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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Magic, 146:wherein it, itself, is a functioning entity. Later, in time and space, that functioning formMagic, 146:source becomes aware of the Self, and later of the Kingdom of the Self. Humanity as a whole isMagic, 147:a reiterated word, sounding in time and space.) Later, when the vibration of the environing formsMagic, 147:increasingly aware of the vibration of the Self. Later, on the Path of Probation and ofMagic, 153:is hoped, in a more rapid unfoldment during the later stages upon the Path of Initiation.Magic, 162:Plan and his contact with other disciples and later with the Master. Desire for material possessionMagic, 166:of the earth, and of many of the higher animals. Later on, when adeptship has been reached, he canMagic, 174:within his Master's heart." [174] There is a later stage of a still closer identification, whereMagic, 180:errors himself and his understanding will grow. Later two new methods will be employed which willMagic, 180:open-minded and prepared for this development. Later will come the power to materializeMagic, 186:to free himself for service and chelaship in a later life. He works then at the equipping ofMagic, 188:ego has chosen this life to clear the decks for later action, to eliminate hindrances in one orMagic, 189:- Heart, Throat and Eye Heart, Throat and Eye Later, when the knowledge here conveyed isMagic, 192:happenings take place which we can consider later in our studies. Magic, 204:he struggles and strives and gains [204] ground. Later, this object of his devotion and ardentMagic, 229:function in the kingdom of the soul. One path, later on (when he is a true and pledged chela) isMagic, 231:is relatively small - yet all that he can stand. Later, it is the experienced probationary discipleMagic, 242:swings out into the clear light of the sun, and later returns into the healing dark of the night.Magic, 244:ebb and flow on the astral or mental planes. Later, the tide broke on the shores of the astralMagic, 246:objective, necessitating such a focusing. Later when the words of the great Christian teacher haveMagic, 264:made, to be loved and left behind, and to follow later and more slowly the footsteps of theMagic, 265:in the early stages or consciously in the later; of the disciple, as he seeks to express hisMagic, 285:because they will only make their presence felt later in the evolutionary program. They will thenMagic, 295:is, en masse, what his desire body makes him. Later, "as a man thinketh so is he". The astral body,Magic, 302:the East. More of this can perhaps be dealt with later but the thought of the needed approach toMagic, 314:to hold such potent allure, and may in its later stages bring about a state of exaggeration asMagic, 319:of one's fellow men. There is secondly, a later stage wherein the disciple learns to absorb andMagic, 339:yet to be made. Their place will be taken in later centuries by those who will in deed and in truthMagic, 345:At first you may have to do it many times. Later just once will suffice, and later still the wholeMagic, 345:it many times. Later just once will suffice, and later still the whole process may be needless, forMagic, 352:that the probationary path corresponds to the later stages of the period of gestation. At the firstMagic, 366:fertilize his mind. He calls these intuitions later, as he works them out, ideas or ideals, andMagic, 372:etheric. There are many other reasons which will later be emphasized. In beginning to form yourMagic, 379:South America, and one of its branches at a much later period was to be found in the ancient MayaMagic, 379:in the hearts of all men. A second branch was later established in Asia, and of this branch theMagic, 379:though the work is materially changed. At a later date than the present, discoveries will be made,Magic, 384:works out through seven main departments. At a later stage, when certain great transitions inMagic, 385:principle, in this interim of dual recognition. Later, the soul and its instrument become soMagic, 386:bird. Thus do I know that God will victor be and later hold my mind and me in thrall. *** "Hark toMagic, 391:next one thousand years. In your work you may later be shown - all depends upon your aptitude -Magic, 399:constitute a training [399] school for those who later would be admitted into the ranks of theMagic, 427:or upon their individual accomplishments. Later as a result of their telepathic relationship andMagic, 440:million years ago. Cycles passed and when at a later date the sun was in Leo (approximatelyMagic, 440:can neither be proved correct nor incorrect. Later investigation will prove their usefulness, whenMagic, 465:previous solar system - is the dominant factor. Later, we know, spirit mounts on the shoulder ofMagic, 488:three methods, none strictly occult, for those later shall be imparted, but methods available forMagic, 490:the greater truth. The fact of the day is seen later as part of a greater fact. A man can haveMagic, 493:nature and mode of training of the astral body. Later on in this century, the psychology of theMagic, 493:think, and posit certain premises which he can later elaborate. We shall confine ourselves alsoMagic, 494:one moment on the physical plane, and a moment later we have withdrawn onto another plane and areMagic, 505:the last minute and can make due preparation. Later, when more