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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Externalisation, 581:being, to the exclusion of all true values. Later, disciples and initiates of the seventh ray andExternalisation, 584:human welfare. One interesting distinction will later emerge and condition the new age inExternalisation, 590:failure to lay the emphasis upon God Immanent. Later on, when the [591] truth of the ChristExternalisation, 621:term) its rajasic quality, and this leads later on to the highest quality of rhythm or sattva. ToExternalisation, 644:the proletariat during the revolution and in the later years of the first quarter of the twentiethExternalisation, 646:system of barter and exchange; then, in later civilizations (predominantly including ours) we haveExternalisation, 646:the products of the mineral kingdom, and then later came paper money, made from the products of theExternalisation, 653:reappearance of the Christ at a date somewhat later than the externalization of the Ashrams andExternalisation, 658:true monastic spirit and discipline will emerge later in the historical processes of humanity. 6.Externalisation, 659:energy which can only be applied very much later on and only if the activity of the six precedingExternalisation, 667:upon the physical plane, and then, somewhat later, the reappearance of the Christ. We now come to aFire, VII:truths imparted are so partial and subject to later revelation and expansion that this fact, ifFire, xii:upon which more detailed instruction may later be built, as the great tide of evolutionary teachingFire, xiv:the truth possible at any one time will be seen later to be but a fragment of a whole, and [xv]Fire, xv:later to be but a fragment of a whole, and [xv] later still be recognized to be only portions of aFire, 28:remnant, in the place appointed, emerged at later date from out the zone of safety. The watersFire, 44:as a duality, though what lies hidden in a later cycle, evolution alone will disclose. This thirdFire, 46:of Attraction as is its greater correspondence. Later we can enlarge on this. It is this spark ofFire, 51:and united they control (partially now and later entirely) the lower threefold man or theFire, 52:Fire elementals or involutionary entities. Later we will elaborate on this when we consider theFire, 58:systems will be dealt with in detail in a later subdivision. Here we will only deal with the latentFire, 64:in the logoic trinity. Earlier it was not so, later it will not be, but now it is. When viewed fromFire, 65:Brothers (for always the three will be seen, and later the seven, who eventually merge into theFire, 67:whose part it is to tend the fires that will later destroy the causal body. We need to rememberFire, 80:Builders into the form or mould upon which later the dense physical body can be molded. Under theFire, 89:all that is as yet of practical use. More may later be forthcoming for our helping if that which isFire, 98:triangle is the originating impulse for the later pranic circulation throughout the entire system.Fire, 100:sense than heretofore, and the subject may later be enlarged. Two fundamental truths stand out fromFire, 104:and the trend which applied medicine may later take when occult laws are better understood. OneFire, 107:and the whole system is thereby the loser. Later it will be found that many of the ills thatFire, 109:planet a similar state of affairs may be found. Later information may be forthcoming, which is atFire, 113:from the etheric web on the physical plane. Later he escapes from its correspondence on the astralFire, 115:web in order to effect liberation, and permit a later and more adequate form to be employed. AFire, 115:the appointed escape and destined liberation. Later we will take up the consideration of theFire, 123:in matter; this results (as will be brought out later) in certain effects. It produces a quickeningFire, 128:of the Supreme Being, which perforce will be later demonstrated when the present objective isFire, 142:(one of the cosmic laws) with which we will deal later, only pausing here to say that this Law ofFire, 145:its deity in the three worlds of experience. Later, when the body egoic itself is seen as illusion,Fire, 148:in manifestation for the desired period, and later to abstract them, and blend them again withFire, 153:by the same fundamental qualifications. Later we will consider these [154] conditions, but must nowFire, 155:Babbitt's "Principles of Light and Color," and later in Mrs. Besant's "Occult Chemistry." ThisFire, 163:the statements of those who profess to know. Later when man can see and prove for himself, it willFire, 166:Ego first comes into control, or activity, and later (after initiation) the Monad, thus bringingFire, 166:is left, first to man in the three worlds, and later to the Monad. This body of fire is "the bodyFire, 167:blends and merges with the fire of mind, and later with the fire of Spirit, producing thusFire, 171:wherein mind is beginning to be felt and thus to later Lemurian days. 3. The divided circle. AtFire, 198:the mystery of the Rod of Initiation. 84 Later when we consider the subject of the centers andFire, 249:life. This emanates from his egoic group, and later from the Heavenly Man, in Whose body he is aFire, 250:the three laws from the seven into the three and later into the one. His group relation. HisFire, 254:atom emanates from man on astral levels, and later from buddhic levels. Magnetic stimulation of manFire, 254:emanates from the Heavenly Men on buddhic, and later on monadic levels. Magnetic stimulation of aFire, 288:points for more detailed elucidation at some later period. 