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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATENT

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Psychology2, 665:are unfolding that spiritual perception which is latent but unused in the average man. They have toPsychology2, 707:world difficulty. Each of these causes holds latent within itself its own solution. The presentPsychology2, 742:of activity. Their united good will (at present latent, unused and unorganized) can become a worldPsychology2, 743:or fourth kingdom came into being. The great latent power of self-consciousness was born, and menRays, 8:and contact will only serve to stimulate the latent seeds of evil in his nature and therebyRays, 16:set in motion by far deeper seated factors latent in the relationship between spirit and matter andRays, 48:in mind that initiation deals with factors in latent manifestation for which our languages have noRays, 84:full expression, and this again from inherent or latent capacity. This necessitates the leavingRays, 125:of essential weaknesses. His fanaticism, latent or expressed, emerges in his consciousness withRays, 134:precipitation, and which divine purposes are latent in that field of waiting expectancy, I cannotRays, 140:but upon a vital dynamic and immutable purpose, latent in the consciousness of the planetary BeingRays, 179:or logoic plane. There they are implicit or latent but not active. They are the great "impulsiveRays, 187:as listed above, plus certain other energies (latent or potent) with which we have no immediateRays, 206:counterparts on cosmic levels of the energies latent in the three permanent atoms in the threeRays, 337:and relates the expression more closely to the latent unfolding divinity. The same three words - inRays, 352:two forces of electricity: the innate, inert and latent force of the physical plane atoms of theRays, 366:purpose is to block entrance and to draw out the latent will of the applicant; an initiate is oneRays, 367:name given to the reservoir of threefold fire, latent and quiescent, which is found at the base ofRays, 521:- in full manifestation - of every possibility latent in man up to that time. The achieving of theRays, 526:and to attract around Themselves those who had latent the same divine qualities, and who couldRays, 581:and fostering - if I may so express it - the latent ideology of the Kingdom of God. As regards theRays, 607:three worlds. It is the Principle of Conflict, latent in every atom of substance, which produces,Rays, 726:more go out." [726] The concept of cleavage is latent here also. The Master severs all connectionRays, 730:The word "resurrection" has deep significance latent in its derivation and one that is not oftenReappearance, 75:a manner hitherto unknown. This is the potency, latent in every human heart which was described byReappearance, 101:workers. There is something of this same idea latent in the injunction given in The New Testament,Reappearance, 114:of submission, acquiescence and expectancy are latent in every man. It is these three divineReappearance, 158:- in full manifestation - of every possibility latent in man up to that time. The achieving of theSoul, 99:in connection with the human form, is the force latent in matter itself; it is the integral life ofSoul, 124:and thus, through a blending of the energy latent in matter itself and stored up in the center atSoul, 140:through the power of its magnetism, the force latent at the base of the spine. Thus is produced theTelepathy, 35:The intuition is the infallibly sensitive agent, latent in every human being; it is based, as youTelepathy, 40:has a dual effect: It brings into activity the latent seeds of action and of habits (good or bad),Telepathy, 127:are expressed in the human group but which are latent instinctual tendencies and potential assetsTelepathy, 184:seed or germ of all states of consciousness is latent in every form, and of this the instinct toTelepathy, 196:more clearly emphatic; and the new era, with its latent possibilities can now be seen upon the
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