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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATER

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Soul, 69:animistic theory of the West and will be defined later. The term animism has sufficed up to theSoul, 77:ideas as to the Soul, and their teaching was later colored by Gnosticism and Manicheanism. By themSoul, 78:recognize the animism outlined by Stahl in the later cycles of our own time as having been alwaysSoul, 80:main tendencies of recent philosophy. Even the later materialists had come to admit that the soulSoul, 102:286, 287. "Similarly numerous passages in the later Upanishads celebrate Brahman as 'implanted inSoul, 122:the spine and the sacral center) into activity. Later, as man develops, the consciousness,Soul, 124:as a soul, integrated as a personality, and later still he becomes aware of the world of spirit, ofSoul, 137:as the mental faculties are developed. Later on, when the spiritual man begins to unfold, heTelepathy, 4:and, when it has been discussed by them, He later presents it to His group of disciples. Among themTelepathy, 9:people necessitate only solar plexus contact. Later, when group work in telepathy is undertaken,Telepathy, 12:outline and we will take the specific details later. Telepathy, 23:the Master and taught the technique of contact. Later, the group of disciples, functioning as oneTelepathy, 47:- both recipients of impression and agents later of the impressing agent. When we arrive at theTelepathy, 59:propounded into a theoretical possibility, has later been invoked by the directed and consciousTelepathy, 59:develops into conscious interaction; it conveys later information; it is revelatory in nature, andTelepathy, 66:quality as the second aspect in manifestation (later to be superseded), called for, and developed,Telepathy, 68:next phase of unfolding Purpose. This Purpose is later "occultly reduced" or stepped down until itTelepathy, 73:does through the very importunity of his desire; later, through the use of his acquired knowledge,Telepathy, 73:from that moment his entire life is altered. Later (and this [74] I cannot expect the student toTelepathy, 94:the necessities of his growing world service. Later, he becomes sensitive to impression from theTelepathy, 94:This is at first purely ashramic, but is later transformed into total hierarchical impression byTelepathy, 94:is a statement of unique and unusual importance. Later still, he becomes sensitive to impressionTelepathy, 95:into his field of consciousness the outline, and later the details, of the hierarchical Plan; heTelepathy, 97:reaching the disciple via the antahkarana and - later - from the Hierarchy as a whole, when he hasTelepathy, 103:- Telepathic Sensitivity - A Normal Unfoldment Later on, when the accepting disciple becomes theTelepathy, 103:from the subhuman kingdoms in nature. Again, later on, when he is a Master of the Wisdom and,Telepathy, 103:higher levels of the Spiritual Triad and, still later, from Shamballa. Then the world of humanityTelepathy, 104:brain impressions from the Spiritual Triad (and later from the Monad), via the antahkarana. [105] Telepathy, 107:the earlier stages of the Path of Discipleship. Later, as the disciple consciously creates theTelepathy, 111:in its highest form, becomes the factor which later makes intuitive awareness and intuitiveTelepathy, 161:the three rays become the two rays, and later another absorption takes place into the second Ray ofTelepathy, 168:the four cosmic ethers; this relationship will later constitute the basis of a new occult science.Telepathy, 181:for the Aryan race) fallen into disrepute since later Atlantean days; it will, however, be restoredTelepathy, 186:responsibility is as yet inadequately developed; later, they will appear and will then openlyTelepathy, 189:clothed in matter of the concrete mental plane; later, with desire matter, and finally (if they
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