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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATENT

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Astrology, 42:distinguish between these Hierarchies. They are latent germs of force centers and manifestAstrology, 51:is gradually fitted to respond to the soul. His latent possibilities for this life are unfolded.Astrology, 66:within their horoscopes and the will aspect is latent but unexpressed. Astrology, 100:of God begins to take form, and consequently the latent life in Aries comes to the "crisis of theAstrology, 102:[102] in Aries, the faint emergence of the latent embodied ideas have - after the turning of theAstrology, 118:still more intently and to reason and think. The latent soul is becoming interiorly active; aAstrology, 123:but they are not manifesting and are only latent possibilities for he is as yet entirely controlledAstrology, 123:man. A good deal of symbolism connected with the latent Christ and the outer expressive personalityAstrology, 126:no connecting band, and in that relationship is latent free choice and free determination. InAstrology, 145:subject along the following lines: Subjective latent consciousness - In Aries The consciousness ofAstrology, 151:for beginning we have: Aries - 1st Aspect - latent - Movement outward into incarnation. The Will toAstrology, 151:upon the Cardinal Cross. Pisces - 2nd Aspect - latent. - Desire for form existence. The Love orAstrology, 151:Mutable or Common Cross. Aquarius - 3rd Aspect - latent. - Consecration to the service of the lowerAstrology, 202:and eager aspiration for progress which is latent in all disciples and which, when stimulated, willAstrology, 208:in a new and conscious manner and then every latent predisposition, every racial and nationalAstrology, 274:- Liberating Light. Virgo - The Christ-life, latent and unexpressed (as is the 3rd CreativeAstrology, 282:womb of time and space. Jupiter, in spite of its latent power, is also "lessened" in influence atAstrology, 290:man. Personality. Lower unity. Virgo - The latent Christ life or principle. Duality. Pisces - TheAstrology, 296:and from them bring the entire subjective and latent world consciousness to the fore and produceAstrology, 318:of subconscious emphasis wherein everything is latent and hidden. Human consciousness is onlyAstrology, 354:Mercury increases in the Gemini subject the latent sense of duality in its various stages and alsoAstrology, 437:therefore: The active intelligence of man, latent in the human center. The initiatory activity ofAstrology, 590:force in terms of Will, i.e., of divine purpose, latent in the mind of God since the beginning ofAstrology, 664:activity whilst Mars demonstrates kundalini latent." (C.F. 181) "In the middle of the fifth round,Astrology, 665:the first Logos have been withdrawn and only the latent life of matter itself remains." (C.F. 415)Astrology, 688:activity, while Mars demonstrates kundalini latent. The truth lies hid in their two astrologicalAtom, 14:something, and a tangible body, but that latent within him is a consciousness, a power, and aAtom, 21:in matter itself, and the tendency which is latent in the atom, in man, and in all that is. ThisAtom, 22:waiting world, but rather as something which is latent within that world itself, that lies hiddenAtom, 45:out before us? Not one atom of matter, showing latent intelligence, discrimination, and selectiveAtom, 56:embodied thought, and this is also the concept latent in the definition of Plutarch. You haveAtom, 105:He starts with all that has been gained therein latent within him. He is self-conscious, and hasAtom, 131:it be safe or wise for him to utilize the power latent in the atom. Everything in nature isBethlehem, 28:there will come the indications that the Christ, latent in each son of God, is beginning to controlBethlehem, 33:of God, as he drew nearer to his own latent and essential divinity as a son of the Father. TheBethlehem, 104:to be found. In this light, inherent and divine, latent and yet emanating from God, Christ saw theBethlehem, 145:in herself that which preserves the life of God, latent yet with infinite potentialities. ChristBethlehem, 152:enters into them, revealing the light which is latent and drawing it forth to potency. "In ThyBethlehem, 152:of all through the recognition of the wonder latent in every human being. That man who sees no goodBethlehem, 203:sense of evil and this reaction to good is again latent in the relationship between the two [204]Bethlehem, 204:successfully rests in an attempt to awaken the latent personal resources of the ego, throughBethlehem, 218:that in the developed personality there is latent the Christ child. Matter, or the virgin Mary, isBethlehem, 271:Inspiration is pouring in all the time; love is latent in every human heart. Only obedience isDestiny, 9:regimes. Most of these groups of ideologies have latent in them much beauty, strength and wisdom,Destiny, 21:and assisted the processes of evoking the latent love in human beings which, in its initial andDiscipleship1, 20:nations. Yet at the heart of every nation lies latent the mystical soul and eventually - after direDiscipleship1, 189:which are deep seated in the astral body; this latent and unrealized power of yours must beDiscipleship1, 239:Your great sensitivity made this easy. Your latent love of power facilitated your delusion. YourDiscipleship1, 265:be doubled and is not yet equal to the power latent within you. The mantram which I have chosen forDiscipleship1, 303:of telepathic rapport. It was for that latent capacity in you that you were originally asked to beDiscipleship1, 304:was entirely right) that