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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LATTER

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Externalisation, 269:The symbol of this is sometimes (towards the latter part of the cycle) depicted as an archer,Externalisation, 306:where there is close cooperation between the latter (the sensitive responding disciple) and theExternalisation, 346:example is Hitler. What, however, has made the latter so dangerously an enemy of the human familyExternalisation, 378:apathy and lack of vision impede progress. This latter phase of the work is well under way and aExternalisation, 497:and political situation in the world, for the latter is largely dependent upon the former. OurExternalisation, 525:kingdoms, particularly the mineral kingdom. This latter absorption will lead eventually, whenExternalisation, 529:working in minor Ashrams and the places of these latter are being taken by accepted disciples whoExternalisation, 644:of Labor. This work He began to do in the latter part of the nineteenth century, but left it toExternalisation, 690:which are not available to the neophyte. The latter must learn, first of all, how to identifyFire, vi:process more successful. But during the latter years the technique was so perfected and the ethericFire, 51:expression of the latent internal fires. These latter fires are to be found in the interior of eachFire, 97:is reached, the point of densest concretion. The latter half of the process is called evolutionaryFire, 150:from a planet, or from a human being, - which latter emanation we call magnetism. A man'sFire, 196:of these physical organs without the use of the latter... "The three functions of attention,Fire, 196:Just as manas is necessary to the senses, the latter are necessary for manas... Manas is thus theFire, 208:is standing before the LORD OF THE WORLD. In the latter case, his mental centers or theirFire, 219:the domain of cosmic substance, has induced the latter into a crystallization process that theFire, 231:adequate as a body of expression for the latter. The life cycle of the Son is one hundred years ofFire, 244:power, and subjectively He is love-wisdom. This latter quality is in process of development throughFire, 266:I, 177, 181, 685. II, 669. III, 476, 560. The latter is more esoteric.) 11 H. P. Blavatsky says inFire, 312:of universal Life and Motion, from which the latter pulsate in all directions, feeding the smallestFire, 378:schemes - Uranus, Neptune, Saturn - the latter, Saturn, being the focal point for the transmissionFire, 460:position in this the fourth or earth chain. This latter is the sumtotal of the [461] lowest humanFire, 470:upon cosmic, solar, and lunar karma. In the latter is hid the great mystery of the Moon, and herFire, 498:turn is passing it on to the vegetable, and the latter to the mineral kingdoms. Man having evolutedFire, 519:but we are not here concerned with Them. These latter have achieved a certain specific goal, andFire, 536:of the microcosm, and the mental unit. This latter is that which embodies the first aspect inFire, 629:psyche. Seven Deva Lords - sevenfold form. The latter are literally the seven spirillae, or forceFire, 711:or the "Paramitas," Ramayana is based upon the latter. The "Seven Portals," referred to in the bookFire, 762:in a candle flame, and fire by friction, this latter fire resembling the glowing red wick whichFire, 790:and thence to the head center. Through this latter channel man escapes out of the dense physicalFire, 816:is proposed in this Treatise is to follow the latter method, as the aim is to make clear theFire, 852:are termed "mystically transplanted." These latter are probably of a high degree of unfoldment.Fire, 898:the physico-psychic natures, for the latter determines the former. The planet Neptune therefore hasFire, 948:up and dissipated by man himself during the latter part of this round before the conclusion of theFire, 1005:to him with its mission unfulfiled. When this latter catastrophe is the case, the thought formFire, 1009:three lower subplanes of the physical plane. The latter, nevertheless, has to be functioning moreFire, 1026:equilibrising powers of his own nature. In the latter case, he must call in that which representsFire, 1085:called in Sanskrit the wheel of Samsara. This latter word derived from the root Sru, to move,Fire, 1113:by the living Sons of Mind themselves." (This latter clause, refers to the building of theFire, 1145:in the great group of transitional points. These latter units are those who are on the crest of oneFire, 1164:a condition of quiescence and non-activity. This latter scheme is the correspondence in the logoicFire, 1202:Men, the prototypes of the human jivas. In this latter case the bodies used are called "formless"Fire, 1265:transference to the fifth, or Ray Path. On this latter Path the two evolutions merge and from theFire, 1273:is the WAY of triple blue formed into one. This latter aspect of the eye of Shiva directs the otherGlamour, 9:and esoteric comprehension and application. This latter stage is called "synthetic recognition."Glamour, 116:physical nature and of the vital body which latter, functioning through the dense physical nature,Glamour, 136:him and gave him a new sense of values; the latter can, at will, rise into the world of intuitiveGlamour, 146:justification against the Jews themselves. The latter have always been separate and have regardedGlamour, 156:great race is a somewhat similar happening; the latter is, however, of more