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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Destiny, 99:to humanity at present but which will be later revealed when the present point of crisis isDestiny, 104:and northern Asia. The United States (and later South America), fusing and blending central andDestiny, 111:the age of worldwide discipleship, leading later to the age of universal initiation in CapricornianDestiny, 118:of the physical form and allied matters. In later days, we have the appearance of alchemy in itsDestiny, 122:upon the astral plane of that which will later precipitate upon earth. But the time is not yet andDestiny, 132:mystical way and the occult path. It will lead later to the formulation of the higher way; of thisDestiny, 141:Buddha and the Christ. The Messenger Who will later come and express the Shamballa urge toDiscipleship1regarded by me as most unsuitable choices but later I altered my point of view and recognized thatDiscipleship1, XIV:that both these men would die a few years later. He is obviously preparing them for that greatDiscipleship1, 12:demonstrate at once in the group itself and later on - when the unification is more complete - inDiscipleship1, 13:Ponder on this distinction, my brothers. Later, when the group is really established, it shouldDiscipleship1, 17:of these schools of the Mysteries which will later be restored to the world and to which I referredDiscipleship1, 28:formulation into concepts by the mind, plus the later process of materializing that which has beenDiscipleship1, 28:of energy and forces which will lead later to the rebirth of humanity. [29] Little by little, theDiscipleship1, 29:light and revelation to the world of men will later be an accomplished fact and is already muchDiscipleship1, 35:it embodies a purpose which can only materialize later when the Plan is further perfected, failsDiscipleship1, 52:this "distressing revelation" which will later take place in a higher state of consciousness. WhatDiscipleship1, 58:to do for you, at present on a lesser scale and later, in other lives, as I now do it. The courageDiscipleship1, 64:of great age and unique blindness. But that later, in some far distant cycle, and when karma hasDiscipleship1, 67:Certain types of force are, as you know, to be later utilized by the groups for specific group endsDiscipleship1, 73:work. This comment warrants your attention. Later, when the needed adjustments are made and groupsDiscipleship1, 73:for all the groups and for general distribution later on. The teaching upon specific group workDiscipleship1, 80:establish a telepathic rapport with each other. Later, when there is a closer individualDiscipleship1, 85:a group, demands it. This is a hard saying but later a clearer understanding will come of what thisDiscipleship1, 86:present opportunity. Many of them will find out later that they have been left behind as far asDiscipleship1, 90:disciple learns to do this within himself and later to direct the energy (some chosen andDiscipleship1, 93:an ascertained and gained unity. To these were later added teachings concerning the creativeDiscipleship1, 94:initiation and are being prepared for one of the later initiations. There is nothing surprising inDiscipleship1, 97:and uninterrupted service to humanity at a later date. This occurs quite frequently between theDiscipleship1, 104:therefore, may cause you temporary surprise but later you will see the reason. They are as follows:Discipleship1, 106:stand in spiritual Being and love all beings. Later I will outline for you that training and thatDiscipleship1, 106:so that a calmness of rhythm may be achieved. Later, upon that accumulated knowledge of years, aDiscipleship1, 107:to you your progress in subjective sensitivity. Later, a group relationship will be established andDiscipleship1, 110:and to serve with increased effectiveness. Later, I will (if you progress in sensitivity) train youDiscipleship1, 131:you remember this as you work in my group and later - as the group works unitedly to dispelDiscipleship1, 132:Coming in, as you have done, several years later than the majority, in order to take the place ofDiscipleship1, 136:in subtle and unrecognized ways. These we can later elaborate when the required synthesis andDiscipleship1, 178:will produce automatically two techniques which later we can study in greater detail: the techniqueDiscipleship1, 183:you were establishing those relations which may later manifest. I wonder if you are proceeding inDiscipleship1, 183:you and your group brothers. A disciple and later the initiate of some degree or other - from theDiscipleship1, 191:destroy. Keep on with the same meditation. Later I will give you an entirely new mode ofDiscipleship1, 200:established, we can indeed proceed to work later on. This work is, in the last analysis, dependentDiscipleship1, 205:tend to act precipitately. When this occurs, you later discover that you initiated conflict insteadDiscipleship1, 208:to make in the present in relation to these two. Later, as you come to know yourself more wiselyDiscipleship1, 209:of you an analysis of your rays, five in number. Later, I will endeavor to show you all the stateDiscipleship1, 211:which should increase as the years go by. Later, I will indicate to you some work which can withDiscipleship1, 213:Interlude - 8 counts - Realization of work done. Later we might increase these counts but thisDiscipleship1, 229:These lead one on and prepare one for the later more vast expansions which we call initiations. ItDiscipleship1, 232:But the point for you to grasp is that this later part of your life is pronouncedly preparatoryDiscipleship1, 241:as an illustration of much that you will later study. Hence good