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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Meditation, 101:- can be studied with greater interest. Later, when more is comprehended, the effects of suchMeditation, 105:and (for your encouragement) to point out that later when the wise Teachers move among men andMeditation, 111:the consciousness in the lower mind and later in the causal, to tap the higher until the downflowMeditation, 111:felt is occasional flashes of illumination, but later will be felt a steady irradiation. BothMeditation, 115:he contacts till he reaches a point in some later incarnation when the world [116] itself is hisMeditation, 119:It is not possible to cover the subject thus. In later days, when occult meditation is moreMeditation, 121:must be sought in various ways which I will later indicate. Meditation, 123:between the physical and the emotional and later the mental, this act of transference of theMeditation, 127:to procure immunity. More anent this can later be given. Where mental obsession is involved theMeditation, 129:ritual with its adjuncts of color and of sound. Later on, when the pupil has passed the portal ofMeditation, 138:of relaxation comes the adjustment that obviates later tension. [139] Meditation, 140:at hand to watch reactions. These forms may later be given. The work is duly planned out for theMeditation, 142:of one of the great Heavenly Men. This expands later into an almost [143] inconceivably vast pointMeditation, 144:To effect this certain forms will be laid down later, that (working along the line of a man's ray)Meditation, 145:the Ego, and not as a differential Personality. Later, as the Ego comes more and more into control,Meditation, 146:all, by the love of the man for his Master, and later (when adequate for the purpose) it isMeditation, 146:can at will transfer himself into his group, and later consciously dwell there permanently. ThisMeditation, 151:it with that of the mystic, and pointing out later how the two have to merge and their individualMeditation, 153:colors as the mystic form is apt to be. Later, when the man in either case has reached a point ofMeditation, 153:for you the ideas that must be brought out later. We will deal with the use of forms in achievingMeditation, 153:such forms, I wish to group them for you so that later when the Teacher moves among men He may findMeditation, 155:though the pupil is unconscious of the fact. Later - especially after initiation, as the subtlerMeditation, 155:indicated may be achieved. That will be done later, but when, it is not possible to say. So muchMeditation, 157:of servers, the group of invisible helpers, or later with his egoic group. [158] They tend to mergeMeditation, 166:effect on the centers of the body, and will later be used under the guidance of the Master forMeditation, 166:hidden fire, but I will deal with them a little later. There are numerous oriental books on theMeditation, 168:all, and merges at last with the Monad, and later [169] with the All-Self, the Logos Himself. ForMeditation, 171:has his place, thence to the Ruler of the World, later to the Planetary Logos, and thence to theMeditation, 175:making. Certain activities had certain results. Later on, revelations can be made as to the ritesMeditation, 183:will deal first with fire in the Macrocosm, and later show its microcosmic correspondence. TheMeditation, 185:of perfect health. We will touch upon this later. The correspondence to the fire of the mentalMeditation, 196:and I will take them up more specifically later... Meditation, 209:knowledge. We will take up these five divisions later. Tonight I will only add a few further pointsMeditation, 215:to the egoic one, and to synchronize it later with that of the Master. One of the main methods ofMeditation, 224:Doctrine), in order to form the basis of such later communications as I may seek to impart.Meditation, 228:colors from the Personality to the Triad, and later from the Triad to the Monad. The causal bodyMeditation, 230:colors are largely based on the activity aspect. Later comes the working in the love, or wisdomMeditation, 233:quality of the same force which at a later period will show forth as a virtue. The second point IMeditation, 241:disastrous than beneficent. The subject will later be fully eluciated if the future brings thatMeditation, 242:period into which the race is now entering. Later, when the knowledge of occult healing is moreMeditation, 247:found hid in the law of vibration and of color. Later... we can take up with greater detail theMeditation, 271:to be gathered closer to his Master's Heart. Later I will explain the technical meaning of thisMeditation, 272:affiliated with any particular Master. This later relationship of "son" to some Master has aMeditation, 275:centers and their correct awakening, and He later aids the pupil to work consciously through thoseMeditation, 275:the vibration at few and stated intervals, and later more frequently, until the pupil can vibrateMeditation, 276:this work, before the pupil is admitted into the later stages of close intimacy with his Master.Meditation, 278:their means effects certain results. Just as later the Rod of Initiation is applied to the bodiesMeditation, 280:the protective effect of the Master's aura. Later, when himself an initiate, the pupil will beMeditation, 280:has to do with His pupils. I take not up the later stages of the pupil's progress. We lead all onMeditation, 286:ray and its affiliated and complementary rays. Later it is the all-inclusive one, and the