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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Astrology, 4:position, though not the esoteric understanding. Later, when further discoveries brought more lightAstrology, 7:astrologers, may enable one of them at a later date to discover that key and then - turning it onAstrology, 13:body to the larger whole. This we will consider later, but I felt the necessity of calling yourAstrology, 29:dense or subtler vehicles or even by the soul. Later in the evolutionary process, recognition andAstrology, 57:sacred and non-sacred planets will be considered later. To sum up: Man will, therefore, have to beAstrology, 60:the last and final initiation - present in the later stages of the evolutionary process, in theAstrology, 87:out in the new style of horoscope which will be later developed, then the Science of Destiny willAstrology, 91:creative process. When the initiate (as we shall later [92] see) transfers himself on to theAstrology, 95:individualization. This process culminates aeons later in the reversing of the wheel and theAstrology, 95:of soul through the medium of form, and later of those higher creative undertakings which lead inAstrology, 96:death of the personality and with which we shall later deal when we come to consider that sign.Astrology, 103:into a spiritual awareness which demonstrates later in Aquarius and in Pisces as man, the worldAstrology, 111:The Secret Doctrine and elaborated by me in my later books, that the Sun has to be discovered andAstrology, 112:planetary houses are of dominant importance. Later the influence of the twelve signs supersedes theAstrology, 116:other throughout the cycle of manifested life. Later on, upon the reversed wheel, the personalityAstrology, 125:in the first instance the path of evolution and later the lure of the probationary path with theAstrology, 141:hierarchical life. This we will study somewhat later in this section and when we come to theAstrology, 171:aspect that the symbolism refers, and then later to the fall or disappearance of all that is baseAstrology, 174:an incarnated world server in Aquarius, and later a world savior in Pisces. Astrology, 175:great deal of inner teaching. This is one of the later ways of portraying this constellation.Astrology, 175:of desire and animal incentives, becomes in the later stages the goal of initiation, which meetsAstrology, 178:intuition - Capricorn. Soul consciousness in later stages. "I realize." Inspiration, governingAstrology, 190:and the satisfaction of that desire and, in the later stages of purely personality development, theAstrology, 195:a peculiar triangle of force, but of this I will later deal in Chapter III under the heading, TheAstrology, 197:underlie the Science of Triangles. This I will later elaborate. Another triangle of energy alsoAstrology, 197:- The Star of Direction - governing Shamballa. Later, another Pole Star will take the place ofAstrology, 201:divine distributor of them to individual man and later to the lower three kingdoms in nature. ThusAstrology, 203:To reorient itself to the life of the soul and later. To evidence readiness for initiation. ToAstrology, 214:and to the bottom of the lake he now descends. Later, he reascends to Earth where the white horseAstrology, 219:creative potency, upon which theme I will later enlarge when dealing with the Science of Triangles.Astrology, 242:the three Crosses, and with these we shall later deal when discussing them in greater detail inAstrology, 244:desire (in the early stages) or love (in the later Stages). In Taurus, this means the mindAstrology, 245:can be seen and its goal visioned. At some later date, the same golden thread can be traced inAstrology, 245:we come to study the Science of Triangles at a later date. Suffice it to say here that each ofAstrology, 247:therefore another triangle of power which must later be considered; these triangles will, as I haveAstrology, 259:and upon each other. This we shall do in a later part of this section of the Treatise. VirgoAstrology, 268:through non-sacred planets. This point I shall later elaborate when we come to that part of thisAstrology, 269:before the Throne. With this triangle we shall later deal; I simply want to refer to it here: [270]Astrology, 280:These are points which advanced astrologers will later elaborate but which at the present time meanAstrology, 284:of Virgo: "And the Word said, Let Matter reign." Later, upon the wheel of the disciple, the voiceAstrology, 299:to which it brings him, as a humble disciple. Later, when the new world religion is founded and isAstrology, 299:force. Each of the months of the year will later be dedicated (through accurate astrological andAstrology, 299:month, as Sirius governs Leo. This I shall later elaborate in the papers to be written anent theAstrology, 302:attitude which makes him an individual. Later, as responsiveness grows and the world of smallAstrology, 314:of balance and of a somewhat static equilibrium (later to be disturbed in Scorpio), so that thisAstrology, 331:again is a point which astrologers will have later to take into consideration. I would here like toAstrology, 334:the influences of Cancer. One thing which will later emerge, but which is at present impossible ofAstrology, 337:for you in tabular and suggestive form for your later consideration and study. The consummation onAstrology, 340:psychic nature and produce the battle ground (later to be transmuted into the burning ground)Astrology, 347:lay the ground and to prepare your minds for the later section upon