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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATENT

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Fire, 47:of human attainment for this cycle. When the latent fire of the personality or lower self blendsFire, 51:we might say that the internal fire being both latent and active, shows itself as the synthesis ofFire, 51:just as inner combustion is an expression of the latent internal fires. These latter fires are toFire, 52:inner furnaces which produce warmth. This is latent fire. 2. Radiatory fire. This type of fireFire, 53:produces a [53] different class of phenomena. Latent fire causes the active growth of that in whichFire, 53:which has progressed, under the influence of latent fire, to a point receptive of the radiatory.Fire, 53:The solar Logos or The Grand Man of the Heavens. Latent or interior fire produces the internal heatFire, 53:that has evolved into objectivity by means of latent fire. Planetary, or the Heavenly Men: What isFire, 53:brother. Human, or the Microcosmic Man: Human latent fire, the heat interior of the human frameFire, 53:physical body cells. Organisms nourished by the latent heat. The reproduction of itself in otherFire, 57:attainment was marked by the blending of the latent fires of matter with the radiatory or activeFire, 58:subdivision. Here we will only deal with the latent interior fire of the Sun. Planet. Man. Atom. WeFire, 59:vitalized matter, or substance animated by latent heat. Electricity, substance of one polarity, andFire, 59:modern scientist. They are but aspects of the latent heat of the sun as it approaches the Earth byFire, 60:a mother. Electrical fluid, a fluid which is latent in the planet though as yet but littleFire, 63:His two Brothers. He is the life of matter, its latent internal Fire. His is the fire essence thatFire, 66:in the fiery bowels of the planet. Fire spirits, latent in all focal points of heat, who areFire, 67:to remember that it is the upspringing of the latent fire of matter and its merging with two otherFire, 72:a little through the realization that the latent fire of matter in the atom is brought intoFire, 74:to the Ray of Active Matter, or to that latent heat in substance which underlies its activity andFire, 75:atomic, and with the development of the inner latent heat and its gradual fiery increase until weFire, 85:of the fires of matter ceases to be. The latent fire of the atom remains; it is inherent, but theFire, 85:action of the two fires of matter - active and latent, radiatory and inherent - aided by the fireFire, 97:all work with fire. Fire internal, inherent and latent; fire radiatory and emanative; fireFire, 102:as we know, of the two fires of matter, latent and active, and their merging with the fires of mindFire, 102:human, planetary and solar, the union with latent fire will be accomplished. Here lies [103] theFire, 103:about the finish of an inadequate form. The latent fire of matter (as seen in volcanic display, forFire, 105:emanations of prana have to do with the heat latent in matter; when received and functioningFire, 105:body correctly, they cooperate with the natural latent bodily [106] warmth, and (merging therewith)Fire, 108:which has its basis in the reaction of the fire latent in matter, to the fire emanating outside ofFire, 108:of prana, or its too rapid blending with latent physical fire. We have a curious illustration ofFire, 123:is blended ever more perfectly with the fire latent in matter; this results (as will be brought outFire, 127:this subject of the fires of matter with all its latent dangers. The blending of these fires mustFire, 132:of objectivity, and the increased radiatory and latent activity which it has gained throughFire, 138:vehicles is energized sufficiently by its own latent fires that he can accomplish his long-heldFire, 141:we are considering is that due to the fire latent in matter itself, a motion that is the primeFire, 152:plane is a vast sphere of matter, actuated by latent heat and progressing or rotating in oneFire, 152:each other. Thus by the approximation of the latent heat in matter, and the interplay of that heatFire, 153:rotate through their own innate ability, due to latent heat - the heat of the matter of which theyFire, 155:combustion or disintegration, when the fires latent and radiatory have achieved a specific stage.Fire, 155:point. From there they tend to increase the latent heat, to produce added momentum and to giveFire, 157:fires, during obscuration or Pralaya, though latent, are free from the stimulation that comes fromFire, 159:the first straining of the atom, motivated by latent heat, into the sphere of influence of anotherFire, 160:circle to the sphere of matter, and the point of latent heat. We are not handling at this pointFire, 160:life. We are dealing only with matter and latent heat, with the result produced by rotary movementFire, 161:they then become actively rotating or manifest latent heat; next they manifest duality or latentFire, 161:latent heat; next they manifest duality or latent and radiatory fire; the expression of these twoFire, 175:The Vishnu or the Love-Wisdom aspect is latent in the Self, and is part of the monadic content, butFire, 181:activity, while Mars demonstrates kundalini latent. The truth lies hid in their two astrologicalFire, 188:in Consciousness, pp. 166-167. Sensation is latent