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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Discipleship2, 610:and no middle chamber, but only complete unity. Later in our planetary history, this design willDiscipleship2, 611:in daily living is sacrifice. Compensation comes later into recognition. You have, my belovedDiscipleship2, 624:an astral condition recognized by the mind and later seen to be one of the effects of the steadilyDiscipleship2, 624:in the interplay between the two is emotion and, later, thought. But thought is a later realizationDiscipleship2, 624:is emotion and, later, thought. But thought is a later realization and reveals emotion; it is notDiscipleship2, 629:of bringing much intuitive perception and later revelation. [630] Will you therefore do theDiscipleship2, 635:and greet you as a brother. What takes place later between you and the Master is your ownDiscipleship2, 641:will lead to greatly minimizing other risks later in your planned work. A.A.B. will talk with youDiscipleship2, 644:of expression. This usually comes towards the later years of a disciple's life. It concerns hisDiscipleship2, 656:many lives, am satisfied. NOTE: Seventeen months later, this disciple entered "into the brightness"Discipleship2, 657:increased inner, spiritual relation which later will produce that outer synthesis for which all menDiscipleship2, 660:down to the heart center and hold it there for later use. Do this as a soul whose nature is love.Discipleship2, 664:who may form the nucleus of your own group in a later life experience? One of the things which IDiscipleship2, 668:aspect. The work which it is planned for them later to undertake will eventually prove so difficultDiscipleship2, 668:or periphery of Shamballa are called) suffices later to evoke the love aspect in greater fullness,Discipleship2, 677:is located in New York at this time, though later - if deemed wise - it may be moved to London.Discipleship2, 712:At the center of each should work a disciple. Later, I shall suggest that the work in Australia beDiscipleship2, 734:transmuted into the higher powers, leading to a later liberation. In this problem of the glamor ofDiscipleship2, 736:in its turn, produce its inevitable effects later. I call this to your attention, my brother,Discipleship2, 736:personality and determined by the lower self. Later, after a life or lives of balancing, the die isEducation, 10:training should not be emphasized until the later years of the educational process. The time isEducation, 10:developed. 4. Vocationally, so as to place them later in life where their gifts and capacities mayEducation, 25:controlling in each case. The technique to be later applied will then be built upon this importantEducation, 27:colored by conscious sentient response, is later [28] colored by the discriminating consciousnessEducation, 29:generalizations as to the educational processes later to be applied, with the mental apparatusEducation, 37:the Aquarian Age. Other disciples will later elaborate my theme, but the subject is as yet soEducation, 60:source. That is of relatively small moment; later he will recognize their emanating source. TheEducation, 65:his three lower vehicles of manifestation, and later through his integrated personality. HavingEducation, 68:come to have more abstruse significances to you later on. I would challenge all esotericists toEducation, 73:the early Aryan, or emotional-mental type; the later Aryan or early New Age type, which will beEducation, 75:the mischief is done and the form which his later educational processes may take, from the age ofEducation, 75:for much of the pain and suffering in later life. What then can be done? What, apart from the moreEducation, 83:reactions will be watched and cultivated; in the later grades, in what is equivalent to the highEducation, 95:as a response to the world's need for help. But later the appeal will be general and its usefulnessEducation, 96:mind eventually to the higher mind and later to the Universal Mind. It is one of the major buildingEducation, 96:grow with the aid of the illumined mind, and the later work of training the disciple to create isEducation, 109:of humanity, involving as it does (in its later stages) responsibility and right action. We shallEducation, 116:interpretation of ideas, and hence the problems. Later, when the race sees its problem withEducation, 122:of the future. What is the synthesis which will later be thus produced? Permit me to list a fewEducation, 145:in the three worlds of human enterprise, and later in the other two worlds (making five) ofEducation, 146:himself and others. Between group and group. Later, when the divine Plan has become a reality toEducation, 148:sentiency down upon the physical plane, and later bridges the gap - through meditation and serviceEducation, 148:for all of you - and for those who will later study these instructions anent the new education - toExternalisation, 4:to break Their long silence and may appear later among men. This necessarily has a potent effect,Externalisation, 6:are unresponsive at first, and over-responsive later; it pours into brain cells which, from lack ofExternalisation, 30:intuited an idea and then tried to give it form, later calling in the help of those who saw hisExternalisation, 31:plane. The other six groups will be mentioned later. You have become somewhat accustomed to theExternalisation, 34:result in the emergence of the Hierarchy at a later date [35] upon earth, coming forth from theExternalisation, 39:groups of which this second group is one. Later, when the new civilization is nearing appearance,Externalisation, 46:of the Hierarchy that the groups which will be later formed, and which are today in process ofExternalisation, 54:the Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks Later we shall study these and other ways ofExternalisation, 56:called to your attention and with these we will later deal, for they are in the nature ofExternalisation, 60:which is found upon the surface of the earth and later went down into the depths, thus bringingExternalisation, 71:The remaining four causes which we will consider later might be enumerated as follows: The time ofExternalisation, 86:and in nations, and this science will later be recognized. It is by means of this science that theExternalisation, 90:The clue to what I have to say comes later in the same ancient writing, and here I will roughlyExternalisation, 102:not at the beginning dynamic. The force which it later exerts will be due to constant pervasiveExternalisation, 111:to bring at least some measure of light to you. Later I will try to explain the significance of theExternalisation, 139:647) that it should be possible to have - at a later date - a worldwide recognition of a Day ofExternalisation, 143:time comes. To this task I call each of you. Later you can swing these people into active goodwillExternalisation, 143:to a point of dynamic livingness, ready for later use. But, my brothers, nothing can be done unlessExternalisation, 156:anent Them though I shall touch upon Them again later in this article. Externalisation, 159:remain personally unverified by you until a much later date in your unfoldment. Externalisation, 168:of what is happening today must, sooner or later, produce an at-one-ment between all nations andExternalisation, 200:in collaboration with them, such as China, and later Japan. These three great blocs would not beExternalisation, 271:in order to enhance their importance, and will later be restored and will then assume a new andExternalisation, 291:a vision which is first a possibility and later an achievement. This is the historically provenExternalisation, 297:for what they truly were; only history, at a later date, laid emphasis upon their achievement. ButExternalisation, 298:racial quality - a quality to be worked out later as the race unfolds. Coming forth correspondinglyExternalisation, 314:to gather out of all the past pamphlets and my later writings those plans and instructions onExternalisation, 328:work for this group and for those whom they may later choose as collaborators. Small groups mustExternalisation, 328:Small groups must grow out of this group later, when it is duly established and functioning. FromExternalisation, 330:countries - occupied and unoccupied - who can later be swept into constructive activity. Thus thisExternalisation, 364:factors which made this catastrophe possible. Later, another article appeared, called The ComingExternalisation, 367:as the initial focal point and expressing itself later in full force through Germany. The secondExternalisation, 383:the past, foster it by thought and prayer, and later by direct communication. Thus a great networkExternalisation, 385:spirit of goodwill and for world reconstruction. Later, these lists can be amalgamated, if deemedExternalisation, 394:Invocation which I gave you. Now, seven years later, comes the opportunity to carry forward theExternalisation, 397:become available to the mass of men. I gave you later another Stanza of the Invocation, of greatExternalisation, 402:along this line, I may not write at this time. Later I will elaborate for you the greater and theExternalisation, 418:using certain great formulas of words which will later be given to the race, as The Lord's PrayerExternalisation, 426:and the lives of millions of people at a later date for a temporary cessation of hostilities. IExternalisation, 427:would sacrifice the children of tomorrow and later generations. The work of the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 448:well intentioned but relatively useless, as later happenings proved. One of these initialExternalisation, 467:to keep the immediate issue clear. We will deal later with the Forces of Reconstruction. I wouldExternalisation, 480:is committed the expression of the Will of God (later to be implemented by the Hierarchy under theExternalisation, 490:as the Occident is concerned, and considerably later for the Orient. Prior to these set points inExternalisation, 504:activity; I can but give you evidence which may later be demonstrated as true. These Masters areExternalisation, 521:on the outer plane. This is preparatory to later envisioned developments. If this can be done thenExternalisation, 545:externalization of certain of the Ashrams, and later to the appearance of the Hierarchy on earth,Externalisation, 553:or Ray will be direct from the Buddha (and later Shamballa) to the Christ, and then from the ChristExternalisation, 556:play of the imagination; these ceremonies will later be externalized at some center in everyExternalisation, 559:Hierarchy and the restoration of the Mysteries. Later, if these steps prove successful, other andExternalisation, 562:use such a word) to take place several centuries later than this but which - owing to theExternalisation, 566:mankind for the new revelation - to be followed later by the restoration of the Mysteries. 7. TheExternalisation, 569:degree are competently preparing to institute later those newer techniques and modes of financialExternalisation, 570:work under Their direction. It is only in the later stages, and when the time has come for theExternalisation, 570:whether working in the early stages or later when the true externalization takes place, will workExternalisation, 573:mode of this new type of political guidance will later appear. This second group will implement theExternalisation, 579:and unimportant effects [579] to be dealt with later) the disciples of synthesis and the
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