is being wrested from seemingDiscipleship1, 264:the light. Note their increase of capacity and later their individual reaction to you yourself. ByDiscipleship1, 276:difficulties. I shall have more to say to you later when the adjustments necessary to your chosenDiscipleship1, 284:of your meditation work each day your thoughts. Later see what has been the net result. Should youDiscipleship1, 285:training and discipline, it will be possible, later, to form a unit of occult potency and I mayDiscipleship1, 296:and a growing awareness of group problems. Later it produces definite group consciousness andDiscipleship1, 298:you can work, unless I see fit to change it later... Will you also, my brother, write down what mayDiscipleship1, 301:esoteric group which you will again find at a later date, though probably - not inevitably - inDiscipleship1, 303:form the basis of the meditation which I can later give you. Discipleship1, 338:I am not giving you a definite meditation till later. But I particularly beg you to concentrateDiscipleship1, 354:Find out all that you can about the hands. Later, I will indicate the future use of this science ofDiscipleship1, 360:about a condition which it will be difficult later to change. What causes this condition, myDiscipleship1, 369:who guided those who laid the ground for later building, he slept and ate and played upon the outerDiscipleship1, 372:to undertake it as seems to you best. Perhaps later, I shall see a pronounced change - fullDiscipleship1, 389:indication of the meditation to be given to you later. What do you understand by the thought of theDiscipleship1, 401:that it holds for you renewed opportunity, and later a readjustment of your time and interestsDiscipleship1, 402:ray equipment upon your immediate environment. Later we will go into this matter in greater detail.Discipleship1, 403:building. This I will take up in greater detail later. I would like to call attention to the factDiscipleship1, 404:I there indicated is all you need at this time. Later, I may perhaps elaborate, but at present youDiscipleship1, 407:The importation of the Ageless Wisdom will come later and naturally when you have proved to themDiscipleship1, 407:quality must supervene. More I will give you later, but the above hints will give you that whichDiscipleship1, 408:the training which you need and will enable you later to be a server whom we, the teachers on theDiscipleship1, 409:promise of being both powerful and constructive, later. But at this time, you cannot handle theDiscipleship1, 416:the group activity proved too much for her. In a later life she will resume her place. Discipleship1, 441:to the Tibetan's words. P. D. W. died later in the year, and "ceased from the outer activity,"Discipleship1, 450:and you are entirely willing to wait for, and later to put to the proof, the answers and theDiscipleship1, 459:your thoughts may take shape and these when later embodied in words may carry real benefit to yourDiscipleship1, 522:First of all, I had to lead you to create it; later I taught you to perfect it and then to use it.Discipleship1, 527:go forth to love and serve." NOTE: Four months later this disciple went forth "to love and serve"Discipleship1, 539:will you ponder on them, within the head, and, later, brood on them in the heart. These keyDiscipleship1, 546:would have you do no breathing exercises at all. Later, when your physical health is betterDiscipleship1, 551:you live that life." K. E. S. died a few months later. Discipleship1, 553:with one of my disciples, I feel that until later in the year there is little need to change yourDiscipleship1, 566:physical expression. Ponder upon the above and later, we will deal with your problem moreDiscipleship1, 588:for your resignation from my group. I may do so later. I have two simple questions to ask you: WhyDiscipleship1, 596:aspiration and devotion to the Great Ones, and later to myself, a working chela of the Great WhiteDiscipleship1, 596:of age is attained, it is seldom established later. After that age, a man may hold to the pointDiscipleship1, 606:remembrance. Ponder deeply on these words and, later, write an article in which you will link theseDiscipleship1, 609:evidence too much? I will give you some verses later on in this instruction, upon which I will askDiscipleship1, 612:into my group of disciples an aspirant who, in a later life, will shift her consciousness on to theDiscipleship1, 615:I ask for your resignation from the group. If in later years you indicate to me a change of heartDiscipleship1, 622:[622] One, you already know. Another, you will later recognize. This means leading them to find theDiscipleship1, 623:with the exemplification of skill in action. Later, when I may call upon the group of disciples toDiscipleship1, 631:and even imminent expansion of consciousness. Later I will ask you to tune in on the heart life ofDiscipleship1, 631:clarity to your vision. What these will be, will later emerge, but the time is not yet. Discipleship1, 634:you must be absorbed by soul dedication and later, as the years slip away, by initiation. Only oneDiscipleship1, 638:therefore, for a year or so. You are young. Later it will appear more clearly to your perceptionDiscipleship1, 638:and of a clearing of the ground for later activity. The thoughts below, my brother, if rightlyDiscipleship1, 647:side that your monadic ray is the first and that later, in your next life, it will be necessary forDiscipleship1, 669:and in the spirit of service, I will give you later some ideas upon which you might work. I willDiscipleship1, 674:as "one within his Master's heart." There is a later stage of still closer identification, where
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