solventMeditation, 294:will guard their door by another method, later to be revealed. When, in meditation, a student hearsMeditation, 294:of access. Above are but five out of these many. Later, when the [295] Schools are organized andMeditation, 306:expression, and similar forms. It will be found later on, when the Occult Schools are founded, thatMeditation, 307:countries: Egypt. This will be one of the later schools founded and will be profoundly occult andMeditation, 307:with the inner grades. This will be touched upon later. The United States will have a preparatoryMeditation, 307:occult college in California in a place later to be revealed. This school will be one of the firstMeditation, 309:be on foot. The others will follow at slightly later dates. This much of the plan has beenMeditation, 314:some central city. An advanced school for the later grades, which will definitely prepare the wayMeditation, 317:school, and this will obviate the necessity of later removal for inability or lack of interest, butMeditation, 317:or lack of interest, but this I will deal with later, when taking up the grades and classes. YouMeditation, 325:of the foundations upon which to build the later work, and with the formulation, the study, and theMeditation, 325:occult laws upon which the true occultist will later base his practical work. We saw also that muchMeditation, 327:periods will be for [327] thirty minutes each. Later he will give one hour to the practice ofMeditation, 332:and the mental body becomes the focal point. Later the causal body becomes the important unit, andMeditation, 332:the causal body becomes the important unit, and later still comes the ultimate sacrifice of evenMeditation, 335:of an antagonistic color. This knowledge will later on be communicated to the great bodies thatPatanjali, 8:Christian terminology, the Transfiguration). A later synthesis is then effected between the unitedPatanjali, 9:light (the second aspect egoic) can be seen. Later, in its light, the Monad, the Father, the One,Patanjali, 36:of what may lie back of the words found in a later sutra as translated by Charles Johnston, whichPatanjali, 40:the previous group. Then the Presence itself is later contacted and that Presence is pure spirit,Patanjali, 45:nature, and of certain destructions which will later have to be remedied. Then there are thosePatanjali, 60:assimilates the results of his soul's activity. Later when the aspirant has passed on into thePatanjali, 62:to adjust the physical vehicle to the demands later to be made upon it. These adjustments will bePatanjali, 64:of control by the emotions has to precede any later realization of the need of soul culture. ThePatanjali, 70:the soul has contacted and knows. These two will later be dealt with and will not be furtherPatanjali, 78:its consequent result - a sound physical body. Later on, when Patanjali again refers to thePatanjali, 89:or sheaths. This knowledge concerns forces. Later he discovers analogous forms with analogousPatanjali, 109:The third eye is in process of unfoldment. Later, as the centers are awakened and brought intoPatanjali, 112:must come to fruition in this life or in some later life. 13. So long as the roots (or samskaras)Patanjali, 142:must come to fruition in this life or in some later life. Just as long as man on the physical planePatanjali, 143:the wrong use of the mind have so subtly forged. Later he will enter the Hall of Wisdom and bePatanjali, 146:future karma can be brought to fruition in some later life. The seeds of latent karma are morePatanjali, 148:labor of the man as he seeks experience and later, as he seeks to serve. The attribute of rhythm,Patanjali, 151:no activities are indulged in which can produce later karma, or results. That which is past canPatanjali, 154:before he becomes aware of his surroundings and later intelligently appreciates them. The greatPatanjali, 154:sixth sense or the mind begins to develop also. Later he begins to perceive in all around him inPatanjali, 161:the type of force which brought them into being. Later he discovers the idea which they embody and,Patanjali, 162:of pure knowledge, pure reason and divine mind. Later, at a very advanced stage he touches the onePatanjali, 168:of the planetary discriminative process) and later experimentally. This discrimination leadsPatanjali, 168:and not with the phenomenal world of forms. This later stage is greatly aided and hastened throughPatanjali, 171:is at first theoretical, then intellectual but later assumes more reality and enters into thePatanjali, 190:the mental plane. This will be dealt with later in Book III. Devotion to Ishvara may be brieflyPatanjali, 208:by water has been submitted to in the later stages of the life of the highly evolved man, prior toPatanjali, 257:instrument of knowledge was likewise recognized, later to be transcended and forgotten. Now comesPatanjali, 270:that which has been. Similarly that which will later eventuate is recognized to be the working outPatanjali, 293:unfoldment upon the Path is the central organ; later it is the organ in the head where the truePatanjali, 327:of Raja Yoga in the initial stage of his work. Later a second triplicity will engross hisPatanjali, 352:open to the aspirant, begin to appear. Later to the advanced man another and higher range ofPatanjali, 399:of activities which must bear fruit at a later date is, however, a different matter and one morePatanjali, 402:is what the dark path is in fact to the thinker. Later, through strenuous effort, this
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