importance where theGlamour, 176:they present it to the world thinkers. These latter are ever the first to appreciate andGlamour, 196:mentally polarized modern esotericist. These latter went beyond the mystical vision by arriving atGlamour, 271:and maya from the angle of average man. The latter is necessarily immersed in them, and under theirHealing, 31:of food. As I earlier pointed out, these latter causes of disease are not primarily the result ofHealing, 55:From the condition of the planetary life. These latter causes lift the whole problem out of theHealing, 61:expression. Men do suffer from this latter inhibition and have a tradition or a marked tendency toHealing, 100:disease, drawing it forth from the patient. This latter process necessitates a careful guarding ofHealing, 109:It will some day be understood that these latter are only another system of assimilation andHealing, 124:of his soul or of his personality - probably the latter in the early stages. Eventually, however,Healing, 194:affiliations, and his conscious goal; this latter can range all the [195] way from an emphasis uponHealing, 195:system to that of the bodily nerves, which latter system is in fact an externalization of the innerHealing, 201:to these energies in the head. In the latter case, the entire area is in a quiescent state,Healing, 224:- the first producing more effect than the latter during the initial stages. Inevitably a moreHealing, 311:be inherited from a previous existence. In this latter case, the incarnating soul chooses a familyHealing, 324:origin and concerns only the animal body. This latter science will shortly be superseded by aHealing, 342:mystics are also in a different category. These latter diseases involve the brain of course,Healing, 349:in disease and in death (particularly the latter) is to be found in a wrong attitude toward death,Healing, 462:looking on at a restorative process. In the latter case, the soul is still retaining its hold uponHealing, 482:constant attack upon orthodox medicine. The latter, in its turn, has limited itself by its failureHealing, 577:but knows nothing about magnetic purity; this latter is largely based (somewhat erroneously thoughHealing, 600:That his relation to the patient (unless the latter is highly evolved) is a personality one. ThatHealing, 604:measures will be given to the healer towards the latter end of his training. For the present, andHealing, 615:sense, and in a spiritual sense also; this latter is slightly different to the other two, as allHealing, 712:results are sure - healing or death, and oft the latter. The sixth ray healer is seldom disciplinedHercules, 44:not only generation but regeneration. As the latter it is Aquila, the eagle, the bird of the sunHercules, 88:called by modern astronomers, "the beehive". The latter is a marvellous symbol of the collectiveHercules, 130:Hannibal sent his elephants against Scipio, the latter ordered soldiers to blow trumpets into theHercules, 145:has been the work of modern psychoanalysis. The latter technique brings the unsavory data ofHercules, 169:face to face with him who was his guide, the latter spoke: "A thousand dangers you have braved, OHercules, 169:touched the forehead of Hercules. Before the latter's inner eye a vision rose. A man lay prone uponHercules, 170:of the king who ruled the underworld, Hades. The latter, grim and stern, with threatening mien, satHercules, 181:with this result, returned to Augeas, the latter scowled. "You have succeeded by a trick," KingHercules, 196:threw a rock that weighed a ton at Hercules, the latter caught it [197] on his club, and hurled itHercules, 217:pass in a great cycle of over 25,000 years. The latter is the same circle of constellations throughInitiation, 60:Master Serapis was taken over by him when the latter turned his attention to the deva evolution. Initiation, 63:hour. The Probationary Path corresponds to the latter period of gestation, to the building in theInitiation, 94:Hierarchy during the Atlantean root-race at the latter end of the fourth subrace, and will persistInitiation, 105:can be reached - called the attention of the latter, and sought his agency with the PlanetaryInitiation, 139:is standing before the Lord of the World. In the latter case, his mental centers, or theirInitiation, 146:from the [146] inner group to the outer. The latter confine themselves to deep meditation and theInitiation, 146:It is needless to say more here regarding this latter type of oath, as it concerns only officialsInitiation, 160:in the same relation to the Solar Logos as the latter does to the Planetary Logos. The sacred WordsInitiation, 190:to the fifth Path, the ray Path. On this latter Path, the two evolutions can merge, and from theInitiation, 209:the fourth division well nigh mounted; its latter part stretches before me into the darkness of aIntellect, 55:mind and of the spiritual consciousness, which latter is attained through a right use of the mind.Intellect, 58:of cases, upon [58] the physical body. This latter is regarded by the esotericist as a pureIntellect, 131:itself into contemplation, and the result of the latter is illumination. Here we have a briefIntellect, 186:to break the fetters of intellection. The latter is always dualistic inasmuch as it is cognizant ofIntellect, 206:time, but it can be entered upon at once. The latter requirement of stated concentration periods,Intellect, 244:any time with the children of the race. The latter may be left, with complete success, to the
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