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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAUNCHED

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Autobiography, 103:my cultured voice and my social manner, I launched myself unthinkingly and without any appreciationAutobiography, 219:an academic college training for the girls and launched them into the college of life. Looking backAutobiography, 235:Thus the New Group of World Servers was launched into the consciousness of modern humanity. TheDiscipleship1, 746:time to respond, because the call will always be launched on behalf of group need and for theDiscipleship2, 326:Great White Lodge has now been satisfactorily launched and much of the original purpose justified.Discipleship2, 504:phases of the work you have so successfully launched, but proceed with them as heretofore - noFire, 15:to the next. In turning next the Great Wheel launched the second. Again the flame burst forth, tookFire, 680:devas of the mental plane, and are [680] thus launched upon the most stupendous subject inGlamour, 257:world of forces into which the idea has to be launched, then the student can safely follow certainHealing, 399:increasingly familiar. The world war has launched millions of men and women - civilians and thoseMagic, 333:made when the worker in any particular field has launched forth with faith in some hypothesis heMeditation, 309:will make but small beginnings and will be launched in a way that will appear at first as tooPsychology1, 111:evolved and a new science of psychology may be launched upon its career. You ask, therefore: WhatPsychology1, 355:individualization millions of years ago, and so launched mankind upon the path of return. Again itPsychology2, 646:again be broken. Greater similar efforts can be launched during the next few years and they willRays, 641:educational program in right human relations is launched and systematically and most carefullyRays, 760:[760] in every land. (World Invocation Day was launched in June 1952, and is held annually on theTelepathy, 85:the medium of contact to that of the soul and launched the relatively new Science of Invocation and
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