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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Autobiography, 4:way easier for them. This I will enlarge upon later and show how I personally came to know of TheirAutobiography, 15:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter I My sister later took up cancer research and has made herself aAutobiography, 21:of the mystical trend in my life which later motivated all my thinking and activities. Mystics areAutobiography, 22:my life and out of it emerged much good that I later found. Thus I began consciously the age oldAutobiography, 22:of the life could be determined and much later miseries offset, if the cause and the purpose of theAutobiography, 23:on the adolescent urges and dreams will later receive more attention. I regard the silly adolescentAutobiography, 23:my grandparents of his death and I remember also later when his valet turned up with his things andAutobiography, 25:and even today, more than fifty years later, I am still conscious that I am breaking rules if I putAutobiography, 31:she refused to leave us, feeling (as she told me later when I was older) that I personally neededAutobiography, 32:in this period I acquired my taste for mystery, later to be developed into a great love forAutobiography, 52:the Latin into Old English and thence, at a much later date, into the standard St. James Version.Autobiography, 55:explosion was like a full stop. Several weeks later I returned. This time I had memorized my talkAutobiography, 56:class held at Lucknow, India, several years later. A whole crowd of army schoolmasters got into theAutobiography, 58:was to bake buns - hundreds of buns - often later in the day to load them into a pony cart (onlyAutobiography, 59:believe, the cycle of interior questioning which later led me out of my theological morass. ForAutobiography, 64:at me but made no comment. Two or three days later when we were having breakfast I heard, herAutobiography, 66:they were unfailingly nice to me. One of them later sent me a lot of religious books for one of theAutobiography, 66:to be at that time, though I did do that trip later. I found a wire awaiting me, telling me to getAutobiography, 67:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II Three years later I had gone to Rhanikhet in the Himalayas to openAutobiography, 73:spring the country is a riot of cosmos and then later come the sunflowers. Thereby hangs a tale. IAutobiography, 93:thing I recollect was waking up seventeen hours later to find Miss Schofield's face on one side ofAutobiography, 107:tower of strength and I shall never forget her. Later the doctor sent in a practical nurse but sheAutobiography, 109:dearly love, but I will tell you more about her later. I came back to the States on a small boatAutobiography, 128:part of my life. As I told my daughter years later, "We never know what lies around the corner."Autobiography, 131:I did what I could. Curiously enough, a few days later I went into a restaurant and sat down withAutobiography, 155:In January, 1919, I met Foster Bailey and later, after [156] I had been granted my divorce, weAutobiography, 158:of all, to his own inner divinity, the Soul, and later, to the Master under Whose guidance he canAutobiography, 158:could not be so limited in consciousness and later I met many people who were disciples of theAutobiography, 165:gave him two large bundles of incense for me. Later, Mr. Carpenter saw General Laden Lha atAutobiography, 167:is probably trying too hard to make good, but later, it is effortless and the results are clarityAutobiography, 179:be used by the aspiring disciples of the world. Later I will touch upon Invocation which is theAutobiography, 181:Craigie did not come with them; she followed later. Never shall I forget their arrival at the GrandAutobiography, 186:and of the instilling into young people in their later 'teens that the wages of sin is death. OneAutobiography, 190:pupils of H.P.B. and this Mr. Prater recognized. Later he gave me the esoteric section instructionsAutobiography, 193:rallied around us. Two of them twenty-four years later are still working with us and two of themAutobiography, 201:hold the view that if a divorce is procured any later marriage is adultery. I remember so well inAutobiography, 207:Although I had no means of knowing about them, later I would discover what it was all about and IAutobiography, 211:and we left for England. A couple of years later I was sitting up in bed one morning reading aboutAutobiography, 211:autograph hunter had stolen it. Several years later, walking down 43rd St., New York, I suddenlyAutobiography, 211:the Grand Duke, Foster Bailey and myself. In a later life we shall know the reason for the contactAutobiography, 218:name, they proceeded to cancel the lectures. I later received a letter from the president of theAutobiography, 225:is a Jew. At the time we met him at Ascona and later visited him in Italy the Jews were wellAutobiography, 225:her husband and herself and Foster and me. Later we stayed with them frequently in their beautifulAutobiography, 226:very artistic and devoted to her husband. Later, Ellison married a fellow-officer of Terence's,Autobiography, 228:which snare the gullible occidental. Three years later I went down to Washington, D.C., to give aAutobiography, 237:as to provide vehicles for the evolving life and later, when they have served their purpose,Autobiography, 241:their work and are definitely getting results. Later we hope to develop certain groups that willAutobiography, 245:form of psychic writing and of psychic work. Later she changed her mind when I explained to herAutobiography, 246:doing. This teaching was misinterpreted by the later theosophical