anent color is known, only orangeMagic, 506:is too dangerous to transmit yet and can only later be given. I would indicate the future and theMagic, 506:A definite science of death will inevitably later be elaborated, but only when the fact of the soulMagic, 506:the dying man will be found to respond) may later constitute also a part of the ritual ofMagic, 535:develops into intellect in the human family. Later intellect merges into intuition and intuitionMagic, 552:and (unconsciously at first, but consciously later on) one who will wield power in order toMagic, 553:applied to Deity and the manifested universe. Later these other forms will also be applied to GodMagic, 556:way, and [556] the picture of today will at a later date be deemed no better than a child's roughMagic, 557:touch with the soul, the spiritual thinker. But later decades will see the emerging of a techniqueMagic, 587:must come first, and the awakening at a much later date in the sequence of time. This awakeningMagic, 588:first of a long period of purification and later of energizing scientifically, is the one employedMagic, 607:recognized as teachers, writers and workers, later they will recede more and more into theMeditation, 2:rung most of the changes in the world of form. Later comes coordination perfected with the HigherMeditation, 4:and the Lower. But as time progresses, and later with the aid of the Master, harmony of color andMeditation, 10:Thus is afforded opportunity to the Ego, and later to the Master, to disturb that equilibrium andMeditation, 11:the corresponding atom in the spiritual Triad. Later I will elucidate this further. [12] Hence mayMeditation, 12:attainment of the mystic method, to be the basis later on of the occult or mental method. [13] Meditation, 14:in the choice of method suitable for the pupil. Later, when the teacher comes and the scientificMeditation, 23:The size and circumference of the causal body. Later I intend definitely taking up with you theMeditation, 23:and its relationship to the lower self. Later I will deal with the same consciousness on its ownMeditation, 24:and when lower mind desire is being developed. Later Atlantean days hold the analogy hid. TheMeditation, 25:bring both under alignment with the mental and later with the egoic bodies. To the watching GuidesMeditation, 26:first aspiration towards the things of mind, and later towards that which is more abstract andMeditation, 29:perfected maturity in the solar system. A still later period comes, corresponding to the agesMeditation, 33:of polarization from the lower to the higher and later to complete emancipation from both, -Meditation, 39:here. It is so little, compared with what will later be known when those of you now studying expandMeditation, 46:I cannot deal with it here. Specialists will later take up the problem, and the time comes when theMeditation, 46:same goal) following different routes. You will later see these schools founded in each nation;Meditation, 46:will apply the method to the immediate need. Later I may further expand the future of theMeditation, 53:the effect of sound. First life, then matter; later the attraction [54] of the matter to the lifeMeditation, 62:shall be in the head or within the heart (I will later take up this point) let him withdraw hisMeditation, 66:with greater exactitude and make contacts that later will be of use. It creates a protective shellMeditation, 67:upon the chanting of the Word in unison. Later, as the rules of occult meditation are understoodMeditation, 67:consideration of the work done by them. Later, as individuals develop the higher consciousness,Meditation, 67:Groups for Specific Purposes Groups will later be formed for specific purposes, which brings me toMeditation, 69:with the development of the higher faculties. Later, when the Great Lord, the Christ, comes withMeditation, 80:the external vortices and the inner center. Later the teacher can train the pupil in the safeMeditation, 82:destroy, of constructing in order to disorganize later, of developing certain rhythmic processes inMeditation, 82:certain rhythmic processes in order to later disrupt them, and to force the old rhythm to giveMeditation, 82:to mental, and thence to the causal and later to the threefold Spirit inevitably entails a periodMeditation, 84:and the action of the kundalini fire will later reveal its significance. This visualization leadsMeditation, 84:It is a basis for physical healing and will later be more completely understood. It is the centerMeditation, 84:the center of activity - an activity which must later be intuitional. The throat center worksMeditation, 85:on the physical plane as intellectual hardness. Later, the emotional permanent atom gives place toMeditation, 86:centers from the abstract manasic levels, and later from the atmic. The one gives spiritualMeditation, 92:denizens of the other planes who are non-human; later on, when the student is of sufficientMeditation, 94:is transmitted from the Ego or Higher Self, and later from the threefold Spirit, the Triad. TheMeditation, 95:becomes the center of consciousness and then later - through practice - it becomes the point ofMeditation, 95:into a higher body, first the causal and later into the Triad. The dangers to the mental body areMeditation, 99:opens the door to serious dangers, which I will later enlarge upon when we take up the subject of
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