in every atom of substance. - S. D., II, 710.Fire, 197:subject that we deal with in this treatise. The latent fire of matter attracts to itself that fire,Fire, 197:fire of matter attracts to itself that fire, latent in other forms. They touch, and recognition andFire, 205:heat of the sheaths, or the tiny point of fire latent in every individual atom of matter. ThisFire, 211:Rod lies hidden "in the East" and holds the fire latent which irradiates the Wisdom Religion. ThisFire, 240:intelligence, will or desire, and their united latent demonstration, love-wisdom. In terms of FireFire, 240:might we express an analogous thought? The fire latent in matter - itself a product of an earlierFire, 262:9 Two higher principles: Active intelligence. Latent love-wisdom. [263] (The psychic nature of theFire, 275:constantly reaches out after the similar life latent in other forms. When Spirit and matter soundFire, 335:mentality, or into that embryo mind which is latent in animal-man, and which simply needed theFire, 346:matter contacted the fire of Spirit through the latent presence of the fiery spark of mind. ThisFire, 349:cause certain effects: Stimulation of the latent fires till they blaze. Synthesis of the firesFire, 349:and caused such a stimulation of all the latent manasic units within His body that a downflow ofFire, 349:faint beginnings in this one. It is not based on latent activity as in the first case, nor inFire, 350:[350] is that of the third aspect, or latent activity, and follows the line of least resistanceFire, 355:as regards the matter of his vehicles, and their latent manasic impulse. So again with a HeavenlyFire, 397:to the external. Mantrikashakti - The force latent in sound, speech and music. These six areFire, 415:Logos has been withdrawn from it, and only the latent life of matter itself remains. SimultaneouslyFire, 447:out and which is imparted to the Builders, being latent in their consciousness. They evolve theFire, 463:force upon the animals, stimulation of their latent mentality will ensue, leading in due course ofFire, 465:of man, through disease, and through causes latent in the animal kingdom itself, much destructionFire, 482:(gained through approach to the Path, or latent through experience undergone in Atlantean days) andFire, 487:of divine alchemy. [487] When through the latent internal fires of the matter of his own sheaths heFire, 489:work in groups subject to: Inherent impulse, or latent active intelligence. Orders issued by theFire, 492:law, and "fire by friction" responds, being the latent fire of the atom, or its negative aspect;Fire, 496:sounds he will find the secret of atomic energy, latent in the mineral kingdom, and will bend thatFire, 556:a Body for an Idea In this statement we have latent the basic principle of incarnation, and ofFire, 596:- love shown in the realization of the one life latent in each Son of God. 85 Why do we considerFire, 604:'inorganic substance' means simply that the latent life, slumbering in the molecules of so-calledFire, 604:gaseous condition, there is life in it however latent and unconscious." - S. D., I, 269, 281, 282.Fire, 701:the spark of manas, Those who fan and feed the latent flame in the best types of animal man, thusFire, 716:the evolutionary law, and one which, though latent, only [717] needed the drawing forth of the typeFire, 720:constitution of the body) of the vitality latent in it, and a temporary turning of that latent fireFire, 720:latent in it, and a temporary turning of that latent fire to the increase of the activity of theFire, 720:In the first, the correspondence lies in the latent consciousness of matter, and works under theFire, 721:planet. The second correspondence concerns the latent "consciousness of desire," and works underFire, 727:units, being the primal embodiment of the latent self-consciousness of the atom of deva substance.Fire, 730:as in the animal kingdom, the human mind was latent and instinctive, and just as in the humanFire, 730:as in the human kingdom the buddhic aspect is latent and instinctive, so during the final cycle ofFire, 730:Atma, or highest aspect of the Monad, is also latent and instinctive. This must produce laterFire, 760:will). Desire for sentient existence is but the latent second aspect seeking expression by means ofFire, 803:of heat as its predominant characteristic; it is latent heat or sensation. Both these ideas,Fire, 810:nature of man, and the development of the powers latent within him - powers which will set him freeFire, 814:of the mental body, and thus develop their latent powers. In the above few remarks are indicatedFire, 837:Compare S. D., II, 99. The higher Principles are latent in the animals. - S. D., II, 266, 279. TheFire, 838:as yet relayed to Them no call. The heat was latent and no outer warmth ascended to Their place.Fire, 862:countless ages on the physical plane, which is latent in substance itself, and is the result of anFire, 867:gradually becomes "aware" of forces, and powers, latent in his own Ego and egoic group. It is theFire, 872:of Brahma. The secret of the third aspect. It is latent in the physical sun. The mystery ofFire, 872:impulse. The secret of the second aspect. It is latent in the Heart of the Sun, i.e., in theFire, 872:force. The secret of the first aspect. It is latent in the central spiritual sun. These three
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