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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAW

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Externalisation, 48:of the Hierarchy, working under the ancient Law that "energy follows thought." Thus gradually, withExternalisation, 54:I earlier said, the processes of education, of law and of government are so closely allied and soExternalisation, 54:the time, those whose task it is to enforce the law, and the statesmen who are chosen by theExternalisation, 56:practical work of the magician who - under the law - creates the new forms, as expressions of theExternalisation, 61:and "ways of light." [61] A study of the Law of Supply and Demand, so that there can be madeExternalisation, 62:because men determine their own courses. The Law of Cause and Effect can seldom be offset. In thoseExternalisation, 78:race, the significance and inevitability of the Law of Karma, and from a close study of the OldExternalisation, 78:terrorism and cruelty), realizes that the law is working out and incidentally releasing him for aExternalisation, 82:find yourselves full of hate and breaking the law of love - the only law which can truly save theExternalisation, 82:of hate and breaking the law of love - the only law which can truly save the world. Perhaps the keyExternalisation, 83:of cooperation or understanding fusion. The law which will determine the results can be expressedExternalisation, 83:and will inevitably disappear. Reflect upon this law. The method whereby the forces of separationExternalisation, 85:This is a fundamental statement. It is a law and should be most carefully considered. The effectsExternalisation, 109:planetary initiation. These four stages of the Law of Cause and Effect (as it affects humanity atExternalisation, 109:be called: The perfecting of form expression - Law of Evolution The precipitation of karma - Law ofExternalisation, 109:- Law of Evolution The precipitation of karma - Law of Cause and Effect The achievement ofExternalisation, 109:and Effect The achievement of personality - Law of Polar Opposites (The Dweller on the Threshold)Externalisation, 109:The attainment of planetary initiation - Law of Initiation Externalisation, 112:Crisis It is well known to you that the great Law of Rebirth is the controlling and major law inExternalisation, 112:Law of Rebirth is the controlling and major law in all the processes of manifestation. It governsExternalisation, 113:but in so doing They would have broken an occult law and hindered the true development of mankind.Externalisation, 117:occult yet fundamentally exoteric theme, the Law of Cause and Effect, evokes a general recognitionExternalisation, 117:when called by this name. When called the Law of Karma, it is immediately regarded as mysterious,Externalisation, 117:and new. Called (as it sometimes is) the Law of Retribution, an entirely erroneous connotation hasExternalisation, 118:man and the form aspect, and thus the great Law of Duality came into action, bringing about theExternalisation, 119:of the two major laws governing the process: the Law of Evolution and the Law of Rebirth. Here liesExternalisation, 119:the process: the Law of Evolution and the Law of Rebirth. Here lies the prime initiating cause ofExternalisation, 166:greater for the lesser. This is an aspect of the Law of Evolution. Such is the note and theme ofExternalisation, 168:peoples. At-one-ment is ever (under evolutionary law) the consequence of sacrifice. Of this,Externalisation, 173:[173] but to that joyous confidence in the law and in the Hierarchy which lies behind the BiblicalExternalisation, 216:right and that men must be [216] governed by the law of the jungle, taking what they want, noExternalisation, 216:right human relations, who seek to live by the law of brotherhood, who respond to the influence ofExternalisation, 231:and natural tendencies are on the side of law and order, and whose will-to-good is directed towardsExternalisation, 232:to those who know that reincarnation is a basic law of nature and that there is no death. TheExternalisation, 252:may not be possible but it must conform to law; it must not interfere with humanity's right toExternalisation, 252:three points which I have made above - natural law, free will and karma. In so doing I may succeedExternalisation, 252:the confused thinking of many students. Natural law is the inevitable working out upon the physicalExternalisation, 252:it is realized that certain aspects of natural law are concerned purely with the forces -Externalisation, 252:which can come under the category of natural law which are yet not so far removed from humanExternalisation, 252:induce mental reactions. It is here that natural law and the law of karma meet and interact uponExternalisation, 252:reactions. It is here that natural law and the law of karma meet and interact upon each other.Externalisation, 253:they overlook the third aspect of this same law, to which we have given the name of free will. ItExternalisation, 253:forth an act of divine intervention. Natural law is today producing great changes in nature [254]Externalisation, 254:of the spiritual activity of those who know the law and who understand the purpose of the will ofExternalisation, 255:and includes also the great neutrals if the Law of Rebirth and of joint responsibility meansExternalisation, 259:over employing it by the custodians of natural law and the workers who understand divine purpose,Externalisation, 260:clear in these opening remarks is that natural law, free will, and karma are becoming increasinglyExternalisation, 260:related and are all aspects of one great law, embodying divine purpose - a purpose which must workExternalisation, 274:science of divine government, with politics and law. Thus the incoming focused energy, called forthExternalisation, 278:appointed course. I would remind you that the