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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LAW

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Meditation, 276:and teaches the pupil to understand the law of his own being and through that understanding bringsMeditation, 280:can consciously and with full knowledge of the law work with his centers, and bring them to a pointMeditation, 282:This is the method of the man who wields the law, the method of the occultist, and the rudiments ofMeditation, 283:of the life untouched. All is brought under law. In meditation therefore the form of thatMeditation, 286:such a service that recognizes the occult law, the significance of time, and the point achieved.Meditation, 293:within the silence of the high places, the law ever works, and he has made his contact. SomeMeditation, 293:many lives may elapse before they comprehend the law and with deliberation can make the channel ofMeditation, 300:plan to utilize the incoming Ray of Ceremonial Law or Organization, and the period immediatelyMeditation, 302:are directly responsible. All proceeds under law and order. One point that it will here beMeditation, 303:periodicity of all manifestation and the basic law of cause and effect. By the emphasis laid onMeditation, 310:that understanding that enables man to wield the law and know the inner working of the system fromMeditation, 311:rule that must be kept. Such is not the occult law. In the establishment of these occult schools inMeditation, 319:evolutions, and teach him to wield the law and to transcend karma. They enable him, through theirMeditation, 337:to take on color only in line with the great Law, and to move under definite direction and not justMeditation, 341:hard work and sheer endeavor to conform to the Law and to love all, built into your bodies theMeditation, 341:for you to stand in His Presence. The great Law of Attraction draws you to Him and naught canMeditation, 341:draws you to Him and naught can withstand the Law. [342] Meditation, 346:are allowed to sweep through. Love, being the law of the system, is constructive and stabilizing,Meditation, 346:stabilizing, and carries all on in line with the law. No fear or worry or care shake the emotionalMeditation, 346:and a sense of secure dependence on God's law. A joyous confidence characterizes his habitualMeditation, 349:and the servant seeks to work with the law of evolution. This is an important thing to note. TheMeditation, 354:[354] Karma Physical action. Metaphysically, the law of retribution; the law of cause and effect,Meditation, 354:Metaphysically, the law of retribution; the law of cause and effect, or ethical causation. There isMeditation, 359:or Devotion. The Ray of Ceremonial Magic, or Law. The above names are simply some chosen from amongPatanjali, 16:This is, for the occult student, the use of the Law of Correspondences or of Analogy. The directPatanjali, 39:The second group - through a knowledge of the law - works with all the transmuted and purifiedPatanjali, 48:Free from Karma. Through knowledge of the law he has adjusted all his karma, paid all his debts,Patanjali, 48:produce evil effects. He works ever with the law and every demonstration of energy (the spoken wordPatanjali, 49:He [49] produces, through the wielding of the law, do not limit or hold him. Free from desire. NoPatanjali, 52:Who - having "tasted experience" under the Law of Rebirth, were initiated into the mysteries by thePatanjali, 58:"sounding forth" is based upon a study of the Law of Vibration, and the gradual tuning of the lowerPatanjali, 64:spine. Few there are as yet who have "kept the law and the commandments." Obstacle II - MentalPatanjali, 76:demonstrations of good and evil force, and the law works in this connection, but emancipation fromPatanjali, 78:or laya yoga; this is the application of the law to the forces of nature and the scientificPatanjali, 80:the tongue. The lesson to be learnt, under the law of analogy, is that the tongue typifies thePatanjali, 82:can here be given. Only the principle and the law involved can be considered by the student. ItPatanjali, 89:at a knowledge of himself, under the great law of analogy he arrives at the knowledge of God. ThisPatanjali, 98:nature of God as manifested under the great Law of Attraction, to which the Christian [99] refersPatanjali, 105:One result of this is the demonstration of the law and the exact fulfiling of the purpose of God.Patanjali, 112:perfected, there comes an understanding of the law of rebirth. 40. Internal and externalPatanjali, 130:is contacted. The method of release is seen, the law is well fulfiled, and man emerges well-nighPatanjali, 136:to synthesize and therefore runs counter to the law of evolution. Hate is really the result of thePatanjali, 138:can only be truly understood in terms of the law of Attraction and Repulsion and through anPatanjali, 144:practically and intelligently the working of the law of Cause and Effect, and he leaves off dealingPatanjali, 144:have produced effects which (being under the law) must work out into objectivity on the physicalPatanjali, 145:not deal. The whole subject of karma (or the law of Cause and Effect) is dealt with in this sutra,Patanjali, 177:He has worked off karma, and [177] fulfiled the law. Thus he becomes a Master and a wielder of thePatanjali, 177:Thus he becomes a Master and a wielder of the law. This stage has relation to the fourthPatanjali, 187:seen [187] that they form the basis of all true law and that their infringement constitutesPatanjali, 189:of the laws governing life and primarily