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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATEST

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Atom, 35:the sun. Professor Soddy, [35] in one of his latest books, has pointed out that in the atom is toAtom, 78:We considered the atom, and found that its latest definition was that it was in reality a unit ofDiscipleship2, 28:brain no longer exist. P.D.W., though the latest to pass over, was held by the handicap of theDiscipleship2, 87:of the Ageless Wisdom and constitute the latest emanation of the Ageless Wisdom issued by theFire, 842:upon this planet, and two were the very latest to individualize upon the moon chain. They have twoFire, 1271:He feels no guiding hand. Only the fifth and latest known aids Him to forward grope, and passHealing, 43:chaos. The astral body of man, being the latest to develop (the physical and the etheric being theHealing, 60:will have to lie. Already, and because it is the latest, and therefore the least deep seated of theInitiation, 33:but the location of Shamballa will be one of the latest etheric sacred spots to be revealed as itInitiation, 57:on the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. He is the latest of the adepts taking initiation, having takenMagic, 412:direction of the financial group. They are the latest group in point of date, and their work (itMeditation, 324:and astrological instruction and will have the latest appliances of science for the study of thePsychology1, 350:of these cyclic happenings. Ray five is the latest of the rays to come into activity and is only inPsychology2, 208:Science and religion together are producing that latest of the sciences which we call psychology.Psychology2, 301:reaction of the physical body) and upon all the latest conclusions of the investigating materialRays, 238:effect. From the Christ down to the newest and latest accepted disciple, each in his own place, allRays, 424:from an unknown source, via Gemini. In this latest contribution on the subject I mention thatRays, 560:through one of the four Rays of Attribute. This latest of the human races (again through itsReappearance, 9:Gods, all the children of the One Father, as the latest of the Avatars, the Christ, has told us. ItSoul, 15:most popular school entirely so. A study of the latest books on psychology, emanating from the manySoul, 150:said Professor Sheldon. According to Einstein's latest mathematical theory there is only one
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