law of cycles is the law governing the appearing andExternalisation, 278:I would remind you that the law of cycles is the law governing the appearing and the disappearingExternalisation, 286:Silence: Compassion is no attribute. It is the Law of Laws - eternal Harmony, Alaya's Self; aExternalisation, 286:of everlasting right and fitness of things, the law of love eternal. To this everlasting CompassionExternalisation, 288:nature, reveal the soul of God. They are: The Law of Compassion. This is the truth of rightExternalisation, 289:wider vision, the Heart of God - impelled by the law of compassion - sends forth a Teacher, a WorldExternalisation, 290:innate capacity to pass beyond so-called natural law. This surmounting of limitation is ever takingExternalisation, 290:in man; it signifies domination over physical law and humanity's imminent triumph over the forcesExternalisation, 298:will appear. His work will demonstrate the law, order and rhythm of the creative process as itExternalisation, 321:for Them by humanity itself. Such is the law. A general process of educating the public in the factExternalisation, 340:of the individual, group or nation. The occult law of spiritual freedom had to be recognized andExternalisation, 342:it ever succeeds in achieving. This is an occult law, for desire is, as yet, the strongest force inExternalisation, 358:The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law of Love as enunciated in the life of Christ andExternalisation, 371:cannot, and should not, be avoided. [371] The law ever works, and that law states that whatsoever aExternalisation, 371:be avoided. [371] The law ever works, and that law states that whatsoever a man or nation sows,Externalisation, 380:you will, and on the faith that love is the very law of life itself, in spite of all appearancesExternalisation, 391:upon the physical plane there is - under the Law of Balance and of Action and Reaction - aExternalisation, 423:have again and again pointed out that, under the Law of Evolution, certain great fusions,Externalisation, 423:the Lords of Karma are unusually active; the Law of Cause and Effect is bringing the results ofExternalisation, 424:[424] build a new and better world, based on the Law of Love and not on the Law of Separateness andExternalisation, 424:world, based on the Law of Love and not on the Law of Separateness and hate. This is what isExternalisation, 424:and these spiritual determinations - under the Law of Action and Reaction - have evoked a moreExternalisation, 426:who are emotionally polarized interpret the Law of Love. The United Nations, working for humanExternalisation, 426:and freedom (and therefore working under the Law of Love, rightly understood) is prevented fromExternalisation, 436:Hate ever lacks discrimination. The great Law of Spiritual Retribution requires that justice beExternalisation, 436:but hatred will close the eyes of justice. The law must be administered, and the world will see theExternalisation, 436:the world will see the expression of that same law, stated in the words, "Whatsoever a man soweth,Externalisation, 436:that shall he also reap." But the materialistic law of hate and of separation must be negated andExternalisation, 507:upon their planetary pilgrimage under the Law of Rebirth. One of the English Masters has in handExternalisation, 511:should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seatExternalisation, 515:work. What then can we do? First, teach the law of evolution and its inevitable corollary,Externalisation, 550:the world constitution, the doctrine of man, the Law of Rebirth and the many intricate teachingsExternalisation, 565:limitations, but also calls in - under the Law of Balance - the building activity of the secondExternalisation, 631:work; this work I undertook under cyclic law (related to the periodical giving out of the esotericExternalisation, 653:permissible (for the Hierarchy works ever under law) They are passing them into the halls ofExternalisation, 663:is no exception to this universal evolutionary law. He is therefore, at this time and because He isExternalisation, 664:esoteric status) who were cooperating with the Law of Evolution and also with the hierarchicalExternalisation, 673:they swing into activity sequentially and under law and order, and some are more prominent at oneExternalisation, 685:present happenings, thus bringing the mysterious Law of Karma in an easy manner to publicExternalisation, 690:level does not in practice hold good. The occult law proclaims that the greater can always includeExternalisation, 690:within His manifested universe), so the same law applies also to all human beings. The disciple,Externalisation, 690:more a disciple is under the influence of the Law of Love, the more easily does he tune in andExternalisation, 696:truths - with particular emphasis upon the Law of Cause and Effect, and secondarily upon the Law ofExternalisation, 696:of Cause and Effect, and secondarily upon the Law of Rebirth. The Law of Cause and Effect is of farExternalisation, 696:and secondarily upon the Law of Rebirth. The Law of Cause and Effect is of far greater importanceExternalisation, 696:and Effect is of far greater importance than the Law of Rebirth, because it necessitates actionExternalisation, 696:the future. There is nothing he can do about the Law of Rebirth but submit to it and be gratefulExternalisation, 699:be done under correct, temperate and natural law and in a spirit of loving understanding, and everFire, xiii:be touched upon and some light thrown upon the Law of Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma) and itsFire, xiii:thrown upon the Law of Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma) and its significance in the solarFire, xiii:must not be forgotten, however, that under the Law of Action and Reaction, the long period of
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