triangles; this will be far theAstrology, 350:energies at this point. I will enlarge upon this later, but the above will give you (even in thisAstrology, 366:with some aspect of the personality, and, in a later stage, with the personality itself. In thisAstrology, 367:person to a fluid versatility; in the later and more advanced stages it leads to an equally fluidAstrology, 380:form nature wherein it finds [380] itself. Then later, when all the resources of the form natureAstrology, 380:astrological research and one with which we will later concern ourselves. This sign Taurus is,Astrology, 386:in nature and the first. Vulcan, as we shall see later, is governed by the first ray, and the firstAstrology, 420:astrology, may not yet be capable of any proof. Later on such proof will be available. All that IAstrology, 434:center" at first unconsciously employed and later consciously directed and attuned - a fullyAstrology, 446:effort when that effort is - at some later date - externalized on Earth. Masonry is governed by theAstrology, 457:Darjeeling - For all of central Asia and India. Later, two more points or outlets for energy willAstrology, 461:This concerns the final building of the later stages of the antahkarana by the initiate. [462] TheAstrology, 463:the process of forming the lower triangle. In a later stage it - as a blend of energies - inducesAstrology, 464:or in the individual horoscope can then be later worked out. In the new astrology which will beAstrology, 465:in the development of self-consciousness and later of the spiritual consciousness in the man whoAstrology, 469:our Earth is not regarded as a sacred planet. Later, when these three energies have producedAstrology, 472:path of evolution; they cover the earlier, the later and the final stages of his growth. These itAstrology, 476:or etheric body, and advanced students will later find that there is a close cyclic interrelationAstrology, 484:the form, and - in the last analysis (as will be later established) - with the Science ofAstrology, 487:in the past the crisis of individualization. Later in human history, when the point of balance wasAstrology, 488:time another will swing into effectiveness and later a third. Each of these in turn pours its forceAstrology, 498:right understanding of astrology will come later when certain new meditations on the twelve signsAstrology, 499:sense certain intuitive implications and ideas. Later, he will perceive intuitively the underlyingAstrology, 514:[514] disciple. As I told you, the disciple will later be responding to the influences of theAstrology, 520:of certain great and unspiritual groups. Later this will aspect will evoke the will-to-good and theAstrology, 521:of Africa one will some day be found and later still (many millions of years ahead) another will beAstrology, 521:is expressing (at present ineffectually, though later a change will come) is that of the second RayAstrology, 524:to humanity at present but which will be later revealed when the present point of crisis isAstrology, 530:and northern Asia. The United States (and later South America) fusing and blending central andAstrology, 532:the revelation would still come but very much later. The issue is not in the balance and there isAstrology, 542:an orientation towards freedom which will later stand in the historical records as the outstandingAstrology, 553:place at first in response to circumstance and later to soul inclination. It is the Cross ofAstrology, 564:as the lesser zodiac of the year plays its part. Later, when the practical value of esotericAstrology, 569:it is in the nature of a diffused call, and, later, consciously, when it takes the form of aAstrology, 571:possible. [571] The second stanza was given out later and was intended to be a test and a "decisionAstrology, 572:This was necessary before wider action could later take place. I would pause here and remind youAstrology, 587:shoulder the responsibility for its wise use. Later when you know more about it, I can give youAstrology, 617:transformation of the One into the Many and later in time and space of the Many into the One areAstrology, 618:reached at first and practically achieved later) they would find it useful to work at the processAstrology, 630:unification between consciousness and form and later complete at-one-ment realized between ThatAstrology, 637:This is the first germ of that which grew later into the Tree of Astrology and Astrolatry." (S.D.Atom, 64:comes to what we call maturity. Finally, in the later stages of life, we have the crystallizationAtom, 86:its own internal course, and just as it also has later to be drawn into and to merge and blend withAtom, 88:the atomic stage into that of group coherence. Later comes the stage when the man begins to realizeAtom, 106:aware first by means of the five senses, and later through the development of the faculty ofAtom, 112:[112] he has to solve, is learning to meditate. Later on, when he comes to the more spiritualAtom, 123:with his own affairs. This is succeeded by a later stage, in which a man's consciousness begins toAtom, 134:man was carried to a high stage of perfection. Later in the great race which preceded ours, theAtom, 143:substance, then we studied the human atom, and later we applied what we knew about both these atomsAtom, 150:Life is working out His own plans, and a later one in which He falls in with the greater plans ofAutobiography, 2:young and tremendously interested in everything. Later, I married Walter Evans and found myself
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