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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Hercules, 73:360, The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett). And later he holds out before us a stupendous idealHercules, 97:Hercules with joy at first, with questioning later, as they saw the manner of his travel; no arms,Hercules, 124:Virgo: "And the word said, 'let matter reign'. Later, upon the wheel of the disciple, the voiceHercules, 127:the city gates and there prepared for that which later should befall, the test supreme. The TibetanHercules, 190:humanity, but he prepared the way for his own later work. There are three constellations inHercules, 209:In the case of the Buddha, the story starts later than that of Hercules and we see the BuddhaHercules, 211:are directed toward the material side of life; later, toward the spiritual. Polar Opposite: Libra.Hercules, 213:In the early stages, satisfaction of desire; in later stages aspiration for the goal of initiation.Initiation, 12:where the man is controlled entirely by neither. Later the Ego controls more and more, until in theInitiation, 37:or age. Some of the great names during the later periods are known to history, such as ShriInitiation, 42:in India, Europe and America, and those who will later be concerned with the coming sixthInitiation, 56:that the great religions of the East, with the later development of the Christian faith in all itsInitiation, 58:earlier still when he was both Roger Bacon and later, Francis Bacon. It is interesting to note thatInitiation, 64:lives is generally kept at this kind of work. Later, as he makes Progress, he may be moved to moreInitiation, 76:and passed, leading to a closer link at a later period with all associated with the discipleInitiation, 76:first) in gathering together those through whom later he will work. Cultivate happiness, knowingInitiation, 81:that we are here dealing with disciples. Later on as they progress, the various lines approximateInitiation, 83:having to expiate the injury through later prolonged service, wherein the group members themselves,Initiation, 90:to help humanity on this globe; we will deal later with some of the lines of work that stretchInitiation, 92:of daily life can he expect to achieve those later stages which are but culminations of the manyInitiation, 96:will be held over for further development during later periods, or will be transferred to thoseInitiation, 100:This realization will save the student from much later confusion. That we are considering factsInitiation, 110:step during such and such a life. Each life, and later each year, report is made, until the finalInitiation, 113:Revelation of the "Presence" Right through the later periods of the cycle of incarnation whereinInitiation, 113:the three vital senses. Taste and smell follow later, but life can be lived without them, andInitiation, 119:Hierarchy to be the necessary preamble to all later revelations. Initiation, 120:he has played and has to play in the plan, and later of the plan itself in so far as it concerns:Initiation, 125:he sees the glory of his perfected egoic group; later the radiance which pours forth from the rayInitiation, 125:sons of men of one particular color and type; later again he gets a glimpse of the perfection ofInitiation, 130:these properties by man is but the preamble of a later and more definite recognition, which willInitiation, 137:By the withdrawal from the etheric body. By a later vacating of the astral body. A final leaving ofInitiation, 143:sometimes initiation has to be postponed to a later life, even when the initiate has done theInitiation, 176:in this great initiatory process, as in all the later ones, the awakening of consciousness isInitiation, 176:of gradual evolution, in its turn, leads up to a later crisis which is called Initiation. In theInitiation, 181:upon the path for service that will be chosen later by the adept. This statement must be linked upInitiation, 188:the law of vibration on his own ray. Later he will have his habitat on the planet corresponding toInitiation, 189:the Planetary Logos holding sway upon the earth. Later again as his evolution progresses, he willIntellect, 8:Instinct and Intuition, page 85. As we shall see later, it is the thought apparatus which isIntellect, 39:tends. The evocation of the will-to-know, and, later, of the will-to-be, must follow a naturalIntellect, 52:possible for man to [52] coordinate them and later to unify them, in consciousness, with theIntellect, 52:in consciousness, with the indwelling soul. Later comes control by the soul, and a steadilyIntellect, 54:his personality is under development, but which later, through proper meditation, enables him toIntellect, 56:that unity which is himself. Through it, he later discovers his relation to the universe; he findsIntellect, 82:the illuminated mind transmits (as we shall see later) soul knowledge to the physical brain; theIntellect, 84:5-6. This we shall take up in greater detail later on. Through meditation, as a consequence of allIntellect, 86:and science, may or rather must sooner or later be succeeded by an equally serious attention toIntellect, 97:is deviation from the strict path of rectitude. Later this comes to be known as the Voice of theIntellect, 97:is ourselves. Each of us is a Word made flesh. Later still, we call it the awakened intuition. TheIntellect, 102:it is simply registered and stored up, finding later expression as memory and anticipation. Moods,Intellect, 109:of