leaders and they made certainAutobiography, 246:of the next century, up until 2025 A.D. A.A.B. later felt that it would be of value to me and toAutobiography, 248:for initiation have to master. (NOTE: It was later decided by the Tibetan and A.A.B. to publishAutobiography, 250:upon the antahkarana (which will appear in a later volume of the Treatise on the Seven Rays) hasAutobiography, 252:their grasp of circumstance, they know that in a later life or lives the majority of those who areAutobiography, 253:neophytes, I indicated to A.A.B. (in 1931 and later) a group of approximately 45 people - someAutobiography, 254:but that my anonymity would be preserved. Years later, owing to this mistake of [255] A.A.B., I amAutobiography, 260:reaches of consciousness and impelling the later more particular study, which is so much to beAutobiography, 260:of the seven globes of the Earth chain, which later may be incorporated in the second edition.Autobiography, 264:have been disastrously guilty. Teachers will later appear who, will have a true understanding ofAutobiography, 264:the Path of Discipleship and to come - at some later date - into direct contact with the Masters.Autobiography, 264:of the past and the true schools which will later appear. These facts might be summarized asAutobiography, 276:to "impressions" coming from his own soul and, later, from the [277] Master and the Ashram. He isAutobiography, 277:and fusion between soul and personality and, later, direct relation between the highest spiritualAutobiography, 278:the active participation of the student invoked. Later, when the disciple becomes an activeAutobiography, 287:and in all forms is considered and interrelated. Later the attention of the student is directedAutobiography, 294:We believe that it is already present and will later be recognized as the culminating kingdom inAutobiography, 299:reappearance of the Christ. It is only in these later years that we have come to understand howBethlehem, 8:culminating religion. It is the greatest of the later divine revelations. Much of it, since itsBethlehem, 19:and the great and holy feast of communion was later held in that house. The reference isBethlehem, 25:for the teaching of the "little ones," and could later be undergone openly and expressed for usBethlehem, 35:(I Cor., XV, 31.) Each of us must sooner or later prove this for himself, because "living religiousBethlehem, 43:story, the work is carried on which makes the later achievements possible. We are primarilyBethlehem, 45:John, III, 3.5.) this is the first Initiation; a later one is that 'of the Holy [46] Ghost andBethlehem, 47:but the specifications of that work were only later made clear to His mind. He simply recognized aBethlehem, 48:follow me." (St. Luke, IX, 22, 23.) Then we read later in the same chapter that "He steadfastly setBethlehem, 54:The events immediately ahead are sensed, to be later intelligently considered; there is a moment ofBethlehem, 61:and (16) the betrayal by one of the twelve. Then later there is (17) Mid-summer Day, the 24th June,Bethlehem, 67:nature controls and rules. Then there comes the later stage in the history of the race and of theBethlehem, 93:than at present, and be deemed worthy, at a later date, of a greater revelation. It is only ourBethlehem, 112:of the young, and therefore determining their later beliefs - the devil and Saint Nicholas, orBethlehem, 129:They are parts of a future whole, and will be later welded into a spiritual synthesis. But thatBethlehem, 136:it, uncolored by the interpretations of a later son of God, no matter if brilliant and sincere, asBethlehem, 144:past, and the technique of its control is to be later superseded when the message of Christ's lifeBethlehem, 156:made apparent to those of us who have followed later in His steps. This is a point at timesBethlehem, 160:had recognized in the Temple as a child was later endorsed by God. This recognition is repeated,Bethlehem, 161:baptism. That was after the harvest. A few weeks later it was known to the Twelve, by the fact thatBethlehem, 163:Initiation - The Transfiguration We shall see later that upon the revelation of the risen ChristBethlehem, 163:the new presentation of religion be built and, later, the new theology be constructed. The trueBethlehem, 163:from that high point of achievement, and can later share with Him an understanding of the nature ofBethlehem, 193:offered as a forecast of that which Christ came later to reveal. When the sun passed (in theBethlehem, 198:from his birth of original sin, in addition to later sins committed in his own lifetime. A man canBethlehem, 224:all." (Eph., IV, 4, 5, 6.) Furthermore, in words later used by Christ, the psalmist says, "IntoBethlehem, 232:too. Now we meet these men and women a few weeks later and they are utterly changed. It is not thatDestiny, 17:the early stages but fusion and blending in the later and final results. If you study the nationsDestiny, 27:today much too nebulous for certitude. I will later deal with this matter and will indicate theDestiny, 47:Age which we are considering; it will eventuate later in the development of a worldwideDestiny, 57:at any one time; the mental pattern, emerging later in time and governing the thought processes ofDestiny, 92:- For India and the greater part of Asia. Later, two more points for energy will be added to theseDestiny, 96:of Africa one will some day be found, and later still (many millions of years later) another willDestiny, 96:found, and later still (many millions of years later) another will be discovered in the region ofDestiny, 96:is expressing (at present ineffectually, though later a change will come) is that of the second Ray
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