1. The Interrelated Parts Primarily IFire, 306:acquisition, or the acquiring of that which must later be transmuted. The work of transmutation, orFire, 319:on the solar physical. It will be demonstrated later as science attains more and more of the truthFire, 322:scheme will be, during evolution, seven. Later, during the period of obscuration, three of theFire, 326:is the etheric sphere within which, at a little later date, the human and the deva evolutions willFire, 330:concerns man. Both these divisions will be seen later as existing on every plane in the system andFire, 331:We will not enlarge upon the subject, as it will later be discussed as fully as may be possible.Fire, 440:purpose [440] for close on two thousand years. Later again the same force will be felt returning,Fire, 440:obscuration as far as we are concerned. We shall later take up at greater length than has beenFire, 457:of the seventh Ray upon the sons of men. More later may be available but enough has been suggestedFire, 482:fires, the lunar words, the solar words, and later a cosmic word. The secret of electricalFire, 484:of the atom, and the escape of this essence, later to take a new form. Radioactivity, pralayicFire, 509:from the physical permanent atom, leaving later stages on cosmic levels, with which we need notFire, 529:by friction and solar fire, but it remains for a later mahamanvantara to reveal [530] the trueFire, 539:nevertheless, as regards the microcosm, and later extend the idea to the Heavenly Men. Let usFire, 546:response, hence the greater rapidity of the later stages of unfoldment as compared with the first.Fire, 548:causal body and egoic groups. This will produce later a better comprehension of the effect of oneFire, 554:forms extraneous to himself, we shall deal with later. The methods whereby vibratory response isFire, 557:incarnation is as yet the dominant note. Later His desire for that will be less and will becomeFire, 563:factor comes in upon which we shall enlarge later, when considering the elementals. The specificFire, 580:and the five lesser sheaths are destroyed. Later on the Monads themselves are synthesized, notFire, 591:(love in the Triad), and the Monads of Love. Later on, this will be understood more fully, but itFire, 592:under the law in a static condition, until in a later period a fresh opportunity will come; oldFire, 595:one's entire environment; patriotism gives place later to love of humanity, often humanity asFire, 599:from the animal kingdom into the human; and later, another door opened, on to the Path leading fromFire, 600:are the first, the second, and the seventh. But later, the Rays now major may become subsidiary,Fire, 611:and Cool Radiance, shining through the vehicle. Later (for the time is not yet) as he comes toFire, 648:this stage animates his dense physical vehicle. Later, as the third major scheme assimilates theFire, 668:the driving urge and motive which demonstrates later on the physical plane in activity of someFire, 677:of any thought-form. These we will deal with later when studying thought-form construction. AFire, 692:to their evolutionary stage. This is of later date for the seven than for the three. An idea of theFire, 692:might be noted, - the appropriation at a still later period in time and space by the individualFire, 700:for man, the cycle of maturity. The earlier and later cycles mark that of growth towards maturity,Fire, 713:man responds to the plan blindly and ignorantly. Later, as evolution proceeds, their work isFire, 730:also latent and instinctive. This must produce later stages of development. There are no gaps inFire, 737:ability of the man to meditate upon experience. Later, when the Ego dominates the personality life,Fire, 738:pay for their sins, voluntary and involuntary, later on. Meanwhile they are rewarded; receive theFire, 738:he may undergo a pralayic condition until in a later (and sometimes much later) root race he willFire, 738:condition until in a later (and sometimes much later) root race he will respond to its vibratoryFire, 754:not do so) taking the first initiation. Later, towards the end of the greater cycle, the comingFire, 755:owing to the retention of buddhic force, but later this force will be set loose on earth via theFire, 763:points and nothing more; the triangle which is later seen connecting the points is notFire, 766:the beginning identifies Itself with sensation. Later, when the Self is beginning to, identifyFire, 775:body and finally with the etheric body. At a later stage in the evolution of man (the stage whereinFire, 775:of the alignment of the three bodies which will later be an accomplished fact. The fifth spirillaFire, 786:that he is carrying on is thus unknown to him. Later he will speak less, know more, and constructFire, 788:lower man, these two in the etheric body. But later - in order to know even on the lowest plane ofFire, 791:of the dense physical body is a long one. Later on, the vibration becomes more powerful and theFire, 811:or activity of the solar Lord - will themselves later be raised, and developed to the human stage.
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