consciousness desire is transcended, just as later in the stage of contemplation, thought isIntellect, 113:of the meditation work. This we will consider later. We have, therefore, the four stages brieflyIntellect, 123:in its turn the brain, attuned to receptivity. Later again, the mind becomes responsive to anIntellect, 123:of the meditation (carried forward into its later stages) is that the mind should cease to registerIntellect, 133:a process of thought. That is past, while the later stage is not yet achieved. It is a period ofIntellect, 136:Study of Mysticism, page 62. He speaks later on in the same chapter of the breathless attention,Intellect, 138:lower states of consciousness are to be known. Later, when a man has gained control of the mind andIntellect, 151:409, 415, 416, 422, 178, 172. Patanjali goes on later to point out that, after properIntellect, 159:and the growth of transcendental powers for later consideration, we will confine ourselves to theIntellect, 168:illumination that this condition will be found. Later it will be seen that true illuminationIntellect, 171:is first seen, sometimes outside the head and, later, within the brain, when in deep thought orIntellect, 171:it, like a radiant and very brilliant sun. Later, at the center of the radiance, a point of vividIntellect, 204:is rapidly hastened, and is followed later by the unifying with the trinity of man of anotherIntellect, 214:the mind. This is the coordinating factor. Later it is realized that the soul has an analogousIntellect, 215:are followed by the effort to meditate, and later - much later - the power to contemplate makesIntellect, 215:by the effort to meditate, and later - much later - the power to contemplate makes itself felt.Intellect, 216:a book, or the movies, or from another gossip later on in the day. Let us be truthful withIntellect, 218:to our business, let us find some time for it later on in the day. There is always a way to beIntellect, 230:as formulating the notes upon which you will later speak. Carry your mind on from stage to stageIntellect, 242:correctly what he has seen and contacted, and later transmit it correctly and accurately to theMagic, 13:two senses in which the word "psychic" is used. Later we will deal with the growth and developmentMagic, 15:focused, and open-minded can they be recognized, later understood, and finally adjusted to theMagic, 16:this has been a slow and piecemeal undertaking. Later, and before so very long, light will pour in,Magic, 21:[21] becomes aware. This, as we shall see later, is a gradually growing realization, shifting everMagic, 27:and to the three worlds of his normal evolution; later he became group conscious and was no longerMagic, 38:man accurately as "an animal plus a God". Later it is more strictly human, neither purely animalMagic, 41:within the brain, and is only discovered and later used when the highest aspect of the personality,Magic, 46:cosmic forces which, it will be recognized later, play upon and produce changes in our solar systemMagic, 50:Logoi, focuses His energies. This will be later elaborated. The point to be noted here is simplyMagic, 51:in the same book gives a statement covering a later stage of this discriminative realization. ThisMagic, 55:from [55] the standpoint of his own character. Later we may get down to the application ofMagic, 63:He knows and feels himself to be a son of God. Later, however, the clouds seem to descend and he isMagic, 79:All has been in due course of evolution, and later when the Orient and the Occident have reached aMagic, 85:with "the greater light" and will take up later the "throwing upward of the lower light". This isMagic, 87:that we are primarily concerned in this rule. A later relationship, which in no way concerns us, isMagic, 90:divine energy in any direction and - after the later initiations - in all directions. We will now,Magic, 94:fashioned its lighted form on the mental plane. Later, the thought of service and of self will beMagic, 96:objective of humanity. During the period of the later initiations, the positive use of theMagic, 96:equilibrized use of soul force, but that is a later stage with which the aspirant need not as yetMagic, 99:stages destructively and with harmful results. Later when acting under the influence of the soul,Magic, 106:light in the head which is the forerunner of the later stage of initiation. In this stage, the soulMagic, 107:plane atoms of which the brain is composed; later they may speak of seeing what appears to be likeMagic, 107:etheric light, plus the physical atomic light. Later they become aware of an intensely brightMagic, 116:principle governing the personality but it must later be transmuted into the greater principle thatMagic, 116:of logic manifestation and form the basis of later progress. They control the man during his littleMagic, 127:work, the word is sounded audibly, whilst later it is sounded inaudibly. This training in the soundMagic, 127:sensitivity of the inner ear, the etheric ear. Later, when the personal note or sound isMagic, 131:Secondly: In this sensing of the plan and its later materialization, human units are involved andMagic, 141:make it possible for further uses to be imparted later. May I add, that the sound is only trulyMagic, 145:forms which drew together, turned together, and later separated, but still the life moved on.Magic, 146:[146] revealer, whilst the Spirit aspect will later be recognized as sound. Complete light and
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