in no way negates your latent capacity. I am pointing this out as I wouldDiscipleship1, 363:Your work as an executive has drawn forth your latent wisdom. Your work in my group and in the NewDiscipleship1, 498:transmute knowledge into wisdom, and it was this latent capacity in you which prompted me to placeDiscipleship1, 498:of the love ray. Remember this. It is that latent wisdom which must be developed, and for this,Discipleship1, 627:are concerned but because of the potency latent in such consecrated groups. If the personnel of theDiscipleship1, 746:to God or of the "elect" to the Deity. This latent and unfulfiled ideal is that of the chela on theDiscipleship2, XIII:hindering karmic forces working out and the latent spiritual capacities previously achieved whichDiscipleship2, 42:more clearly emphatic; the new era with its latent possibilities, can be seen upon the horizon,Discipleship2, 96:minds as to your problems and opportunity and latent knowledge, gained as the result of years ofDiscipleship2, 287:with the soul in all forms of life, latent within the planetary substance. When he "took over" thisDiscipleship2, 299:of that which is imminent in man, in nature, or latent in manifestation. Speculation along thisDiscipleship2, 300:rightly focused and oriented. These are within latent possibilities. If you will pause andDiscipleship2, 301:sought to bring about a definite awakening to latent possibilities and to those capacities forDiscipleship2, 306:and experiment are concerned, but which is latent in every man. Discipleship2, 314:so? Your main hope is that as you unfold your latent possibilities, you will be able to help othersDiscipleship2, 395:to you the way to fuller knowledge; the latent significance will inevitably reveal itself, as youDiscipleship2, 422:for which he has the equipment, or at least the latent capacity; he begins to establish thoseDiscipleship2, 444:about, it will be necessary for you to evoke the latent will which must be developed andDiscipleship2, 527:main factor in bringing to the surface all the latent emotion and all the glamor which are todayDiscipleship2, 589:be ushered in and find true expression of its latent energies through the medium of old and patchedDiscipleship2, 614:root of your reaction? Let me tell you. It is a latent, unsuspected and quite unconscious jealousy.Discipleship2, 679:you find yourself stranded but we come to that latent ambition which, you have oft admitted overDiscipleship2, 689:need to foster some divine quality, to move some latent spiritual attribute into a more prominentDiscipleship2, 706:the best that is in you but will also evoke the latent seeds of difficulty, which must perforce beEducation, 10:the trained skill of the electrician? Is there a latent capacity for one or other of the arts, aEducation, 11:as to bring the entire equipment of the child, latent or developed, into functioning activity andEducation, 21:and group objectives. It is the attribute latent in all forms and is that innate urge or discontentEducation, 39:emphasized. The teaching imparted stimulates the latent mass consciousness of the child, and evokesExternalisation, 5:and bringing about the demonstration of latent powers and the manifestation of new knowledges. AllExternalisation, 17:into activity, and bringing to the surface the latent good and also evil. Herein lies much of theExternalisation, 85:indicates to us who know it the possibilities latent in any nation, the point of attainment and theExternalisation, 102:of the fifth kingdom, and it is this latent, yet actively present, factor which leads unerringlyExternalisation, 119:though present, were not recognized. The latent spark of mind served only to bring a relativeExternalisation, 153:Will of God serves to awaken the illumined but latent will-to-good in men and this, onceExternalisation, 153:goodwill. There is so much of this which remains latent and unexpressed because the will toExternalisation, 262:it possible to evoke at this time eternal good, latent in Lives which would normally contactExternalisation, 299:sense - could stimulate the deeply hidden and latent corresponding principle in humanity. TheyExternalisation, 322:of living interrelation which will foster latent love, intuitional understanding and the creativeExternalisation, 387:believed in the divine possibilities which are latent in all human hearts and who know, past allExternalisation, 404:They guarantee to man the possibilities always latent in the human spirit. Today the Christ and theExternalisation, 424:of man; just as good can stimulate the latent goodness in mankind into expression, so evil canExternalisation, 453:Hierarchy stands ready to evoke the good latent behind the work of destruction which has been done,Externalisation, 516:be given to the scientists of the world of the latent forces in man which can be utilized by thoseExternalisation, 654:result, and to bring to fruition that which is latent within the individual. They work with sevenExternalisation, 655:to the surface the mental capacity which is latent in and hitherto unused by the masses of menExternalisation, 692:energies needed to destroy the germs of evil, latent or active, thus eliminating certainFire, 42/43:themselves in a twofold manner: [42/43] First as latent heat. This is the basis of rotary motionFire, 42/43:combination of these three factors (active heat, latent heat and the primordial substance whichFire, 45:also in the twofold manner: First, as latent heat which is the basis of life of the spheroidalFire, 47:of expression are: [47] Active fire or prana. Latent fire or bodily heat. Mental energy in the
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