1, 384:aspirants, you have had much to discipline you lately, and many opportunities have been offered toDiscipleship1, 402:- D.P.R. February 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: You have lately been given work which will constitute forDiscipleship1, 420:ready for use. You have been subjected lately to three things: A tremendous stimulation, as aDiscipleship1, 421:you on your way." You will note that I have been lately using the phrase the "lighted Way" in manyDiscipleship1, 474:Certain changes have taken place in your life lately and by your decisions you grow and by yourDiscipleship1, 478:tell you that your self-interest has intensified lately, you will perhaps not believe me and in anyDiscipleship1, 505:or astral body has also been very poor. Lately, you have changed that condition and your mind andDiscipleship1, 567:as have not arisen in connection with any of you lately. Thirdly, that there is a potentDiscipleship1, 601:communicator who has engrossed your attention lately, I would call you (in his style) a brother ofDiscipleship1, 781:to them but not to the outside world. The papers lately printed in The Beacon and inadequatelyDiscipleship2, 135:such as tile Masters Morya and Kut Humi. Lately the Master R. has taken the position of Mahachohan,Discipleship2, 179:Great Invocation. This Invocation, which I have lately given to you, is the group prayer of allDiscipleship2, 269:see the reason for the emphasis which I have lately been giving to the building of this bridge. ADiscipleship2, 383:(usually Masters like myself who have only lately passed through the fifth initiation) have beenDiscipleship2, 527:you do or the words you write. The book you have lately published I have psycho-metrised and findDiscipleship2, 529:you always and I have held you specially close lately during these difficult postwar days.Discipleship2, 591:1943 MY BROTHER, FRIEND AND CO-WORKER: Have you lately read the statement which I gave you in myDiscipleship2, 615:the sense of magnanimous superiority you have lately been cultivating, and just (how can I put itDiscipleship2, 639:sense of values, which have shifted considerably lately (I say not whether for good or not, forDiscipleship2, 678:to implement. Then, my co-disciple, you have lately succumbed to [679] two personality faults orEducation, 120:the idea of self-sacrifice. This idea has lately shifted from the individual and his sacrifice toExternalisation, 172:lack of joy in the service rendered to the world lately. When I speak thus, I refer not toExternalisation, 190:and middle classes, as has been until lately the case in Great Britain, must disappear. The controlExternalisation, 264:yet has the response failed. Again and again lately, the nations of the world have been called toExternalisation, 508:lives of human beings with more power than has lately been the case. The call has gone out for themExternalisation, 545:to that new, direct and potent channel which has lately been induced by the efforts of theExternalisation, 632:Hierarchy of the planet. The statement, sent out lately, in connection with the Reappearance of theExternalisation, 658:"the substance of humanity" via the Hierarchy. Lately, direct impact has been permittedExternalisation, 670:man's historical past, and all that has happened lately, is assuredly in line with that Plan.Fire, 841:in India and in the Latin countries, and just lately in America. Primary lotuses. These are a groupFire, 1086:the interest awakened in the public mind lately by the giant star Betelgeuse in the constellationFire, 1255:that certain facts connected with this sun have lately come more prominently before the public isGlamour, 160:the general group instructions, which you have lately received, to take much of your time, interestHealing, 583:and the two energies which meet in man have only lately been given out by me, for the first time inHercules, 149:"We do it for thrills," said a teenage gangster lately, "not for money". When this monster crueltyInitiation, 29:qualify, though this includes very few, until lately, from our immediate earth humanity. Those whoInitiation, 96:Venus, is continuous. A similar process has but lately been instituted on another planetary scheme,Intellect, 133:the orderly meditation with which the East has lately dowered us, it seems possible that throughMeditation, 180:may serve somewhat to sum up what I have lately imparted anent forms, mantric or otherwise, as usedProblems, 97:shown little interest in agriculture, except lately under the Zionist Movement in Palestine. ToPsychology1, 90:All research, especially that carried on lately in connection with the modern materialistic schoolsPsychology2, 145:a Word of Power being enunciated by a group has lately been given in the Great Invocation which hasPsychology2, 721:of the united Hierarchy of the planet which has lately made one of its "Great Approaches" to theRays, 244:a turn of the spiral far more exalted than any lately seen. e. The fifth great secret underlyingRays, 397:Paths until He gives the word. This word He has lately given in the case of the Buddha, Who hasRays, 414:the immediate cycle, owing to the factors I have lately considered with you, rapidly passing out ofRays, 621:into equilibrium of mankind. Until quite lately, the Principle of Conflict has grown increasinglyRays, 634:that the main contention in the past of Poland, lately of the Irish, and today of the Jews, isRays, 684:superhuman evolution. You will have noted that lately I have been emphasizing an aspect ofRays, 746:clearly felt; the spiritual issue, as I have lately pointed out to you, is the imprisonment of theRays, 758:to their basic needs. The invocation, lately given to us by [759] the Hierarchy, is a world prayer;Soul, 18:the approach to truth so dissimilar, that only lately have students considered the possibility of
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