the law of karma. It produces a state of mind wherein allPatanjali, 194:demonstrates to us the working out of a great law. In Book IV. Sutra 17, Patanjali tells us thatPatanjali, 196:of every adept. Through an understanding of, The law of vibration, The science of sound, ThePatanjali, 197:form. This literally involves a study of the law of cause and effect, or karma, the object of thePatanjali, 197:and effect, or karma, the object of the karmic law being to bring the opposite pole of Spirit,Patanjali, 197:In this is to be found the clue to the great law of supply and demand. When the aspirant hasPatanjali, 199:principle along with entire conformity to the law of the land is characteristic of every truePatanjali, 200:perfected, there comes an understanding of the law of rebirth. This sutra gives in unequivocalPatanjali, 201:and can make practical application of the law each day, and he knows well what he has to do for thePatanjali, 210:etheric centers will take place safely, under law, and normally. The three verses quoted above dealPatanjali, 224:I, 583.) and that cyclic manifestation is the law of life. [225] When this is recognized, thePatanjali, 270:to a solar Logos) expresses itself. The great Law of Cause and Effect and the entire process ofPatanjali, 281:control the thinking principle. It is an occult law that "as a man thinketh, so is he" and it isPatanjali, 285:the effect desired in accordance with the law but it carries no consequences for himself. When thePatanjali, 327:purpose and function of the mind. The basic law of this science can be summed up in the wordsPatanjali, 328:its use, we are told, is subject to the great law of karma, of cause and effect, and even thePatanjali, 328:and even the Christ Himself may not set the law aside in any case unless there is adequatePatanjali, 346:This concerns weight and mass and deals with the law of gravity which is an aspect of the Law ofPatanjali, 346:the law of gravity which is an aspect of the Law of Attraction. Lightness - Laghima. This is thePatanjali, 352:to the five elements is understood, and the Law of Vibration is studied and mastered, the adept canPatanjali, 362:been said that a complete understanding of the Law of Cycles would bring man to a high degree ofPatanjali, 362:bring man to a high degree of initiation. This Law of Periodicity underlies all the processes ofPatanjali, 385:glamor exerts any power, just so long will the Law of Rebirth bring the outward-going consciousnessPatanjali, 388:sentient consciousness then come inevitably the law of cause and effect, of karma, which governsPatanjali, 388:of his life, then the man becomes free from the law [389] of karma. He becomes aware then of thePatanjali, 389:expresses the teaching in connection with the law of karma in such a strictly oriental manner as toPatanjali, 391:is reached, and man acts rightly because the law of love or of the soul, directs from above, andPatanjali, 392:development, through an appreciation of the law of evolution and an understanding of the nature ofPatanjali, 393:to fruition as many of those seeds, as under the law, he can handle or deal with in any one life.Patanjali, 396:cease likewise to be. This sutra expresses a law of nature, and is so clear that but littlePatanjali, 424:employing the means and steadily fulfiling the law and at the same time to be occupied with thePatanjali, 426:and unfolded the full flower of the soul. The law of cause and effect as it functions in the threePatanjali, 428:This is owing to the fact that - under cyclic law - the fifth root race (in its fifth subrace) mustPatanjali, 428:which concern the realm of the soul. Under the law of evolution likewise, the mind, being the fifthPatanjali, x:are unitedly working, for they follow always the Law. This coming impulse is (as was that in theProblems, 7:distribute. This has involved the breaking of a law which has placed humanity in a position ofProblems, 27:vision. The era ahead of us - under evolutionary law and the will of God - is to see theProblems, 71:living conditions will enable them - under the Law of Supply and Demand - to provide the goods, theProblems, 77:great corporate body under the influence of the Law of Supply and of Demand which is a point to beProblems, 79:between these two groups? In what way can the Law of Supply and Demand be implemented so that thereProblems, 90:recognized. Again, under the great [90] Law of Evolution and the process of creation, men areProblems, 98:in many cases. The Jew is a good citizen, law-abiding, kindly and decent in his ways, anxious toProblems, 109:the fact that possession is nine-tenths of the law) and substitute the New Age methods of rightProblems, 115:a solution, to build a new world structure of law, order and peace, which will insure right humanProblems, 126:and ideas have, therefore, become religious law and the irrefutable truths of countless millions.Problems, 142:the recognition of two great natural laws: the Law of Rebirth and the Law of Cause and Effect. TheProblems, 142:great natural laws: the Law of Rebirth and the Law of Cause and Effect. The churches in the WestProblems, 142:West have refused officially to recognize the Law of Rebirth and have thereby wandered into aProblems, 143:for us the ancient and true teaching of the Law of Cause and Effect called in the Orient, the LawProblems, 143:of Cause and Effect called in the Orient, the Law of Karma. To that, he adds in another place theProblems, 143:do in any one life - he implicitly endorses the Law of Rebirth, and makes the school of life a
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